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  1. @Dan Arnautu I am 26 years old and I have never had any initimate relationship with girl. I am shy around girls and can't imagine myself having a girlfriend. Being affectionate or behaving flirtatious - it's not me.
  2. @Truth Haha. After seeing thread title I new someone is going to post this video
  3. Is it easier to reach access concentration while on LSD?
  4. @deadforever I heard it's not yet released on android
  5. Why shrooms? I live in Poland. I finally discovered that it's easy to buy legal LSD analogs (ALD-52, 1P-LSD, AL-LAD, ETH-LAD) from online research chemicals shop.
  6. I wanted to share my experience. Today I took about 130 mg of ald-52. It felt stronger than than my previous al-lad trip. Maybe after about 30 min my skin started to be more sensitive. After 90 min: I had different visual hallucinations. It was quite easy at the beginning and I was thinking about taking another dose of substance. (Thank God I didn't do that!!)) Visuals were getting stronger and stronger. Floor was breathing. I still was handling all this. Whole time I was just sitting/walking in the room and observing experience. about 2h: I was thinking about existence, free will, thinking. I felt like I was slowly losing my mind. At some point I started panicking. I felt emerging self-perpetuaiting fear. I lay dawn on bed. I was seeing some patterns on the ceiling. I tryied to go with the expierience and not fight against it. I calmed down a little bit. After that for the next 2hours I was trying get my mind busy with anything: I was playing video games, watching stupid funny youtube videos. I was afraid to observe reality because I thought it may make trip very bad and scary. I was running away from reality. So after 2-3h hours of doing some shit I finally sit in silence and everything was managable. Visuals were still quite strong but I wasn't so mindfucked. I think I'll have some break from psychedelics
  7. I think you can! I experienced it many times. I was just sitting, doing nothing. I was lost in thoughts and I was not aware of that.
  8. During watching demo I was pausing every few seconds to read Leo's insights. These notes are so powerful. It would be wonderful If he could share to the public at least some part of his journal
  9. What about 1P-LSD and ETH-LAD. Do you consider them well tested too?
  10. It doesn't matter that 99.99% people don't reach enlightenment. Most of them never heard of it or they treat it as some religious bullshit. You reaching enlightenment or not depends on how much work you put in, not statistics.
  11. @AstralProjection I already finished university. I studied computer science. I lost my last job as software developer because I was doing tasks too slowly. Now I am looking for another job but I'm afraid of not being good enough again. I was thinking about Leo's life purpose course. Maybe I'll give it a try.
  12. Thanks for your advice! I expected to be able to better control my emotions to be less shy so it will be easier to take action and improve my social life, do pick up. I don't have motivation to pursue my career. I hoped that meditation somehow will solve this problem too. I guess I had bad expectation that meditation will be magic pill to solve all my problems. I don't know... I am lost...
  13. For the last year I was meditating using mostly 'do nothing' technique. I skipped maybe 10 days here and there during that time. I started very motivated and meditated 60min a day for the first month. Then time dropped to 20-30 a day but I was gradually rising that to 40-50 min. Recently my motivation really dropped because of lack of results and I had very short meditation sessions or not meditated at all. I decided to change technique and try out something more rigorous. I've heard good opinions about mindfulness meditation so am trying this out now. I have some doubts about this technique: Many people when demonstrating this technique (including Shinzen Young) very rapidly change source of focus (every second). In Leo's video he says to do one cycle for about 10 seconds. Does it mean that during that 10 second I should focus only on that one experience? Let's say I visually noticed lamp - label it: see out, I focus on it. Immediately I hear some noise. Should I forget about that noise and keep focusing on lamp or label new experience 'hear out' and focus on it. So is mindfulness meditation more like: choose some experience, label it, focus on it for some time, choose another one and so on... or: observe what is happening and label some experiences (sounds, noises, body feelings and internal analogs) whenever they become most dominant?