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  1. @MarkusSweden Given that a solipsist could only be another self-identity, and inherently a fiction, it kind of ranks right up there with zombies.
  2. He does not identify as a spiritual teacher, in that sense. He just offers an alternative metaphysical model or map, as perhaps being more accurate and useful that materialism. Although he and Spira are acquainted with each others work, and would certainly agree on the primacy of consciousness.
  3. @MarkusSweden I've checked out most interviews with him, including this most recent one, perhaps one of the most clear and concise available
  4. If I were in the space-station, then not very surprising at all. But again, the 'laws' of nature need not be incompatible with explaining phenomenal events in terms of the primacy of consciousness. So within a given rule-set, phenomena would still have to conform to those conditions. However, I've witnessed poltergeist phenomena, wherein objects apparently defied gravity, and were somehow propelled off a table, with no physical causation. This would just be one example of how science freed from the confines of materialism could be used to explore such paranormal events.
  5. @MarkusSweden @MiracleMan What passes for philosophy in establishment academia is also corrupted by the prevailing paradigm. For a free-thinking alternative, once again, I would recommend Bernardo Kastrup, who I have linked to elsewhere in this forum. Even if not inclined to buy the books, there is plenty of info freely available online, seminars, interviews, articles, peer-reviewed papers, etc. But it's not easily grokked in some over-simplified synopsis. It takes some serious effort.
  6. @Faceless Isn't the problem being described the exclusive self-identity's segregated subject/object relationship with experience? Whereas, in truth, consciousness and experience are not-two.
  7. @MarkusSweden Much of modern science is still stuck in the materialist paradigm, but has simply conveniently ignored the findings of physicists that 'matter' is a phenomenal experience dependent upon consciousness. Even many physicists still hold that consciousness is an emergent property of some objective substrate, thus contradicting their own evidence to the contrary. Such is the power of indoctrination into a collective worldview.
  8. @MarkusSweden Transcending materialism doesn't mean the end of science, but will open it up to a much broader spectrum of phenomenal exploration, once freed from the confines of its materialist prison. It can then start to investigate all the metaphysical phenomena that it has for so long ignored and dismissed as impossible under materialism, and thus not worthy of investigation.
  9. @MarkusSweden Science works just as well under an ontological model of idealism, and the primacy of consciousness. Only without the problem of having to explain how consciousness emerges from non-conscious stuff 'out there.'
  10. @mohdanas First comes thoughts, then emotions, then chemicals ... then more thoughts about all that.
  11. One Dreamer ... limitless dream perspectives. None are precluded. Dream on, dream Ones.
  12. I came across JF a long while ago, probably in a batgap interview. There is some empathy with this ...
  13. Of course, a so-called neo-advaitan might say ... no trapee self-identity, no trap. But agreed that that may be a stage-specific pointer.
  14. @PrintMan It certainly seems like an unique analogy, so points for originality. I can imagine it going over well at a satsang full of math geeks.