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  1. "Different humans" is how the mind, the 'seeker', tries to make separation to suit the illusory subject/ object reality. Enlightenment is the end of the energy of seeking. It can suddenly vanish, suddenly be there no more. And what's left, when the seeker collapses, can't be described. But you could say in words that all that left when the seeking ends is which is already free-flowing unbounded energy.
  2. @Amplituda That's cool! We've got to chat sometime
  3. I'm not enlightened, but even an awakening makes you untouchable. Who wouldn't want that in permanence? Also, check out this presentation. It's simple, light and fun, and you'll get some laughs from it too
  4. Not trying to achieve anything.. You ARE enlightenment, just haven't realized it yet. All you need is a shift in perspective. And to answer your question - for the benefit of lasting peace, freedom, and happiness knowing what you really are brings.
  5. You would have to change your screen name then, cos you ain't gonna be Truth seeker no more
  6. Have your family been supportive of your efforts with and pursuit of Enlightenment? Do you discuss and share these topics within the immediate family?
  7. Master's in Education, but have been in retail business for the past 17 years and loving it.
  8. Remember, you are already whole and perfect just the way you are (meaning real you). Just need to get rid of the stereotypes and conditioning.
  9. Leo's video 'How to Stop Caring What People Think of You' will help you understand and overcome your people pleasing tendencies. Also, other good ones would be 'How to Stop Judging Yourself', 'Why I am a Dick - And Why I Won't Change', and 'How We Lie'.
  10. I agree with Leo that improper diet and toxins may contribute to the condition. Chlorella + cilantro is an effective way to detox safe at home (see link above). Use organic cilantro and organic broken cell wall chlorella. I use Chlorella Manna by HealthForce Superfoods (Amazon, around $30 for 10.58 oz), put 1 tbsp in my morning green smoothies. Also, Calcium D-Glucarate is good for flushing out excess estrogen. Try to consume only organic, hormone-free meat, dairy and eggs.
  11. Maca definitely helps, as well as DIM. Those are herbs that balance hormones and also protect from cancer. Natural, safe, and effective, no side-affects
  12. As many on this forum would point to you.. You ARE enlightenment, just haven't realized it yet.
  13. @step1 Agreed. Those three are the real deal for sure.
  14. It could also be short for another Russian name 'Leonid', but he will let you know for sure.
  15. Her teaching is very basic, nothing a regular member of this forum already doesn't know.
  16. "Liberation, freedom is the end of the energy of seeking. It can suddenly vanish, suddenly be there no more. And what is left when the seeker collapses or vanishes is completely the unknowable. It can't be described. But you could say in words that all that's left when the seeking ends which is already free-flowing unbounded energy". - Tony Parsons Tony Parsons on seeker and seeking. This should answer your question.
  17. I buy my Matcha green tea at a local health-food store. It's made by Green Foods, organic, 1774 ORAC, 11 oz (312 g) can for about $30. Just checked and they also carry a variety of different brands of it. Haven't been a huge ebay shopper, but will check out the links above/ customer reviews on the quality and purchase satisfaction. Thanks.
  18. You've got to have 6 status dots to be considered enlightened He is still at 5
  19. Acting hot and cold towards a guy, mixed messages, perhaps?
  20. Yes, very interesting and helpful article. Thank you for sharing.
  21. I have yet to see a video on non-duality where a speaker sits in a third-world camp of diseased and starved people, teaching on how everything is happening for no reason. Children dying, poverty ruling and suffering is all around. There would be no 'magical', 'beautiful', 'glorious', etc adjectives used for sure. Not trying to be negative, but the video above gives off this New Age-y kind of feel, though I get the ultimate point of the teaching.