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  1. Really liked Swami Purohit's version Really good book indeed, I think the most intelligent text I've read, so old too, perhaps nice to order a text book copy given it's profundity
  2. You could say God is more like deep sleep than an entity. It doesn't choose things and is beyond, therefor it doesn't do anything. So God is already not in delusion. It always points to you - herenow , you can't contemplate yourself out of thinking with thinking, or try to solve thought problems with thoughts, you gotta learn to enjoy love and let it go, put it to rest, lay down the burden.
  3. I think once some sort of breakthrough occurs it always is the deepest, or seemed that way, though still in my experience, going really deep into the silence or like deep sleep, has a real ego loss dimension to it that for me was basically always very different than reality twisting omghgghhh psychedelic mind blown, which I had once on mushrooms and have no intention of going back to.. but I think when that happens now it won't be as overwhelming. But yeah the faces of ego death seem to be many, and the silent ones are a lot more natural and easy to integrate than some psychedelic party in your head, though speaking of ego death, glimpses and many faces, some permanent uber shift in human incarnation also seems possible, must be after real long mature stability, human and spiritually, I belief ..reality does have it's way.
  4. Not sure what you said, but this is why people and traditionally almost always, got a teacher, so they can check you the first moment you're making some error, and most importantly show proof and inspiration in flesh and blood and ultimately perhaps even the state directly, kind of important.. And yeah of course it's possible to do without, but I think it seems like most westerners have this weird 'I Should Do It On My Owwnnnn' attitude, like trying to do some university course via youtube, so safe on youtube, 'wisdom is everyywerrrr', no kidding, but it's not about nice sounding slogans, you could write a whole spiritual book basically without fault, and still be lacking the experience because you nested yourself in the your mind, in fact I am sure many people could these days, this really characterizes most western practitioners, they just gather some understanding and pretend to have gotten somewhere, it takes real courage to put your face into a masters sphere and really give that a shot, you certainly can't fool a real master, you are taught you probably end up in some cult, could happen, you can test the real one's, you probably meet a real friend instead.
  5. Not if God as the consciousness, which would be the goal to realize, doesn't choose, how could it? What for? What would it need? Why would it care? Like you in deep sleep. Only a mind can choose, that thinks it has a body, and there are other bodies with needs and desires, then it can seem to influence something, mind form like you or perhaps subtle being or what ever, but these mind forms just came into existence, like bubbles from well, the bubbles didn't choose anything, nor to come into existence, nor did the well, but bubbles can seem to move. Sometimes there are really intelligent aware bubbles though, that can apparently teach about the water. This is pretty important to important to realize because, else you start thinking that something greater than you could want something from you, that's paranoia, and you would always be resentful as to why it would choose some beings to suffer and others not, in truth, things just happen because existentially they just come into existence, just because they do and must therefor, see, only such acceptance can bring peace (and yeah, we seem to be able to make decisions, but we didn't make ourselves, nor do we really control much, perhaps no control at all, idk). But you can still praise the water, the self, ask for help, etc.
  6. I've had 2 experience, one in dream and one with ayahuasca, wherein I was like with and as animal consciousness, it was very harmonious and peaceful, I've heard this said before also by teachers, and also when I look at animals, I see their deep natural happiness in their eyes often fully alive without drama. It makes sense (they are (like) enlightened), they can't dramatize anything, or if they do there's no shame or guilt with that what so ever, or worry about oneself, no drama, no worries, just pure raw unfiltered existence, it just leaves no room for any dramatization at all, and if we are honest, that's when we really suffer no? A little bit tremendously embarrassing (for the buddhists) that we have to admit that we are less enlightened than all the donkeys, anus licking dogs and flies, but hey, life ain't so bad after all then, guru's all around. ^^
  7. that can only happen if you really half ass this, and give your mind all the space, 10 years? Try more, ye use some weed for instance, go deep with that, can be just as powerful as 5-meo if you meditate with it. Try tantra, stay aware before you fall asleep. Do strong determination sits. It's can't be that you are 10 years with this and experience no change. And the best option is to find a genuine realizer and just meditate into his eyes as long as you can or perhaps his presence alone will work deep on you. This path was never intended to be done alone, always with a teacher face to face, but it's true, it requires some serious commitment else you stay attached. Prayer can work too.
  8. and 5. personifying God. God didn't choose to exist. God didn't choose to imagine anything. God didn't ask you to love more. God didn't challenge you. Sorry, God really didn't do any of things. It sounds cool though, but it's just not true. You can speak like that, to romanticize the game, the mental experience, real experience, real short experience, made up. God doesn't exist, it's something humans like to make up to feel good and special about themselves, THE ALMIGHTLY LORD THAT MADE EVERYTHING AND COMMANDS US, no, that God only exists when the mind gets active again, when you wake up out of bed or start dreaming, then God seems so real. God is a word, an idea, representing life, it's an idea, that's it. It can refer to pure consciousness, but that doesn't do anything or think. Existential existence just is, ''must' be', and some phenomena can start arising, in those phenomena psyche's start arising, making choices, pain pleasure, 'bad things happen' or 'good things happen', no God ever chose anything, that pure consciousness being just is, it has no choice, humans have choices, and 'humans' are thoughts. So God is there as the being, being there for you, just holding everything without thinking about it, but it is not doing anything. So beings can only reflect love, you can't do any love, but siding with love is a good idea as long as you feel like you need or can do anything, at least you won't be shadow boxing. And it doesn't choose whether good things happen to someone, bad things, etc. things just happen and emotional things and mental things tend to work themselves out by themselves, this we call karma, but there is no real judgment, and no reward, that's all the ego business. God is far too lazy and relaxed for it to even conceive of thinking about such a thing. So when we discover this God being, 'you' just become irrelevant, it doesn't even kill you, it doesn't need to 'kill you', you just forget about yourself, and that's that.
  9. 1. Leo most went most-in-depth, than all, claim. I started the old topic based on the first segment of the video, that supposedly many teachers are not or haven't reached the deepest, and Leo had (though only for a moment(s)). I felt both statements to be so ridiculous, (based on my own experience with teachers). Which prompted me to write a seemingly disrepectful, or somewhat ridiculous, sort of light hearted internet humor, response topic, which got locked, and I suggested Leo 'should' start a traditional teaching course with students-ashram, and teach face to face, see what that is like. Also because the intellectual discourse really doesn't become relevant anymore after a sudden point of awakening, then it is all about Love and Real Contact in action, which must be done face to face, Darshan. - and quickly actually boundaries of higher or lower should be aimed at to dissolve to complete realization for the students, you can't be mentally stuck in your own head or on a subtle ego high ground when giving real teaching-satsang-darshan (but it was based on the idea I thought Leo was kind of thinking to be, well, gone farther than most teachers, like Shinzen mentioned, though he also said he didn't know, and also said at the end of the video he's still frustrated to not be at the end of the path sober. - this quite changed the sentiment, and along with the touching part in the middle of the video, - so it was a bit of early response from me. (I can imagine some of you may not find this so interesting to read at all, but I used to be active here and stuff). 2. How can you trust teachers. 'You should be careful to not put all your chips into one basket' - 'how do you know they have reached the end', 'how would you know?' -'You can't trust humans.' The question is based on a misunderstanding or lack of experience with legit spiritual teacher, or more accurately put, spiritual masters. Some of the teachers on youtube we can see, indeed it seems like they are actually 'teachers' or 'teaching'. this however does not compare actually to the real traditional guru role, the traditional guru role, was not about a teaching, but about relationship, if the teacher is an actual master-guru, but it's about Darshan, or transmission of The State, The Sighting. If a real teacher, or master in other words, is actually realized, they can work this way, in which case: all teaching becomes irrelevant and it only becomes about the direct relationship, in eye contact or silent feeling being-, so you can realize the same source as the the master is, in which case all doubts or worries cease, in which case all doubts of the highest or what ever go, because you are in That, I've only experienced this in glimpses with masters, but could clearly recognize they were in that all the time without a shadow of a doubt, it's just so obvious but I can imagine it sounds doubtful, something you have to see for yourself. So yeah, that's when you know the teacher is real or at the master role. In That, the seeking has ended in awe, and there is no more seeking any deeper limit or what ever, just doesn't occur, satisfied with God or love it Self. And I want to say that yes, even before a major shift, you can be quite happy just with love or resting where you are already, prior enlightenment does not mean 'bad' all the time. So this is how you know, so it's kind of ridiculous to actually belief you've gone deeper (than almost all teachers), while you, correct me if I am wrong, haven't sat in a devotional relationship with any teacher for a significant amount of time. But you also make statements of ur unknowing about it, fair enough. 3. "I've experienced so much consciousness" So higher consciousness means more understanding of reality, or perception of reality, telepathic connections? So much you can barely walk or talk? That is suppose to be higher enlightenment? Really? No. That can be a conditional mode of expression of reality, if somehow relevant, but still, enlightenment is described as freedom FROM experience, seeing everything as non-binding, and or divine, but remaining or knowing yourself to be untouched, that's what liberation or enlightenment is about, conditionally apparent experiences no matter how great or advanced are not classified as enlightenment. So 'super highs' aren't enlightenment or even slightly important anyways, and I would say, you underestimate how easily devoted sober practice can deepen over time, you think Consciousness or Gods needs drugs? It's a really blindsided opinion in my view. 4. MahaSamadhi-God is love Yeah this part especially well in the middle, was really beautiful watch. I think later, in the mahasamadhi part, you fall out of your love a bit, and start thinking too much about going deeper, the fearing you never come back. I would say this is not really so likely. I mean. As of already, we are the free consciousness, unborn. In samadhi we can disappear completely but we come back (and we don't), I don't see why it would be logical to assume at one point experience can never arise again, al though you can remain realized of still being there,, knowing you are completely unborn, and thus can't die, forever. I think Naropa in other topic is beautiful example of this that I know personally that was linked in the other topic, really really beautiful and life-long experience and devotion, really worthy to check out. He also speaks about Self-Realization and afterwards enlightenment, and stably so, which I think he also shows as permanently realized in his eyes and being. Here he speaks exactly also like enlightenment being love radiating like you do in the video. Also Adi Da is a cool example that speaks of the same, the light outshining the world, and everything recognized as divine, stably, and unnecessary also, or non-binding, love-bliss. David Spero is another favorite of mine whose authenticity is immediately obvious from the get go I'd say, here he speaks of the end also, 'So that naturally will be the end of all spiritual realization, the end in a glorious sense, not a dismal sense, in a glorious sense, of having realized everything' ( (this one is also really good Peace
  10. Leo Gura is not a natty He is steriod man House wife speed user to lose weight To trash talk great teachers udunno because some super high is fking silly Leo, I guess you are trying to implicate the immensity of it, I know what you mean, and it's impossible. and ye i know you said udnno either. You have surpassed the intellectual zone of this, we know, it's an immense field too, but ultimately it's faking stupid, western culture is completely deluded by this, and it doesn't lead to more happiness except for a few niches nerds, for a lot of people, and it's not generally conducive for spiritual life or great culture. Osho knew this, all great realizers knew this, they weren't writing books merely, most of them barely read anything. This should be a sign you have to take it to the next level and do this teacher thing properly. Why don't you open your own center or ashram. find a new place, and make a nice crew. you may not do is because you don't want to follow orders from a forum geek, that would be a pitty. oh your the greatest spiritual youtuber? who cares For crying out loud, just make something freaking personally real and natural and build from there. Give people a refuge. A spiritual safe zone. A shelter. A sanctuary. And make it great. Of course there'll be some drama. What ever. But you are the example now, What is the highest life. Is it mentally masturbating on youtube or what. Porn? Are you fucking kidding me? Kitchen Crew. Permaculture crew. Management crew. Housekeepers crew. go Allow free stay in exchange for work exchange, make retreats, proper ashram style. These places exist already and they were always great to visit. How happy are people behind a computer merely. You think people respect you, talking from a computer about your high, this is high school stuff my man, youtube is like an ego meeting ground in and of itself, it's mediocre as hell, internet in general is the 21st century opium, just like tv was, just only a little bit better. dogs are happier than most people these days, dogs are incredible tho Can you life a traditional teacher lifestyle? Weren't you suppose to do something like that anyways with the great vision you had? bless you good brother : )
  11. nice to see a wonderful flowering example
  12. All this mahasamadhi talk.. i don't know, seems all kind of mental still. 'How do you live this?' This is an appearance (of love) already, in free consciousness, you practice loving and you learn to rest and enjoy just being in being, doesn't sound too hard I think. Also, maybe you like these teachers, who say they have gone all the way, Naropa I know personally and have had deep experience with, David Spero is just great. But again this whole seeking game of 'how to awaken', can you just forget about it? And just love and practice that, and enjoy being, take care of the minimal requirements of the body you know, be nice, and you can always go to an ashram etc. then things are just well aren't they. eh i'll post that spero later maybe, this seems enough
  13. Ah, watched some more of the experiment video, that's touching
  14. This is a divine process of surrendering, it will involve all aspects of your life, you can't do it in a day nor would you want to, there's a reason it takes about X amount of years for basically everyone. As if becoming an enlightened human being doesn't come with a new life... (it may stay ordinary, but not for your own experience). Shaktipad is also good because you are associated with an actual thinking/traditional/lineage human. But that's not a quicky either. The good news is, which for some reason people aren't talking about, but it's that you can already be happy, naturally happy, before enlightenment, just by loving or resting, which you can practice, and which will make you happier if you practice them well.
  15. Concentration isn't going to get you self-realized, but you need to be determined in renunciation of ego-thought, and practice being as pure consciousness within, and opening to it (Possibly with the help of japa, or a meditation image, or even prayer or satsang with a good realizer. Being and focusing on a good realizer is the best, most direct, best guiding force and most inspiring and giver of faith and ultimately knowing) ..Concentration on outer objects is only helpful but not essential, being inward, self discovering is, but you need to be that consciously, can't be said to be a precise matter of concentration, it's more relaxing, but requires some focus. And healing some emotional things may be helpful to become clearer, stiller, that also happens through spiritual practice but will still be helpful also often.
  16. Ye resting in awareness works.. Thing seems overwhelming until it doesn't. But no free will is the nail on the head to learn to kill the ego, i couldn't accept it at first, but it makes perfect sense when you think about and it helps with shame and fear, acceptance. Because you didn't create life, and you are the product of everything. Ye, we seem to make own human decisions, but it doesn't make sense when you think about it. Maybe not nice to hear at first, but it should help eventually, and the ego likes to deny it I guess, so is life. Be well
  17. Still gotta go deeper with meditation and self-enquiry, witness being can't be afraid -and all thoughts are untrue
  18. It is created from an existential light force, just because it did. It involved no God, no creator, the existential force exists simply because it just does. There is therefor (obviously) also a existential reality, that you did not imagine, but actually live in. It is from and with impersonal Consciousness, and therefor made of 'mind', but it is more real than what you can imagine with a personal mind, because reality is prior to personal mind, albeit personal mind can have a role in apparently altering some of the manifestation, to various degrees, at times. But it never reaches an actual complete control, because complete, meaning engulfing all aspects, is already to be beyond the personal mind, in which no such motivations exist.
  19. Everyone gets a little taste every once in a while, in fact every night. Most just aren't interested or skilled or brave enough for more, and that's fine. Love is always also present to some degree, it's not all or nothing.
  20. The higher power decides mostly how long and how much dreaming you can have, and where you end up.
  21. Ye, it can happen, and in my opinion, also related that much of the worldy business and science activities are a by-product of shadow neuroticism (not all ofcourse and much of it is certainly good and necessary). But there's also a lot of tribal warfare going on that doesn't mingle well with we are all one and nobody is really better than anyone else.
  22. Guy looks nice to be honest. But enlightened or not, saying you are enlightened will tend to have a lot of consequences. If you're actually enlightened maybe wait at least a few years, for obvious reasons. And people also often think they are enlightened after a first glimps/energy awakenings.
  23. I found setting a strong intention/prayer is good for lucid dream work, not just for becoming lucid, that doesn't really matter that much, and will become natural as you practice meditation/seld-enquiry/ada, but for going deeper into the dreams and letting go, facing fears. Because fears/resistance is also what doesn't allow us to go as deep into the dreams or enlightenment. That should also make dreams as intense and freeflowing as possible, up to a point where doing anything at all deliberately is kind of out of the question, because it's all happening rightly. Sounds boring perhaps but it really isn't. Makes dreams refreshing as well, al though sometime it's like Jesus Christ what was that, or not even sometimes, but always good benevolent dreams, if you see it's for letting go