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  1. I would take all those recordings you have straight to the police immediately. And any pictures you may have taken of anything in the house he has broken. That should say enough.
  2. This is such an accurate description ahaha For me it's like I'm a can of paint spilling onto an empty canvas which is the universe.
  3. The point isn't to rid yourself of emotions, but to better handle them. You are not a rock.
  4. It's just because of the POTENTIALLY psychologically addicting qualities for some people, that's it really, I remember him saying something along the lines of "If weed works for ya, great". It has its uses for me, especially for creative purposes when making music, breathes inspiration when inspiration is lacking. You don't have to agree with everything Leo thinks lol, I certainly don't.
  5. @khalifa Thanks for sharing this, I can definitely relate to rushing the process, I use to HUNGER for this kind of knowing, but now have matured at least enough to know this is a long, sloooowwww process. Can't see myself doing 5meo for atleast 5 years. It's definitely normal to dive right in and suffer somewhat as a result. Hope things get better man. Rest up.
  6. Piers is totally right on this one; it does make a mockery of the immense commitment of transitioning for a trans person and even though it's fine to identify however you want, projecting rather ludicrous expectations onto the rest of the world to remember your unique pronouns that could very well be different the very next day is just mentally insane. It just couldn't ever happen. Literal hundreds of genders? That don't stay? If that's how you feel fine, but how could someone else keep up with it all? It looks more a kin to some sort of personality disorder in my eyes. If there were some sort of universally excepted pronoun for it that we could all agree on than it's possible, but if they demand we learn a whole new language that is impossible to keep up with JUST so we don't get fired from our jobs for being "bigots" than regardless of how you feel on the subject, NONE of this would come into fruition.
  7. Spiritual work should not always require one to withdraw from the world and suppress natural instincts, sex itself can be a gateway to enlightenment, integrating it into your spiritual life would yield more benefit than just denying it. Try and find someone (probably introverted) that's on a similar wavelength who you can share that journey with you.
  8. It is a valuable tool no doubt and my one and only experience with it was easily as profound as some of my best LSD trips, but it does drain the brain's supply of serotonin temporarily. I think it should only be used a few times in a year spaced out and no more just to stay on the safe side. Certainly allows you to explore the love aspect of enlightenment and discover a new depth of empathy that can carry over into your daily life. It's also an amazingly therapeutic tool helping you to seemingly melt trauma, grief and shame through the power of love itself. I also believe it to be somewhat of a cheat code towards integration of prior psychedelic experiences. But again, be safe. Hope that helps @Psychonaut
  9. he's done psychedelics @nahtanoj I think he's got amazing insights
  10. SSRIs can stay in your system for weeks man especially if you were on them longer than 6 months
  11. 100%, although I think most people here understand this but worth mentioning and well put
  12. Using social media on impulse? Whenever I do too much of that it definitely bleeds over into everything else, especially if I was flipping through facebook in the morning, wrecks my concentration.
  13. I wear these blue light blocking glasses 1-2 hours before bed, works like a charm to help me sleep as it helps your brain produce more melatonin before bedtime
  14. I took the sensoril version from nootropics depot, definitely improved my stamina, mood and relaxation, albeit subtle it's still really effective for me. It overall just felt like i experienced that sense of calm wellbeing more often.
  15. i absolutely love this show m8 had some great moments with my mates watching this, the maker's super interesting and it's sick to see how this whole spirituality thing influenced his work, some wise words in there indeed
  16. I've heard mescaline has a similar love effect to mdma if done properly, it honestly sounds like the perfect psychedelic for me but hard to find
  17. Is DPT legal in Australia? haven't been able to find much info about this
  18. It could be very dangerous, there's cases of people with bipolar being hospitalised for seizures during manic episodes - which could be triggered powerfully by the 5 meo, I would advice some other psychedelic that's less stimulating, maybe mushrooms low dose?
  19. Beautiful! My first MDMA experience was at a concert of one of my favourite artists with one of my best friends and it was a truly incredible experience, showed me the power of love, empathy and authenticity and the freedom that comes with that which was shown narrated in the lyrics of the song. Brought all the pieces of my previous psychedelic experiences together into a fully holistic understanding
  20. I'm probably biased towards saying this but for me personally MDMA done with pure intention is the number one tool for integrating difficult experiences such as these, for some individuals the sheer terror of these experiences is too much for one to want to face it and surrender to it, which is exactly what this substance allows you to do. Obviously one should not rely on it for integration but for more extreme cases it can truly be tremendous.