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  1. Once Leo went down the solipsism rabbit whole I kinda just tuned out, even Martin Ball commented on this trap of the ego; when you dissolve into the light you aren't taking anyone with you, it's still just your perspective. We're all just God toddlers. It makes sense though that an arrogant person would have such an interpretation of God however. Unless you surrender the mind once and for all you will forever live in delusion.
  2. Don't expect too much on the first one, it's always weird as fuck and you usually have no clue wtf is even going on during the peak lmao; personally my first time kinda sucked, but the second time (200ug) was a whole other deal with much more clarity and very blissful. Watch some universe/nature documentary next time you do ahaha, I recommend the Niel Degrass Tyson version of "Cosmos". Just plug your mind with heaps of beautiful art, music, movies etc and it'll magnify the feeling you already get from said art forms.
  3. @Yog The "I have shit on my ass" part came outta nowhere dude wtf
  4. @Lyubov in next week's video: How to squirt your way into God consciousness. The secret no guru wants u to hear!
  5. Surrender into pure being, let go of the seeking for a while to simply practice do nothing.
  6. @Cubbage WOW awesome video, had me laughing so hard at some points
  7. Take a small test dose with the LSD just to evaluate how the substance reacts with your chemistry as well as get a feel for it (a quarter tab should suffice). After that I don't see much issue with taking 200ug as that usually rivals 3 grams of (potent) mushrooms for most people. LSD for me is also more serene and clear-headed, so you'll enjoy that. Try to let go of expectation and "getting/attaining" some insight, but rather with an open, humble, respectful attitude sit back and observe what arises without judgement. Keep thoughts to a minimum with maximum focus on a question such as "what am I? What is my true nature?" and actually look for it in your awareness as opposed to simply speculating on such a question. Go into it with a loving attitude as well, I find the love aspect of enlightenment to be the most powerful and will help to curb the chances of the trip being too overwhelming in a negative way. Resting attention on the breath or using any kind of focus point is also very useful. ALSO: MUSIC IS AN ABSOLUTE MUST. Whatever speaks to you the most, feels most meaningful and puts you in the most euphoric state will do.
  8. Working through a dark night with psychedelics is honestly really good advice, I've heard stories of people being stuck in this for literal years when it's so unnecessary.
  9. ahaha see I can relate to that but find if I'm using too much it just puts me in a fog instead, like it can actually go both ways depending on how you use it.
  10. @Consilience I saw you mentioned in another thread "The Mind Illuminated", I just bought it recently and was wondering if you have any advice for someone just starting out with it that's had previous experience with meditation but nothing advanced? Looks super promising as my concentration has been seriously lacking as of late. @SS10 I find using weed sparingly can definitely be of use in a similar way to psychedelics without freaking you out as much and being overall more calming if you've found yourself too "edgy" for a while. If you do try look for a sativa strain like sour diesel as there's more clarity and focus; indica's can sorta just dope you out tbh so not recommended.
  11. I love how so many Americans think their country is the best lol, is there something in your guys water supply that makes you THIS stupid? Like....WAY more stupid than every other country. LOL
  12. Have you experienced what you're saying or just philosophising? Because the latter won't get you far unfortunately. Speaking from experience.
  13. If you've glimpsed the absolute it's pretty fucking hard to ignore assuming it wasn't just a millisecond glimpse. Then again, the ego is tenacious.
  14. @Leo Gura Where does self-actualization play in all this? Or do you see them as both codependent?
  15. I like Frank Yang's description of it being like dying and having sex with the entire universe at the same time.
  16. @Leo Gura Fair enough, best of luck to you. Agreed, LSD was deeply therapeutic for me. Also had a similar experience of living life through other's perspective, I don't think it's possible to experience a deeper degree of empathy than that. Powerful
  17. That I can accept but what I can't is simply going back to your regular state and not being able to attain/embody a nondual state on the natch at all that a lot of teachers have; even if it's not on a 5-meo level. I guess what I'm talking about here is more just human development as a whole, that to rely on peak experiences for understanding in the long term doesn't seam feasible, and that there is something of genuine value to experiencing the absolute in this moment. I am correct in saying enlightenment itself isn't an experience but the source of all experience? Maybe this is the point in time where the meditative and psychonaut path start to diverge.
  18. @Leo Gura @27:20 this guy comments on how his experience compares to his meditative states, claiming to have gone even deeper (but still acknowledging such abilities wouldn't have been possible without such previous experience). Do you think this guy is just really talented or completely full of shit? Does 5meo allow one to go "back" without said substance? Or should we just continue shoving drugs up our ass for the rest of our lives LOL! There's something about it that seems unintegrated.
  19. What schools do you think had it best figured out? Advaita?
  20. @andyjohnsonman I can see where you're coming from, for me right now it's ultimately both, since questioning alone can leave you stuck in the intellectual mind and as a result not go very far, but with stillness alone it could very well end up an aimless pursuit. Combining the two focuses the mind whilst allowing one to break into an actual experiential insight as opposed to just some waffly interesting ideas.
  21. God yes. Look at the people who engage in these internet wars to cancel those they disagree with. These aren't healthy people at all, they're deeply insecure. All political correctness is a manifestation of low self-esteem. Simple as that. Loved what he said at 12 minute mark: "In a way a comedian like Dave Chapelle is punching up when he targets cancel culture because he is targeting the self-appointed moral arbiters who are trying to force their political opinions on an entire industry of people through strong arm tactics and threats against their livelihood." It's insanely authoritarian. These people are fucking batshit lmfao.
  22. Yes it can definitely be a useful tool, but I find actual clinical hypnotherapy way more effective than what's found on youtube. (Or atleast what I've found on yt so far).