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  1. @seeking_brilliance true! using it regularly does nothing can you give me a link or something about that energy depletion you're talking about?
  2. Hello fellows, I've came across Castaneda's books, this is my first approach into shamanism and I've found out that I have, for years now, an ally: Marijuana. I've been using it at first often, then rarely, then I rejected it and then I tried it again, realising that it's, in itself, neutral and just an instrument. My whole research into spirituality started with the experiences I had with marijuana, which is quite different from the common effect. Basically it's a marijuana experience focused inwards, beyond the first panicky effect of ego dissolution, where peace and the laws of reality starts to express themselves in the form of love and intuitions. In my case (I guess it's a peculiarity) it's really fast-paced mentally, or maybe I should say low-paced... I don't know, it's strangely both... Anyway, this brought me to use it as an escape from my miserable ordinary life and also as a way to boost my ego with spiritual shit, which you can see it's quite dangerous, that's why I rejected it. Nonetheless, it also brought me to search for a better way to live my life and a desire to find the same thing on my own. So both good and bad sides got amplified. Now I'm looking for an healthy way to approach it, I'm pondering whether it's right for me to use it at all or not, how can I not abuse it, if it's dangerous for my mental health (meant as the level of awareness, not in the common psychological "not-normality" sense). Techniques to gain power over the bad sides of the experience. I wanna have control over, not the negative emotions, but over the effects of what I feel have on me. While I write I realise that, somewhere in the back of my mind I know, more or less, what's right or wrong. Yet, I'm doubting it. Is marijuana your "ally"? Can you share you experience? How do you use it? How often? Do you have any advice? Do you know any good bibliography on the subject?
  3. Probably the very bottom of it is that looking for a problem is the biggest problem. People keep considering someone else or something else as the source of their problems. Ultimately there are no problems, only evolution with its necessary obstacles. If we could get this and make this a common perception then most of the problems would disappear, because most of them are self-inflicted issues used as scapegoats, and the rest would fall easily into place because with such a meta-vision we could let evolution do its course without interfering with it. Of course I'm fantasising. Nowadays, generally speaking, I would say that the biggest problems might be the search for money as a way to gain power and science as well, since it's largely indoctrination. The former is detrimental on a level of life-targets and consequently on the life condition of anyone else, the latter is blocking our inner eye to perceive properly nature, life and existence. Of course, nothing wrong in themselves, just in the way we use them. Objectively these are not problems and these behaviours are not wrong . Subjectively, as humans, these are the biggest problems nowadays. We gotta move to green. cit.
  4. David Icke is charismatic and schizophrenic. He got some truths and most of them are not elaborated properly, thus the crazy ideas about conspiracies and reptiles and stuff. It's purely his imagination. One could see which truths he got which then have been deformed into those ideas. I would stay away from him.
  5. The mind. Consciousness becomes aware of itself through the mind, it works as a mirror. No mind, no existence, no self-awareness... Otherwise, it would be awareness of what? The mind awakes, it drops gradually the ego, it refines and attune itself, throughout cycles of destructions and creations, to the point where its understanding is in tune with the Truth. A polygon with an infinite number of sides is a circle.
  6. A nice green to yellow movie.
  7. @Psychonaut you don't get the point.
  8. The effort to self-actualize is ego. Self-actualization is absence of ego... Why do you look for what you cannot have while you are still searching?
  9. @Orange I think nations will disappear, as soon as the majority of us will loose their drive for power over others, when the will to live together and feeling part of the same family will be common. the troubles nations are creating, even at the economic level, are huge. but that's only because people still identify with a piece of ground... there will be always a system... it's not true that it's always a compromise. Now it is a compromise (bad), and I think a lot of time it'll be. But when there will be nothing to compromise with, nor avarice or lust for power; democracy is born as a way to avoid few people to govern badly. It will be just a system, like a structure through which, in accord with our very nature, will help us to organise our society and to thrive always better, it must allow grow and change to happen, and that's difficult for a singular social system to achieve...
  10. I am not interested in politics for the simple reason that the problems that politics create are a consequence of people ignorance about themselves, if people would be more aware they would not permit fake theatres to run their material life. But the majority today is chasing useless informations and perpetuating ways of thinking which are proposed as beneficial, often with the best intentions, but indeed it's just shit and obsolete stuff. However I have an idea of how a group of people could live harmoniously together, and that's differentiation. For example the right to vote on a particular subject should not be done by everybody. Only people with a competence in the particular subject at that time can vote. Everybody can vote though internet, there is no need for parliament or similar stuff. This way of proceeding was introduced as a tool for people to be at least represented, because we, millions of people, couldn't enter in one room and talk all together. That was not going to resolve anything. But now we can, we can use the web. Only this can be a true democracy. Furthermore only people with a competence in that field can vote. Most people are ignorant, we don't know what the problems in government are, we don't know what issues international economics has, unless we studied it. So in my opinion, colleges should be the center of the government. Philosophy government could give incredible new ways or methods in shaping a better social structure. Economy colleges can manage economical issues. And everybody has the right to study even without money, so there will be not differentiation in classes, any social class can partecipate in saying their will. And all of this is done through web, in a true democratic way. We would need to differentiate who can vote a particular law, there will be of course laws where everybody can and must vote. In this way every place on Earth own what people of that place deserve and wants. Provinces should be divided by universities. Universities must become the new government. And also, fundamentally, there must be an open minded view on new science or what can be defined as university. If in a place people are generally more intelligent they will attract intelligent people and that place will thrive better. In this way only the best thrive, the truly best. However there is the need, even in this case, to assure safety to everybody through an international neutral control, which must be without a central government, and with the only purpose to assure safety between nations, until nations will disappear. Any other law or act must be decide together, through the web and without any representation because there is no more the need, we have the proper technology now. There is the need to make those laws to be factual, so there can be an effective part of this structure where there will be functionaries like police that act, but always in the respect of people decisions. Of course different groups of people will have different preferences and personal will, so it will just happens that the majority win, because the majority of the entire population is always the one who has not tools to understand political mechanisms and get personal benefit from it, and if they say that particular law is damaging them they must be right... Yeah, there a lot of problems too in the best system, because most people do not have the feeling of being part of the world... If everybody would have the feeling of being part of existence on this planet together problems would end instantly, whatever the system is used... The system is used as a compromise to limit power to people... So I think that systems are not going to help us. That's not solution. That's a compromise.
  11. @Capethaz I think meditation contributed to this.
  12. @Capethaz .. I have this too for one month now. And I am fucking anxious and afraid all day long, I perceive existence as creepy and out of my control, like that a giant can come and crash me right now. I am afraid of going mad almost every second, almost every thought or feeling make me think I am mad. Now I am consulting a psychotherapist. I do understand that's a neurotic problem but it seems it's becoming the normal state for me, from morning to evening. In the evening anxiety kicks up quite strong and I have no idea what to do, sometimes it's so strong that senses are overwhelming and I am afraid to loose control and kill someone if a similar impulse wants to and I have no control over myself anymore. What can I do then? How did you get out?
  13. Why do you search for enlightenment? Please be honest. Question what is driving you in this search. Tell also how much you think you are sure of it, imagine that if you lie you are gonna die. Be fucking honest with yourself. Do you do it for power? For personal complacency? For truth? For different reasons? For suffering? For vanity? What did you sacrifice for this search? Did you sacrifice anything for this search? Girlfriend, friends, job, video games, sex, whatever. PS: I am not suggesting anything in particular, not the search nor the sacrifice. I am just asking, nothing important; so don't preach whether the search is important or absurd or sacrifice is something to do or not to do. I am looking for personal experiences, thoughts and feelings about the search and how much of it has possessed you. I would like to receive answers that come from a pure emotive source, not philosophies. And I would like, for you and for me, these answers to be genuine and not lies.
  14. We are not one single indivisible unity. We are many me. Imagine many different impulses, what we call me is the current order of groups of impulses: the ones that are submitting, the ones that dictate, the ones that help the dictator, the ones that help the submissive... It may be a kingdom, a dictatorship, a democracy.. It all depends on the level and the character of the person. In schizophrenic people there is a remarkable anarchy within... We continually change order many times during the day, according to situations or the strength of the impulses. A group of impulses working together is a personality. And we have many. When we say I stopped myself it's just the personality that has the power in that moment that blocks a rebellion from other impulses. But only consciousness can say I. It usually does through the current order in that moment... And this is what we call ego. Higher consciousness is simply consciousness that recognise the internal movements and detach itself from these movements, it is simply observing the continuos exchange between and metamorphosis of various personalities and impulses. It can still say I but there is not a delimited and fixed I anymore. Of course, a person who is detached from his impulses has a very flexible order in himself, so he can flow every moment.