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  1. @Shawn Philips I'm asking. Where have you seen a conspiracy theory here? Let me use my mind as I prefer, thanks.
  2. @TheSomeBody but if the vaccination line doesn't affect a thing in the green line
  3. Can someone explain me why reported data on vaccines seems to say there's not even a correlation between the number of new cases, and therefore death cases, and the number of administered vaccines? Please take a look at this page, especially at the section "Country-level Covid-19 vaccination", and explore the various countries. It seems there's no correlation going on when you consider many different countries, so that the progression of the number of cases could probably be due to the various political decisions on how to restrict movement, etc... At the world level the advancement of the infection seems to be unaffected by the appliance of vaccines on the popolation. I've tried to ask WHO about it but it seems to be a one-way only communication with it. So, since I'm not part of any kind of specialised forum and here there's quite a variety of people, I ask to you. Here's a screenshot of it.
  4. I agree. Cult thinking is not something that can happen to a group every ten or so. It's a natural tendency of human minds when they group together. We're all minded here. Maybe just a few transcended their own mind. So yes, cult thinking is something that we should constantly pay attention to.
  5. @johnlocke18 who is this other youtuber who can perform miracles on a camera?
  6. @Blackhawk Trust me. You like suffering and you don't want the truth. The truth looks boring to you and suffering makes you feel like a hero on his journey. It's a huge joke once you realise it, and you'll realise it when you'll get too tired to keep going. You only played with yourself: by forgetting you're on stage the story feels much more real. All of what you're experiencing is what you want to experience. Just keep this in the back of your mind while you keep playing, you don't have to stop playing the games you like to play. I mean, if you pretend you don't know it then it's much more dramatic, more juicy.
  7. @Blackhawk It's all a funny thing. Your question, my effort to answer you, other people answering you. You say you want something that you don't want and we all try to give you something you don't want but you keep saying you want. Our answers are worst than your question. The most sensical answer would be "f*ck off!" (please don't take it as an offence, I don't mean it)
  8. And there was any problem about it back in those periods? Or maybe the problem still was that you didn't get to it. If so then you were expecting it: you were trying to not try, in order to get it. You can't trick your mind with your mind so to transcend your mind. You see, if you really stopped trying you wouldn't care at all if you got enlightened or not. What is all this glamor about enlightenment? Why do you even want it? Who would you be without wanting it?
  9. It's not hard to achieve, it's impossible! The very act of trying to achieve it is indeed a running away from it. "Getting rid of the ego is the biggest ego trip", Alan Watts once said. Stop trying then. That is a very fucked up mind, let me tell you from my own experience I'm not judging you. It's quite twisted. Maybe it's a good thing, who knows, maybe you'll reach the extreme before leaving it completely, many did it that way. It's all a matter of what you want ultimately. But don't fuck up with psychedelics too much anyways, preferably. Why are you looking for it anyway? I'm speaking from my own experience, trying to achieve enlightenment is a purely material thing. It's just a political game. Try to be honest with yourself instead and ask yourself why you want it, would that make you a better person? Would you tell the whole world you got enlightened? Yes? No? Honesty pays here. The truth is, behind the veil, you're looking for something else. Maybe recognition from others? Identify that something else and find the most sane way to achieve it. You're not done with this life yet.
  10. Not really. It's true you're probably not going to find any truth, nor a great amount of open-minded and wise people. However it teaches you to think critically and to doubt your own ideas, especially if you consider them to be the Truth, the one that others don't have. You might say they don't teach to think critically. This is true to a certain degree, and mostly true in all of the other fields, but it's really the case with philosophy, since you have to review and understand the whole of thought systems that we went through in millennia. This forces you to compare the different perspectives and escape for a moment the one in which you grew up with. There's not a best perspective on things, all of perspectives throughout history were just a succession of different trends, just like fashions. So it allows you (by actually forcing you, since you have to get the grades) to challenge your own perspective and detach yourself from the ones that you're identifying with.
  11. Relationships are the perfect example for applying spiral dynamics. Two different stages can't go together. There must be a large part of the two personalities that is shared on the same stage. No way a Blue can fit with an Orange or a Red or whatever. Even Blue and Green can't fit together, the Green one will look at the Blue and see how limited it is. Even Yellow, who can understand the previous stages, would get bored with them. There might be sexual/physical attraction but it's not going to work as a proper relationship.
  12. @GrandeOrso Oh man, it seems like I've written that. My suggestion to you is to do something. Whatever. If you don't know what to do yet do something, if you have no idea of what to do at all, start working anywhere, in a McDonald for example, and save some money for you future trips (in both senses ). Don't spend your time merely thinking about what you have to do in your life, I've done that for years and it's wasted time. Experience something, you'll feel what you like and you'll plan better next time. Do an Erasmus working project (probably you can't in Switzerland) or something similar, for a year or so. I started studying philosophy as well, when I was your age. Then left and came back again, now I'm finishing it. It's okay, but I doubt you're going to find your life purpose there, as you said it's "still academia". But who knows...
  13. Hi @Valach ! I feel you. I'd like to share a bit of my life with you, since I wished someone could have told me something about this kind of problems when I was younger and in your same situation, and I hope to not go off topic. I don't have a career in web development. I've an high school specialised degree in computer science and it just gave me the basics. I was the best in my class, even teachers came to me to ask advices. Some of my peers continued to university, studying computer science, I've instead learned on my own object-oriented programming and built a few apps for smartphones. Of course the university provides a much deeper understanding about computers and programming than high school, but there's nothing like having fun in what you do when it comes to learn something new. This is particularly true in the field of computer science, where you can practice directly wherever you are, you just need a computer; most successful IT experts don't have a degree in IT but have thousands of hours of experience and a great curiosity for it. Usually people with an high degree in this field end up working for those who were just doing it for fun. And people hiring will look at your work, which you can easily show on computer, and not at your degrees. So don't be bothered by not studying officially in an university, if this is what you enjoy doing then just do it. But, it seems you don't really know what you want to do. So, as a 28 years old who is still into the same problem and wasted much of his younger years doing completely nothing on a material level, I vividly suggest you to do something, whatever, doesn't matter what. Something is better than nothing: I myself was stuck into thinking that the time to act was when I knew, for certain, what to do in my life, with no doubt; but this is most probably not going to happen. After a few years spent web-developing and developing apps (basically just for fun, never made a living out of it) I left the IT field and traveled the world, totally absorbed in my newly discovered world of psychedelia, before coming back and do nothing but surviving on the shoulders of my parents and experimenting with drugs. I've been alone for years, only meeting my ex-girlfriend every now and then, since she was studying abroad. Only in last 3 years I've started to do something: I couldn't stand to be lacking a clear target anymore, but at the same time I didn't know what to do and scared to try something new and to fail. I was getting delusional and had issues in socialising after years of isolation. So, first thing I did - and I suggest you to do it if you can - was to experience something new, to travel and explore new ways of living and meet new people, you can come to meet something you never even thought about (for example, if you're in Europe, do an Erasmus volunteering project). From there on, I came back to Italy and started studying philosophy away from home, in a big city; not very easy and natural for me as it was with programming. Anyway, there I met my actual girlfriend and discovered a deeper way to love, before dropping out from university. Came back to my hometown, since I felt I was loosing my time studying philosophy, and started a farming business with the help of my family, which still allows me to earn some money. Then resumed my studies in philosophy and I'm now quite determined to finish them. Now I guess I'm going to leave the farm (though growing vegetables is a wonderful thing to do) because it's hard work, working with my family is limiting me and I feel dissatisfied anyways. This winter I'll try to make a living from programming and creating media contents, etc... and at the same time I'll be traveling. I miss the contact with the new. As Leo said in one of his latest videos, be an opportunist. To conclude, any individual is different, so the ways in which life unfolds are unpredictable. But as far as I can see, there's an hidden and very powerful life force trying to express itself into the world, from within to without, in each of us. It just needs the right point of contact, the compromise between the inside and the outside. The mind cannot know it, especially when it has no experience about it: it can only realise a few thing as one gets older and see retrospectively; so just live it, don't think about it too much, ultimately there's no wrong choice you can take anyway. There's no warranty you'll ever come to express yourself in your lifetime, but at least try continuously. The life force already knows where you have to go, your job is to follow it. You might have a feeling of what this life force is trying to take you, let yourself feel it and maybe try to conceptualised it (conceptualisation is a double-edge sword though). Don't get stuck and afraid of changing something if you don't feel it true. Life, generally speaking, is a continuous trial and error and you're one of these trials. You're soon dead, really. I'll leave you with a quote from Steve Jobs.
  14. The universe is electric, and electricity is fluid.