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  1. @Peter Zemskov A moderate amount of tea and a cold shower see me through a meditation real good when I'm tired. Really recommend. A cold shower before is great before hand regardless because it helps get you out of your head and thoughts and into your body, I find
  2. Any resources on passive income you'd recommend? It sounds pretty interesting.
  3. I agree that Science is a "groundless system of concepts", but I don't understand one thing. How come this "system" is verified by experiments in the 'physical' world? For example, experimental data says that the water molecule H2O is a 'V' shape. Does that mean that water molecules aren't V shaped. Are water molecules just a concept? How do we know that they are just a concept. Just because they don't appear as distinguished perceptions doesn't mean they don't 'exist' as very small V shaped perceptions right? -Perceptions that look V shaped and take up a V shaped amount of space in the 'physical world. Perhaps we could see these perceptions if we had a powerful enough microscope?
  4. I saw "Sleep Quota" mentioned here a few times in relation to diet. Anywhere you'd recommend reading up on this? Thanks
  5. @Dodo Seconded, Rupert Spira's Yoga Meditations Playlist deals with seeing through beliefs that are hard to get rid of by intellectual understanding. They're really good. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLjLULqAA72YtUw3D0B2TIudCYiUWpX4ef
  6. Thanks @Damir Elezi for your reply. I definitely get what you are saying about searching for ideas and testing them and myself through small workshops. Does anyone have any ideas about how to tie in life purpose when I don't know what I want to do. I am itching for some sort higher purpose but I am too scared to define it and get it wrong. Also, does anyone know of other career ideas involving personal development?
  7. Ok, so I need some help. This post may be a bit rambley, so bear with me if you have the patience. I am nearly 20 years old and midway through university doing a certain science course. I have ended up here because it was the subject I was most good at and quite interested in during school, so it was the obvious choice at the time. It has always been the default path for me. I enjoy my course because I find it interesting and rewarding, but I don't find it completely fascinating, and I'm not extremely passionate about it. I have recently became very involved in self-development, and have found a great passion for it. I love meeting and being around passionate people, and improving my social and communication skills. Ever since I can remember, I have had an intense drive to "do something worthwhile/productive/meaningful with my time", and if I don't, I get very frustrated. I am also very passionate about mediating, self inquiry and reading about non-duality. I am not sure whether to try follow these passions or stick with the safe option in science with good job opportunities. I am interested in being self employed or starting a business. I would love to spend my life making a living through personal development. I also love the prospect of having my whole career based around my creative output, and where I am in control. I feel like there is such pressure in making the right choice, such that I am so afraid to get it wrong and end up stuck. How can I test to see if starting a business in personal development is for me? It seems like such an unknown, I don't know how to try without betting my life on it. I don't even know what I'd do in this field. Anyway, if you have any advice on this please let me know. Thanks for reading. Me, Feeble Dave
  8. I should add that it's important that I listen to these songs in the morning to flip the mindset of being a helpless victim, that I've been so prone to, to a more positive emotive one. I'd recommend it.
  9. Which songs really fire you up about self-improvement? My favourates are and and an extra one for enlightenment work I'd love to hear yours.
  10. @DrMobius Absolutely get a 0.001 g scale. You can get suitable ones for £20/£30 in the UK. 0.01 g scales may have an error of +/- 0.01g which is a huge, HUGE change in dose. Be safe, careful, and just invest in a good scale.
  11. @Barna Damn. What were your doses that time?
  12. Would you be able to get past the fear using just 5 mg to start with before your second dose, to save your 5-MeO-DMT?
  13. Thanks for your replies. @outlandish that was especially helpful, thank you.