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  1. That's not the point. The point is that we don't want governments and companies collecting data on individuals without their consent for no good reason. Imagine if before the internet the government intercepted everyone's letters. That's basically what's happening now and it's not ok. It's nothing to do with "putting yourself out there".
  2. Wow, that's pretty crazy!
  3. Leo talked about the National Geographic series Life Below Zero on his blog recently but it appears to not be available in the UK which is where I am. Does anyone know of anyway to get it in the UK? It's not on Netflix, iTunes, Amazon or Google Play.
  4. I don't think that's true. I don't see how it would even work. Osho said that he was surprised every morning when he woke up that he was still there but he didn't have to consciously try not to die.
  5. Even deeper than your desire to suffer is a deeper desire for fulfilment, otherwise you wouldn't be on this forum. Everyone wants fulfilment deep down. The fact that you keep shutting yourself down is simply self-sabotage. Maybe you don't believe that you deserve fulfilment because of low self esteem. Try to connect with your deeper, authentic desire for fulfilment and happiness. Maybe you need to do something different, something drastic like moving to another country or maybe you should go on a retreat. Are you meditating? Just know that you can make it out of this phase in your life. You have immense power and potential as a human being. You just need to realise it and let go of the past. Remember that you are not alone.
  6. They didn't have smartphones to distract them Seriously though, imagine how much more we would get done if we had no smartphone, internet, computer, tv, video games, films, etc. Why would they need to say that at exactly such and such as time I will meditate or write or whatever. They would just do it less precisely, that in the morning they would meditate, then have something to eat, then do something else etc. Also, you mentioned the Buddha. Well since he was enlightened he probably didn't need a schedule. From what I understand enlightened people are spontaneous.
  7. I'll check out Fragments and Plato's dialogues. Osho always mentions Heraclitus so I'm not surprised to hear that he's good.
  8. Cool, thanks! Although I think there are probably exceptions and there are more modern philosophers who are worth reading like Alan Watts.
  9. Is it worth reading philosophy classics such as Nietzsche, Sartre, Plato, Kierkegaard etc? A lot of their work is very dense and hard to read and the message is often buried in philosophical jargon. Obviously there is wisdom contained within (at least some of the time) but how much value do you actually get by reading these books? Is it a waste of time or will reading them actually grow you. I guess that the answer is somewhere in-between but I would be interested to hear what people think
  10. What's inspirational to one person may not be to somebody else. Music is too subjective to say "this is inspirational, epic, motivational etc and this is not". The music you posted it just very grandiose dramatic stuff like themes from films and video games. Like a stereotype of motivational music. I don't find that particularly inspiring. You should let people post whatever actually inspires them rather than your definition of inspirational.
  11. So do you think that Eckhart Tolle is not enlightened?
  12. Draw plants, your family or friends, you can draw yourself in a mirror, go into a park or something and draw or draw the city. There's lots of things to draw if you think about it.
  13. Thanks for all the replies guys btw, I meant "Does that make sense? Or will meditation just make one less interested in women?"
  14. I'm aware of that but I'm talking about meditation and not enlightenment specifically.