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  1. Most of Israel’s support is coming from the west, which doesn’t have a big appetite for killing Palestinians.
  2. It took only 4000 troops for the Arabs to conquer Syria from the Byzantine empire.
  3. @Danioover9000 You have to remember that this was Palestinian territory until Israel took it away from them in 1948. So they want their territory back.
  4. It’s not really about you. It’s about the biological women who don’t want to compete with you in sports, and the people who want to use your biological pronouns rather than your preferred ones. It’s about the parents who don’t want to teach their children about transgenderism. People’s entire careers have been destroyed because of using original pronouns.
  5. @Shadowraix No one is debating your existence. What’s being debated is how you should be classified in official documents, in sports, and whether people are allowed to refer to you as a man.
  6. @Leo Gura Leo, thanks for undoing that warning given by @universe. Please review his behaviour. He gave me 2 warning points for simply pointing out that moderators are abusing their power.
  7. You know what countries do when they’re in trouble: they lash out. Buckle up.
  8. @Leo Gura What is your position on the American funding of Ukraine? Do you agree with trump that funding should stop and we should negotiate with the Russians, or do you agree with Biden that funding should continue without any negotiations?
  9. Byron Katie seems to have achieved the end of suffering.
  10. Don’t you find it odd that when he was working in mainstream media, nobody criticised him, even though it was the perfect time to release this information. But as soon as he starts attacking the mainstream media, this documentary comes out. It’s about the timing. The mainstream media have a very strong motive for attacking him now. Compare this to the bbc reporter who was abusing children. Where are all the attacks on him?
  11. Of course it is. His anti mainstream media content is why they launched a massive investigation into his sex life to find any bad behaviour. How do you think they knew about these women? These women didn’t come to channel 4. Channel 4 went in search of them.
  12. @Princess Arabia Think about it this way: If a husband stole $100 from his wife’s purse, is it the same as if a stranger stole $100 from her purse?
  13. @OBEler How is it a hoax? Please bring concrete proof, not just “reports”.
  14. @Razard86 The problem with these “personal” experiences is, we don’t know if it is actually “real”, in the scientific sense, or not. I don’t see how it’s any different from a dream.
  15. @De Sade Question those thoughts. First, write those beliefs on paper. Then, sit with them one by one, and ask yourself “is it true?”, and just meditate on that question.
  16. @MsNobody I don’t hear McKenna speaking about nonduality or Awakening that much. I think we can judge his level of enlightenment by how he describes Truth and Consciousness.
  17. Or rather, Ukraine was growing into Orange, and Putin wanted to keep it Blue. Surely that’s a better way of seeing it?
  18. @Francis777 Moderators regularly abuse their power. Make sure that Leo checks any warning point you’ve been given.