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  1. Why do you think this will bring me off course or cause emotional collapse? This is what you were taught at school, how to bully others and get them to conform. These things dont work for mature people, and they dont work in the tradition. This is why the tradition is formed to keep people like you out until you are ready. Please read the offering, or dont, I dont care, but you also give me an opportunity to show you how Vedanta makes you rise about these little playground games and puts you into the category of being a satvic person ready for real work. You are not ready, this is obvious, but you are a reflection of this community as a whole, you reflect the mentality of some of the participants here, because this is your self development circle, entry level. Im here to offer information to those who might be thinking this here is bullshit and can smell a rat. If they can, they are right.
  2. What does this mean? This shows youre getting emotional because you think you have won an argument, but the position youre seeing is just in your mind. You think I am personally involved. But personal involvement is getting butthurt because somebody didnt give you what you needed. There is none of that going on for me. Do you really think if i was weak i would continue to wade through this forum steadily with the information and keep ploughing through being mocked and not taken seriously while people attack my character? Do you think I would last five minutes in that situation if this were about me? Im demonstrating to you that i am not open to being manipulated by the collective unconscious and mind games here. I can rise above it and put out my information while being bullet proof because I dont care. This is the lesson, not only do I have my information, my evidence to back it up, my experience and my patience with you people, but i also have emotional maturity and can use emotion to drive home a point rather than be taken off course by people like you who just have mind games and mockery and no substantial argument. Yes, I do have a little poke at weak egos, but that is just purely for my entertainment You might learn something here, that Vedanta has taught me this
  3. Read the information and you will see that you are stamping your own capacities onto it. Yes there is emotion, thats fine. But the point is that this is not about me, and therefore I am free, and free to use emotion as a tool to debate with you. This is the reality of what is happening.
  4. Im not sure what this means. But anyway, I have not been exposed, because I have not made anybody accountable for my feelings. Or tried to control anybody's behaviour. What I HAVE done, is make an argument for Vedanta, and used people as a platform to uphold my debate. What you are seeing is something in your mind, I am not personally attached to this, nor have I tried to manipulate anyone. Its about the teaching, and rising above PERSONAL preferences or emotionally collapse that are just games to distract from the discussion of the information. You wont get that, because you are not ready for that, but the reason I keep responding is to continue with my case.
  5. Again, this is great, for those who correlate the teaching with the practitioner. This is also personal, and not really the remit of mature self actualized people. If you progress on this path, you will understand that you are projecting your own mind onto something that you dont understand. And you will also learn that serious people dont care about the personalities, but about the information and the path. Its a basic life lesson, and this might be the right forum for you if you are still not mature enough to learn this, you need Leos guidance on basic life management skills.
  6. What has low consciousness got to do with it? This is another load of New Age nonsense. (And stop using my words) If you understood yourself and reality, the first nonsense idea you would discard is "low consciousness". You can be "low consciousness" and still be on a path. You can be "low consciousness" and be on a path to nowhere, like you are right now. I'm not sure if you can read cuzzo, but I have said many a time to various people who want to attack me instead of the information, that i personally couldnt give a rats arse about you, or your liberation. I'm not even talking to you, I'm talking about you while using you as an example of how you are not learning anything from the New Age, and how it's keeping you locked into your concepts, instead of destroying them. That is what I am doing, and I do it from desire, and I am not bothered about the outcome. Again, why do you have this idea that a real spiritual path makes a person behave like eckhart tolle on mushrooms? Because you dont have a teaching, you dont have a path, all you have is an idea that you are supposed to behave like somebody else and be all calm and buddah like. This is complete and utter nonsense, and it's probably not just the New Age teachings that misinform you, but it is your own stereotyping ego that can only think in stereotypes because all it has got is programming. Do you think this might be the case? I do
  7. I have never once asked anybody to listen to me. I'll say it again, Im not a door to door salesman. There is a ton of info to read if you are interested in why you (and you personally by the looks of things) are still trying to control your outcomes, trying to shoot the messenger, make the teaching about the teacher and police peoples behaviour while you clearly behave in the ways you are trying to correct others in. This is all self deception, and self deception is what keeps the vasanas in place. Stick with your meditation and your thought flattening videos, you will relaz your body, even for years like most "enlightened" people in the west. But all of that self deception wont remove the vasanas, even if you are in samadhi for years. None of it will work because you are lying to yourself. Dont take my word for it, sometimes I would rather you didnt, so you can continue to suffer and bang your head against a brick wall with this shit in the mainstream. But thats slightly vindictive of me. My bad The point is, butthead, that there is more than you are your mignons reading this. And those who are ready, those who can think for themselves will click on the link despite my delivery and have a look for themselves. Those are the people who will become enlightened. This forum is public domain, its not your little ego stroking party, its a forum for spreading information, and information i am spreading.
  8. "You got mad that I rolled my eyes at you for acting like you knew it all and that hurt your ego. So you went on a fucking rampage. Don't get it twisted, I am far from the enlightened path. But you aren't much closer than me judging by the way you came at me. You are just a shit head prick who got his self image hurt and needed to call me all kinds of names. I decided to dm you because I didn't want that cancer to spread on the public forum. So I'm telling you personally. Fuck off you piece of fucking wannabe enlightened shit." ***Well, if you send people messages like this cuzzo, then you are far from being enlightened, but you are also far from understanding why you even do these things. Study Vedanta, understand the vasanas, and then you will understand that this is a path, and that vasana will manifest whether yu like it or not. So instead of getting all butt hurt and sending nonsense like this to me in a message, you will then begin to use your acting out as a way of purifying the Jivas mind. Its not about peace, its not about being a saint, its about doing what you do because the vasana has control. The only thing required is to act out and welcome the result. If you understand this, you wont be so bitter and start sending nonsense like this.
  9. I suppose youre trying to expose me as someone who is not enlightened. Well, sorry to disappoint, but I always said I was not enlightened, so your little mind fuck has fallen flat on its face. I said I know what enlightenment is, and if you could be arse to follow the resources I have brought with me, you would undertsand tht what is being taught here is not enlightenment. If I were enlightened, do you think id be here? Im here because im acting out my programme, its not personal, its a phase. But those with half a brain might pick something up from my little one time rant at the spiritual community, or not. You clearly, as toy are just out to troll and not really do much else with your time than fuck about proving that unenlightened people are unenlightened and that gives you cause to reject the teaching becauuse there is a student who is at the beginning of the path and who isnt enlightened. What sort of reasoning is this? Nothing, possible the white supremacist reasoning that made you buy into ISIS propaganda? lol
  10. LOL, yes, bye bye!
  11. How am i demonizing you? WTF are you talking about, Im butting into your little mind fuck policing strategy so that you can feel superior to others. And judging by your reasoning and capacity to be seduced by groupthink and the fucking white supremacist fascist movement, I'm pretty sure that youre just a cu** out to cause trouble, rather than offer content that is worth considering
  12. Who are you, fucking Robin Hood? Just because I swear doesnt mean I disrespect folk. Maybe YOU have a fucked up idea of what respect is, and maybe its YOU who is a whiny butt hurt ego letting your fragile feelings get in the way. If you want to call people out on their behaviour, or what you imagine their behaviour is, go study to be a copper and then you can pullup as many naughty asbos as you want. Leave the tricky debates to people who are mature enough to handle a robust convo, and not let their butt hurt hypocrite ego get in the way.
  13. You imagine that this is respect? You dont live by your own standards, which clearly tells me that you are fake, insecure and out to create a persona of being respectful and holding others to your nonsense standard while violating it at the same time. No wonder you are on this forum, you clearly are not interested in self honesty and working on yourself properly with a proper teacher. You look like a fucking hypocrite troll to me mate. Remove the thorn from your own eye before working on others. This is supposed to be a place to discuss growth, not a fucking therapy session by a psycho. Keep your lectures about other people to yourself, unless its to do with the content.
  14. Nice try. Youre not going to bait me into one of your ignorant controlling mind games. And if your Islam topic is anything to go by, then Im not surpised youre on this forum, its the perfect place for you.
  15. @-nbolt- This cuzzo guy is a troll. hes got noting constructive to add to this except little one line anatgonisms. Look at the posting history, the muslim one is laughable. Pass it by is my advice mate. Matt