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  1. So this is an illusion, we don’t exist, why do you guys still act as if life is real? What is real? And is our test is only to find what’s real here only? Will there be another test in death? What if the big picture is also your mind’s interpretation, because look we all still here since the beginning! No one went anywhere, well we may have been here before also together, maybe this all is just a game, on a higher dimension we are sitting together but in reality we are here not there or what we call as reality which is still here and now and there was never a past, life is a moving train and we are just passing time or…?
  2. Weird love form but ok actually no bro wtf?
  3. Locked for low consciousness
  4. Do you trip on alcohol the way you do on mushrooms?
  5. How can I understand it fully/digest it so I can navigte better in this physical reality and my inner states and layers?
  6. I know things can be much much better then where I’m at right now but I still don’t know how I’m grateful for my life and the knowledge I’ve been presented with through this platform it made things much better but it still takes much deeper work than that, I’m doing this work here again and again till I see the real results I really want and shoot into the next level
  7. What about worries about what’s going to happen even if you silence them what keeps them coming back?
  8. How do you do it? Be in the moment completely with no any distractions or worries from the outside? I know there’s nothing but the present moment but sometimes my mind goes to the past to old sad events.