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  1. Leo hasn't answered obviously which confirms the suspicions.
  2. A lot of people in the past accused you of this and you used to just laugh it off or sway them away without banning them Why things changed when TJ said it? you banning him proves his allegations and makes you guilty of it, if you didn’t you wouldn’t care?
  3. let’s be honest here, at least this is what you’re preaching for, Leo. you insulted many forum members here and when a single guy who was far better than you insulted you, you banned him? This doesn’t work. did he really insult you or you are trying to keep the consciousness of the forum members within the same range? So you can always be the most awakened person ever according to you on your own forums? another thing, why none of the older members really sticked around till now? Why most of them quit? If you go back to the oldest pages you can see that most of the old participants stopped being active and mostly none of them here now with us?
  4. Sorry to hear that, In order to better understand the situation, could you share more specifics about how the insult occurred? from my understanding about him, he seemed like a great guy who really accomplished a lot.
  5. BioShock "Infinite" , TES IV: "Oblivion" Weird how his life path summed up in the end, Or maybe he tricked us all and had this idea from the beginning.
  6. What if they were really a manipulation and just that? How do we know they actually show us the truth?
  7. Which is true because you are God and you can do all of the stuff you listed or you can’t do them and keep doing your addictions anyway, your choices.
  8. Weird how none of Leo Gura or Michael Jackson came here and commented “There is no people .. There is only yooooou, you are God” ?
  9. Growth Temple Awakening Evolution
  10. How do I get ahead of what scared me in the past or what still scares me? How do I use my thoughts to think about my fears instead of freezing upon facing them? And actually guide myself out of that mode with ease? If there’s a situation that I know I’m going to be nervous/fearful at even when I’m fully ready, how do I disallow that fear from lingering and blocking my mind? best example Eminem at his first rap battle when he shocked, how do I don’t shock?
  11. Ay mate who you talking to? Ain’t you solipsistic?