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  1. The problem with that for me: I love these. I can never eat only one. Why would that be a problem? The trees that the Brazil nuts grow on have very fine roots that enable them to effectively absorb substances from the soil. Unfortunately, that is not exclusive to Selenium but also radioactive substances. Brazil nuts therefore are a lot more radioactive than other food. I take Selenium pills.
  2. @Danioover9000 What is wrong is defaulting to the idea that for every question there are 2 possibilities, no more and no less, and that these 2 possibilities are always opposites (mutually exclusive).
  3. @Vrubel Is there any criticism on NGO influence on politics that is not anti-semitic?
  4. @Growly I take everything separate, except for the Vitamin B complex. A complex is obviously always a mixture. I buy mostly from nature-love de, a German brand. I am not happy with their Magnesium, because there is a lot of Magnesiumoxide in it, which is not great. Other than that, good ingredients. I buy my Omega 3 algae oil from Norsan.
  5. @Someone here My impression was: He's talking to her now. But he is not actually interested in her. He is instead asking to meet some other time. They are both there, now. She didn't say that she is in a hurry to leave. Her friend wasn't there, yet. Carpe Diem, man! The thing is, he was interested in the number, that's it. It's like a boy who is interested in girls. But when he is actually talking to a girl, he doesn't really know why he should be interested, other than of course sexual activities. To him, she's a trophy or a sex doll, not a person.
  6. It has Vitamin A and E. Those are fat soluble therefore potentially problematic. Vitamin E is particularly problematic. I would recommend not to take these 2 before doing thorough research. Vitamin B12 is included as Cyanocobalamin as your would expect from the manufacturer. When your body uses it, a residue product is cyanide. The amount is low. But I wouldn't want any, especially since that is unnecessary. Better: Methylcobalamin (or Adenosylcobalamin). Folic Acid is the artificial analogy to Folate. Your body has to convert it. Some people can't do it. Result: Accumulation, unhealthy. And you don't get the Folate. Other B Vitamins are missing. B Vitamins are best taken as a complex (mix of all of those) because there are codependencies between them. D3 in this product as at 1000 IE. That's too low unless you are a child or you are in the sun everyday. It depends on your weight how much is optimal. K2 would be recommended additionally to D3. If you would have the idea of taking 2 or more per day, don't. You will be getting into trouble with Zinc, Selenium, A and E. Too much Zinc (more than 25g per day for a longer time) can give your headaches, nausea, vomiting, cramps, diarrhea. Same with Selenium plus: skin rashes, hair falling out, nerve damage. Too much A: changes in skin and skeleton, damages the liver. Always DYOR (do your own research). In general, a generalized recommendation is always a bad idea. Nobody here knows your health situation and what you eat. Do you know how well your gut can absorb vitamins and minerals? People here don't know. I don't know for myself. Men and women have different needs. Age also matters a lot (not only for D3). Never take Calcium, shortens your life expectancy. If you want Calcium to actually get into your bones, you need D3 and K2. Only take Iron if your doctor tells you to after a blood test, unless you want to get cancer (0mg of Iron in this product, which is good). If you live in Europe, research Selenium. In the USA, you most likely don't need extra Selenium.
  7. Integration with your smart home. The door of your office or your fridge remain shut until you have done your homework. Your smart car won't drive you anywhere. Your social media access is off. You won't be able to buy anything at shops. Some organization might be interested setting the work agenda for you.
  8. I would not say that. It depends what you do exactly. First off, no branch of science is automatically proper science. You have unscientific practices in physics, biologies, etc.. Moreover psychology is not one single thing. Cognitive psychology attends to neurological mechanisms of cognition (vision, learning, etc.). Then you have the therapeutic branches. And you have the behavioral science branch. Using questionnaires requires the skill to ask questions in a way that you get as close to facts as possible. Obviously, not everybody is equally good at it. And then you have interpretation. A lot can go wrong here. The most convincing method in my book here is using measurable facts and statistics. That is not that 'soft' of a science if done right.
  9. As in other professions, there is quite a range of IQ and skills/knowledge among psychologists. Here's how that is in Germany: The better universities require applicants to have better grades in their final school certificate. However, participants who have the same grades but from a lower level type of certificate, might be accepted just the same depending on the federal state where the university is. People who have already finished a master in a different academic course do not have to pass any minimum score on their school certificate. People who do not have the required grades but have been in any kind of job for many years also don't have to pass minimum requirements. People who don't pass minimums of better universities can apply at a provincial less in demand university. People who don't pass any minimum can study psychology at a remote university. They still get the degree and can legally go on with a therapist education (that is an additional education after university, just master in psychology is not enough to be a therapist). Overall, the average IQ level among psychology students where I went was significantly higher than average. But there where quite a few average IQ people. And some had an average IQ but qualified as idiots (not only IQ based but mental models, personality, ethics...). Long story short: Not all psychologists are equally good at their job. And you have different methods for different issues. CBT is good for OCD.
  10. Certainly not if you have ADHD already.
  11. @Tanz The idea of the 2 systems Socialism and Capitalism being 2 opposites and there are no other systems is a false dichotomy. Socialism is one organization ruling everything. Well, in capitalism you have a successive market concentration, bigger corporations taking over smaller ones, a monopolization of patents/intellectual property, and last not least political influence of corporations via lobbying, legislation, monetary system, World Bank, WEF, etc.. And a majority owned via very few large funds. You still have a hand full of organizations that are separate on paper, but they are few and they are coordinated more or less in a centralistic way. That is less obvious than direct Socialism, but it is pretty close when it comes to the consequences of rights and freedom for the large majority of people. The Socialism vs. Capitalism dichotomy makes people not think what alternative there might be.
  12. from Frankie McNamara's youtube channel named 'Meditations for the anxious mind'
  13. @zurew I am not the author and it is not my channel.
  14. About this new variant.
  15. @Yimpa Well, there are some people where one could expect this. It's critical thinking 101.