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  1. Get as much sleep as possible. That makes a huge difference for learning success.
  2. The producers are allowed to use copper, I think. If you want truly organic grapes, you probably have to grow them in your garden. Then you know for sure they are untreated.
  3. take a look at the youtube channel "found my fitness" + omega 3
  4. Flax oil is useless for omega 3. It has ALA. You need DHA and EPA. Only small amounts of ALA are converted to the types you need. Sources: liver. Or algae oil, fish oil, krill oil.
  5. Not everyone is the same. I have been eating mostly vegan, now vegetarian, for 28 years. I never had any digestion problems in general. I do have problems with cucumbers and curcuma. That's not a huge loss for me. But there are people who get serious problems from eating vegetables.
  6. That comparison is in principle only valid from a totalitarian perspective. It entails that it is acceptable that people who would not had a risk are damaged for those that were at risk. This means that society transfers the personal risks of life from some people to other people. On that basis I would argue, that everybody who has 2 functioning kidneys should be forced to be available at any time to give up 1 kidney if someone in that state database needs a transplant. Everybody has to accept and carry their personal risks in life. It is unacceptable to force other people to carry some of that risk. That does not mean that one does not try to protect vulnerable people. But there has to be a limit to this. And that being said, no, C19 was not more dangerous than many other diseases. That by now is proven. If you are invested in believing otherwise, that's fine for me. But that's just ignorant.
  7. Didn't you say multiple times how science (or the establishment in institutions who claim to represent science) is corrupted? But that is not the case here. That's fortunate. Fun fact also someone who has alternative ideas about spirituality warns not to listen to New Agers. The entire political establishment and mass media have claimed exactly that. How do you know that Covid killed more? The numbers were completely inflated. Reasons: The PCR test can detect certain parts of DNA. It does not say that the DNA is part of a living organism or just dead fragments. The PCR test is meaningless if too many cycles are used in the process. The original PCR test by Dr. Drosten* in Germany, licensed worldwide, recommended way too many cycles. *The University where Dr. Drosten studied did by the way lose his doctorate thesis, then it re-appeared right after Dr. Drosten had taken a 2 week vacation. The thesis is co-written by Drosten's teacher... can't make this up. All labs used different numbers of cycles. If you combine all those numbers into one statistic, then that is unscientific, as you combine numbers measuring with different standards. Non-symptomatic infections do not exist. If you are infected, your immune system is active. It may not succeed, but it is active. So someone with a positive PCR but no symptoms, is not infected. People who died of any cause were counted as C19 cases if they had a positive PCR test result even if it was many weeks ago. The opposite is the case with people dying after getting the shots. These cases do not count as side effects until after the first 2 weeks of the 2nd shot. That also distorts the statistic. In my direct surroundings, I have seen 2 cases of strokes, 1 cancer, vertigo when combing hair, shoulder pain (painful enough to get surgery). All happened within weeks after the shot. Also note that the immune cells in the nose are separate from the blood. If you have a shot, you may have immunity for a pathogen in your blood. But there is no immunity in your respiratory tract. Obviously, for a disease of the respiratory system, that is not ideal, is it? The WHO has published the case fatality rate early on. It is very similar to the flu. In countries that didn't have a strict regime (Sweden, Croatia, Montenegro, Africa, ...) and communities (The Amish in the USA, orthodox jews in Isreal) that did not take any shots, there was no alarming death count. Now however, after the distribution, there is a significant increase in reported deaths. And that is higher in countries with higher shot rates. New Zealand is a country that had only a miniscule number of cases due to its geographic location and travel restrictions. And NZ has one of the highest rates of shots. And now they have the highest increase in death number since 100 years, as the NZ Herald reported recently. I suppose, NZ would have a lot more deaths if they hadn't taken so many shots. ?
  8. Some dried fruit has sulfur dioxide and other sulphur compounds. It's not toxic but not great. Washing in hot water can reduce it. Very bad for people who have asthma. Some other people miss the enzyme to break down sulfur dioxide. They can get head ache, nausea, diarrhea. Be aware that your body needs sulphur (MSM Methylsulfonylmethan, like in onions, dairy etc.) but not sulfur dioxide.
  9. My personal life hack #1 was to ask myself, how would I write this essay if my teacher was an idiot? I got an A.
  10. One of these: Pulp Fiction (1994) Locke (2013) Office Space (1999)
  11. 2021 Midlife Intakes of the Isoflavone Genistein and Soy and the Risk of Late-life Cognitive Impairment: The JPHC Saku Mental Health Study 2021 Effect of Polyphenols on Cognitive Function: Evidence from Population-based Studies and Clinical Trials 2022 Is It Safe to Eat Soy?
  12. Nazi trolls, psyop to serve the agenda of internet control? Whatever it is, it's noteworthy.
  13. @Yarco Some alleged links are more far fetched than others. I agree. The guy who made the video acknowledged that. The motivation behind the supposed revelation loses credibility when at the end of the video, an alternative NFT project by the originator of the research, Ryder Ripps, is promoted. The description of Wittgenstein's work is incorrect. Aping in is a crypto term. It means that when the price of a coin is shooting up, you buy with no research because if you spend time researching, you lose out. So you ape in. Australopithecus as a word in their puzzle: The connection to a member of the Nazi party, Ludwig Kohl-Larsen is not as definite as proposed in the video. There are are species of Australopithecus found by other researchers without the Nazi connection. Aperol = red pill? That's inconclusive and I don't see what this is supposed to prove. Jack of spades as reference to Nazis requiring jews to wear the letter J: far-fetched. However, in my estimation, there are too many connections shown that this can not be explained away with coincidence: The hommage to Suum Cuique Labs and adoption of their terms of service is a reference to Nazi concentration camps. Name references to a movie with fascist content, anti semitic stereotype (Gargamel), thesis written on a fictional book about a Nazi doctor. The banana Swastikas in the BAYC game are a clear reference. One could have chosen single bananas being thrown. The design choice seems likely deliberately similar to the Swastika. Coincidence? Not credible. If it would have been coincidence, someone would have noticed and pointed it out and this would have been changed before releasing the game, unless it was intended. At 42m into the video, the Boogaloo Boys are discussed. Ape in a Hawaiian shirt like on a photo with a person at a Boogaloo Boys demonstration. Hawaiian shirts fit the brand also with no reference to the Boogaloo Boys and the exactly matching colors could, again, be coincidence. 42:26: Ape #1488, with prison # that references Rudolf Hess' death year. The numbers 14 and 88 are widely known Nazi cyphers. In a set of 10,000 that are numbered automatically, a number 1488 will occur naturally. The Number 019807 occurs on other prison suits as well (perhaps all of them). One could argue that the combination just occurred randomly. But it could be set up that way if the 019807 is on all prison jump suits. Not definite. Plus many things happened in the year 1987. Non-conclusive, like all these references. Kamikaze head band: Fascist Japan alliance with Nazi Germany. Adolf Hitler's birthday referenced twice? My take on this with the only input being the video, meaning that I could very well come to a different conclusion after looking at different takes on the thing: At this point I doubt that the connections are all coincidence. The content, I find disgusting. The project as a whole as presented and explained here, is masterfully executed work of art. It pokes society in the eye with a stick. It's not nice, it's ugly. And it's not the job of art to be pretty. This is nasty. But it's the ugliness of society that it shows. In that sense, it is great art. Look at what Marcel Duchamp, Joseph Beuys and the Fluxus movement did. Also John Dewey – art as experience
  14. I think it would be an advantage to understand what you want from a theory. Is this for practical reasons? Is this out of the wish to understand, regardless of practicality? Is it to feed my ego as a wise person? Or whatever else the reason might be.
  15. It is more complex to aim at an all encompassing theory compared to theories for specific aspects. Also being monolithic rather than modular, it is not harder to update. Software analogy. Would there be a difference in approach and result anyway? A universal understand can be emergent. Lets not forget that theory is not the same as understanding. ideally, it is. Practically, it isn't necessarily.
  16. Is there a practical advantage for understanding the world in form of a unified theory in contrast to understanding specific situations? Or is it something that one might want to without being useful, like a personal interest or hobby?
  17. If that's the case, what extra value would a theory of everything, a universal theory, have?
  18. It seems to be common in China for people to make money with zero regard for other people. Fraud regarding organic food seems obvious to me.
  19. I do not trust anything from China, no matter what logo is on it (and it could be the EU Bio logo).