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  1. Yoga Yoga is a total system of practice. Body, mind, energy and spirit. It strengthens the body and it makes the body more healthy and flexible. It strengthens the mind and it makes the mind more healthy and flexible. It brings abundant vitality and energy to the whole body and mind. It strengthens the spirit by awakening the Self to its authentic and natural higher nature. By healing the conditioned ego agenda that blocks us from our authenticity and our True Higher Self, yoga transforms us. By healing ourselves through the practice, we actualize our authentic higher Self. It brings the entirety of the human being and their experience into complete balance, harmony and union. Namaste.
  2. @Brenzo2 If it's your first time on MDMA and you're taking low doses you can also take Magnesium tablets to help relax the muscles in your face. MDMA tends to make the jaw rattle or 'gurn' as we put it in the UK. Chewing gum is also helpful. I've never done MDMA in a controlled low dose healing/spiritual manner, only in an uncontrolled high dose recreational manner. Either way, I would still suggest keeping some chewing gum nearby and making sure you've got a good uplifting or soothing electronic music playlist. Doesn't have to be heavy music, in fact, avoid music with a lot of lyrics. As you never know how the dose will effect you I'd still say keep the music ready. It could be a part of your healing process and help you ride the waves of the MDMA more smoothly and gracefully, including the comedown. Be open to an afterglow. Comedowns aren't always bad, sometimes they're beautiful, especially if you're inexperienced. The more you do it and the higher the dose, the worse the comedowns get. Also it usually takes around 45 minutes from the moment you drop it to start to feel the effects. Make sure you wait at least an hour before you even consider taking any more, you don't wanna accidentally double dose and then get smacked in the face. It will not be pleasant. I wish I could take MDMA in a spiritual healing manner, but once you abuse it, it's no longer an option. So be grateful for your opportunity and respect the drug or it won't respect you. Anyways goodluck, stay safe and enjoy the journey. Hope it brings you what you're seeking and I wish you a happy afterglow without any following addiction and compulsions towards the drug. Peace.
  3. I asked this same question on the forum a couple of years ago and the response was tumble weed...
  4. @Yoremo I think you can't just wait until you find the thing that inspires you all the time because you won't find it. You do need to find something that inspires you and ignites passion in you yes, but that inspiration and passion will not sustain itself just by itself. The passion and inspiration has to be fueled and one big way to fuel it, is to develop more mastery in the area and make other peoples lifes better with that mastery by sharing the thing. That's one way... Others ways to gain inspiration and passion IME? Nature, climbing a mountain, exercise and movement, beauty, love, other inspiring human beings, a good movie, a good video game, travel, camping, people watching while on a street corner drinking tea. Retreats. So the question isn't: How do I find what I am passionate about? The better questions are: What inspires me? What inspires me about the way other people live their lives? What could I do to bring more inspiration into my life? Is this something I can see my self doing for a living and devoting my Self too? Does this feel like it could be a calling from my higher nature? If so... how can I sustain passion and inspiration over the long term in this endeavor and in my life in general? Maybe that makes more sense. If not, just ignore me brother and trust your Self. Inspiration and passion comes from Silence. Namaste
  5. Musings on Resistance: If you could hold resistance in your hands and ask it why it is here what would it say? I am here to guide you. I am here to show you the way. I am here to raise you up. Why does God not just guide me, why is there resistance with a message of guidance? Because there are two sides, your lowest nature, your highest nature. Your evolutionary nature, your spiritual nature. Resistance comes as resistance on the lower plane and it comes with a higher message from the higher plane. It comes as ONE thing. These natures of you are ONE. "I don't want to do it" "it will be painful and boring and hard." These are from the lower nature. They don't come from silence. The silent whispers of 'this is what you have to do' ' this is good for you.' these are from the highest nature. Silence speaks this. If you could could hold resistance in your hands and ask it a question, what would you ask ? Listen to the silence for the answer. Namaste.
  6. I've done group tarot readings, followed by intuitve drawings, followed by group discussions about the individual problems we are facing. When we pulled the tarot card we were asked to think of a question or problem we were trying to resolve and find clarity around. The whole process was very healing and transformative. It wasn't so much like your future was being read, it was more just a tool to deepen awareness and ignite some imagination and creativity in the exploration of your inner Self and to share that experience with others. We were conciously practicing NVC at the time too. It wouldn't have really mattered what card you pulled, you would interpetate it for your Self in the way to investigate your Self. Then again, maybe the Universe will give you the exact card you need, which by divine perfection, will always be the case anyway, so... right on baby. Right on. Just don't get too obsessed about it all.
  7. I prefer the term 'Actualizing my Highest Self' more than the term 'Actualizing my highest potential' or 'best self.'
  8. The shadow. It seems one can not fully actualize their highest Self without going back to integrate the past. The traumas of the past are like sandbags on a hot air balloon. Once you listen, the bags can be unhooked and the balloon can gracefully ascend to its highest potential. 6 weeks mindful support group and 7 months of coaching coming where I will investigate my past. May also check out Jordan Petersons Self authoring program, heard good things. Step back to step forward. Raise the vibration.
  9. @Preety_India Highly reccomend his documentary movie " The Wisdom of Trauma."
  10. What happened to the good old days when taking the red pill meant stepping out of the matrix? Feminism didn't stop Neo banging Trinity. Ahh the good ol days. Red pills don't mean shit anymore. Pitty. "Why oh why didn't I take the blue pill?!" "Do not try to bend the spoon. Simply try to realize the Truth. There is no spoon." "100% home grown human baby!"
  11. @Esilda Welcome back. I felt the presence of love while reading this. That's a pretty amazing thing. Peace.
  12. @AndylizedAAY What do you think about the dream?
  13. You will pass through EVERY experience that YOU pass through. There is no good and bad, there is simply experience. Depending on your level of awakening will determine wether you experience infinity. If you do experience infinity, YOU will experience infinity. YOU is infinity.
  14. @Someone here Just bask in the beauty.
  15. @Tim R In the moment, I AM aware that ONE is suffering, therefore I AM loving awareness.
  16. Yoga, Qigong and Chinese Tea. Now that's a way to live without coffee. Bliss.
  17. Hahaha Glad I spotted that rabbit hole before it fucked me.
  18. Being attractive = Being Self-Actualized. Done.
  19. Has anyone actually found their 'dream girl/guy?' and is in a relationship with them right now? Or did anyone find them and then broke up with them? How did it happen? (both longterm and short term) Were you very clear and specific about the kind of partner you wanted? How much of those things were met? How much did you compromise on? (Given nobody is perfect.) Did they fulfill your dreams so to speak? James Marshal from TNL said "the most desirable and coveted women, more beautiful, more curious, more interesting and more powerful themselves, will not settle for anything less than what they are. To get the 10, you must become the 10." I don't like to give number ratings very much but for the sake of argument, did you 'become the 10'? I heard someone say that your 'dream' partner will show up in your life much later than you expect... Just curious. Most of the forum seems to be about pick up/ dating much more than it is long term relationships with one incredible person.
  20. I was stuck dabbling with conciousness work for years. It has it benefits. It also helps to just gain the big picture by being very broad intiatially in your Self actualization. Eventually I reached a point where I knew I needed to focus and get concrete results, so I hired a life coach. It's been life changing. He really got me 'un-stuck', i've never had such clarity and focus with my Self actualization as I do now. He wasn't too expensive either. I see him every month or two.