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  1. @Kazman That's because you're close minded to what is being said. Maybe the explanation of your situation needs to he expanded upon.
  2. @MM1988 I attract that which I want and leave no room for doubt. When I achieve or receive the results, I am grateful and proud. When neither comes true, I am content and try again.
  3. @Chaosofthemuse I meant that if you chose to speak in your native language that you could put English subtitles. I enjoy your accent though and can understand you perfectly fine
  4. @Empty As an English speaker who checked out the channel, I disagree! She could just do subtitles but who are we to decide her route?
  5. Prepare to start spewing peace and love bullshit. Dreads will come in no time. Showering and the wearing of deodorant may seize. You may start listening exclusively to the dead. Good luck!
  6. @Ether In my experience, my pain was front and center. The medication is a mask and when you take it off all of the bad things will surface. You may not be ready to face what is the root of these feelings and if not you will continue to suffer. Release and accept. Don't turn to self harm in a physical way or through drugs/alcohol. I've been facing my shit and it's not easy. Yet it's the easiest thing. I just had it buried so deep for so long and it was a reflex to hide further from it. But when I stop fighting it all came to. "Aha"
  7. @Spinoza Try to stop being aware of everything! Lower your awareness if you can. I bet you can't and even if you did then you truly only wanted to be unaware and there lies your newfound happiness. When you realize you can't stop, is it possible that you just are not aware enough to see why you see it as a negative? What negative thought patterns rule your day that you can't even face?
  8. @egoeimai Research and find local groups you can attend if you feel you don't need rehab or extreme intervention. My advice would be to just go in with no expectation of what it should be. Some advice I received from another member was to not base how I perceive it off of my first few meetings as well.
  9. @Otogi Thank your for this perspective! I am dedicating to attend meetings every day for the first 90 days as they recommend. I'm blessed to have the support I have from family and am determined to improve my situation. It's funny to finally see through the false images I had and to see myself as I now do. I spent many hours crying because I was sad that I could do this to myself. I never wanted this for myself and yet I did otherwise I wouldn't be here now. If I did this to myself I cannot even image what I have done to others. But that will be for another day I am sure.
  10. I just wanted to make a quick post here to reach out and share that I finally acknowledged that I am an addict. It is something that I have always known but chose not to pay attention to. Don't let people in your life help you make justifications for doing drugs of any sorts (alcohol included) if you genuinely wish to lead a sober life. Be aware of your words and the purpose behind them as you consume whatever it is that gets you off. There is help out there in connecting with fellow addicts who have learned sobriety. Just for today my friends.
  11. @Rilles Is it possible that your friends are exactly like you in the pain you experience? What if one of the group opened up and it was found that the pain being held in can now be expressed for everyone present? Everything that you hold inside of you, your people do too. Everything is you and when things are withheld, then there is blockage in life because of that. Put it out there so that it can come full circle. Communication and connection is key. Or is it?
  12. @wakeel55 I have recently come to realize that I had been abused as a child! I had no idea that such a thing could have happened to me. Because of this huge acknowledgment and then release I have been making so much progress and life has become clearer. I have been getting slammed by so many things in regards to self betterment in the last month or two now. Shadow work wasn't even an intention, it just happened due to a friend who is a mirror for me to look at myself. I have been able to connect many dots as to why I am the way I am in many different aspects of life. If I was not where I was as far as development goes, it might have been harder to deal with that trauma coming up and instead of being able to release it and see how I need to use that knowledge to better myself, it is possible I would have held onto it and used it as a victim! Shadow work is nothing without the rest of self development in my opinion.
  13. @Rilles That's a lot of assumption. What if they became your mirror and broke you further down?