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  1. @Nahm I think I dont get your explanation @SageModeAustin Nice roundup! I like it. @Thesingularity Everything is internal. There is no such thing as external.
  2. I see where you are coming from but I think you are still making the wrong connections. having no fear of public speaking ≠ more interesting & informative speech than someone elses same as living without any human interaction for years ≠ enlightenment But that was just a random example I thought of. Lets not get lost in that. If you have other experiences from your life where Leos "Real vs Fake Growth" concept fails, lets talk about those. As for the example you gave I would say that enlightenment can not be attained through any growth at all. From what I know its more akin to a realization. So I dont see your experience at your night job as a proof for your statement.
  3. You wait for her after school, in the long grass. Just like you do every day, dont make a big deal out of it. Or make a big deal about it but be excited and confident - then she will feel excited as well. Dont be afraid - then she will be afraid as well, we dont want that.
  4. Thank you everyone for sharing your experiences. @outlandish Interesting, that must be the definition of a long con jk. Do you have experience with this? I mean has there been someone you got in bed by controlling your emotions? How exactly would that unfold and what would be the opposite (ie. what to avoid). I imagine you dont mean hiding your emotions but being unfazed and non-reactive? What do you mean with "knowing the inner being"?
  5. Afaik this video is not about enlightenment at all. Even though its one of the videos that helped me the most on the actualized youtube channel. The notion alone, that when you really had personal growth, its not about getting the thing you want or getting rid of the things you dont want. Its about not wanting or worrying about it. Thereby feeling at ease in the given situation. Example: Fear of speaking in front of people on stage. Fake growth: Pushing yourself out on the stage, taking a lot of energy to go out and overcome your fear. Real growth: You. Dont. Waste. A. Single. Fucking. Thought. On. What. the fuck you do on that stage that day.
  6. Its what Leo said in this video https://youtu.be/z4YkMoysymY?t=21m51s (22minute mark). I can understand his perspective. But I dont doubt that there is amazing sport, just as there is amazing movies and amazing music.
  7. I have a friend who makes a decent living with teaching this. For him it just started when people offered him money to teach them. He is also very hard working and dedicated. PM me if you have more questions.
  8. @Shiva Loving those crystal clear answers @B_Naz I dont know if you've already watched and understood this video but its also related to your question
  9. You can also learn to have no preference over your emotions. You were designed in a way that contradicts the universe, so that the universe can feel this contradiction. How does it feel?
  10. Every action is selfless because there is no such thing as a self. Also when you do something that makes you feel good you are also improving your environment.
  11. I wouldnt define freedom like that regarding life purpose but you can still do it: If you want to be happy, become free of needing meaning in your work to be happy. You can be happy and still try to improve. The question is, what do you really want. Happiness or meaning? What else do you like?
  12. He wrote recently in this forum that he doesnt do lucid dreaming. So Id guess its not something he finds much important.
  13. Woa I experienced something very similar to this. When I was a child around 5-9 years Id say. I could look into a mirror, look into my eyes (like in the bathroom of my school) and really doubt that the image on the mirror was me. I just had to look into a mirror for some time and I got a very intense body feeling. A bit like fear but it was more intense and I snapped out of it after a few moments. I guess because it was too intense for me. I also did it a few times because I was curious about it. I tried it again now but it didnt work.
  14. No one here watches sports, as its just a distraction, catering to low consciousness chimps. From a sports perspective it was completely unnecessary and dumb for Khabib to do this. But the sport is not what is most valueable to UFC, payTV and generally people in power of what happend. Entertainment is most valueable. For example, the bus thing was used as a promotion by UFC for the fight. So in that bigger context it was the right thing to do. Otherwise, the two heavy security guards standing besides Khabib would have intervened while he climbed over the fence. Take this together with adrenaline & wanting to get revenge for the family insults Id say its a lot of stage blue as well.
  15. I find it a bit annoying at times as well. But for me its not that saying "your lazy, do this, you dont do it because xyz", its how he says it. The tonality and loudness make my ears feel boo boo...
  16. @Nahm You are implying only a free person can spread something else than misery? If I look at history I see countless of people doing meaningful things while not being "free", whatever that means. And Im very grateful for them. I dont understand this forums obsession with freedom. When love, connection and consciousness are also on the table. @Elisabeth For me meaning: highly subjective, if I do stuff that is directly aligned with the impact I want to have on the world I find it meaningful. impact: any outcome that is not contributing to the constant fearmongering taking place every second in society. Could be anything from being loving & kind to a stranger on the street to awakening millions of people. purpose: like meaning. Doing work that feels authentic to what I am / think I am.
  17. What exactly is your dilemma? You like to be more with yourself instead of socializing. Thats ok. If you'd like to change that look at your thoughts on socializing. Maybe you find it boring, so try to spice it up and socialize with people who share your values. Or talk more about stuff that interests you or make other people laugh. If your sozializing brings you fun times and deep connections with people you might become more interested in it.
  18. On a side note: If your eyes hurt from too much work on a computer, get f.lux. Its a program that adjusts the colour on your screen to be warmer. You might know this feature from newer phones.
  19. Watch this documentary on Edward Berneys In short, to get people to buy things that they want and not only things they need the consumer was born. Now Im not to tell what came first, the need for people to be consumers or Edward Berneys PR tactics. Either way, people became individualistic, allowing for identification with being a consumer which helped democracy & capitalism to succeed. I guess you know that some form of marketing is needed, otherwise no one would know the product exists. Now imagine you do some marketing. You have to invest money to get eyeballs (or time). Would you rather use a pitch that creates 1% conversion or would you rather use an incredible pitch that gives you 10% conversion?
  20. Well here is how I go about it 20% spirituality 80% letting scientist find a way
  21. Because its easy Being grateful is fucking hard man
  22. The same risks hold true for being honest about the present? I dont see your point. The past is an important part of you, so if you did something stupid you should have learned something from it. You dont have to tell everything in the beginning. For example if you murdered someone you might first want to build a strong connection and relationship before telling that. Just dont lie.
  23. 1. Release the feeling you get when you have SA (do that at home, while remembering a situation) 2. On the street outside: Relax your body (watch Leos last video on this if you haven't) 3. Change your mindset. From something like "people are mean" "I am awkward" to "Most people are cool" "Im the coolest guy" "everything will be fine". This can take a while.
  24. Forming deep emotional connections & being yourself pretty much contradicts with only caring if people accept you. That doesnt mean you have to tell everyone that you dont like what they like. Just dont lie. You can always agree on the fact that you can understand their perspective and thats it. If they ask your opinion say it. Polarization is a great tool for filtering people to your personality. For example, by not letting people know your high paying job, yes you are not triggering their low self-esteem and they dont become jelly. On the other hand you just assume that they cant handle it and ultimately your dishonest. You might understand that many people do not want someone in their life who thinks little of them and is dishonest. You could say that with this behaviour your not filtering out the poeple that dont fit your current personality/lifestyle (low self-esteem, jelly) and alienate those that you actually want to connect with (cool/happy with their job, happy for you). Do you see how your behaviour leads to this exact outcome? I find asking questions is a great way to connect with people (what you already do), dont be afraid to ask deep/personal questions. Make sure to ask yourself these questions and you have good stuff to talk about.