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  1. Connection To everything. To people, to animals, to nature, to space. Feeling one with everything there is. There is nothing I value more. Its always here, I just have to be reminded constantly.
  2. tolerating bad behaviour = being loving? So lets switch the genders. Lets say a man is beating his wife. Should she walk away or give him unconditional love?
  3. What happened when you kept being loving and hilarious? Im curious.
  4. Yes this! If I am not doing x, its because I dont want to do it. I never must to x, I want to do x.
  5. Happy new year my friend! <3
  6. Haha, nice video! I think I would gladly take brown bear's rigid and robotic company as a constant reminder. But I wished they would already stfu and enjoy the tree and present moment for gods sake
  7. @Hardkill you need to write only one sentence per post
  8. Have you watched this video? Good. Have you practiced every technique in this video? No. Ok now you go out and start to practice each technique day by day when talking to new people. The goal is not to make new friends but to get the practice.
  9. I like the advice you already got here. "Dont help, just understand" & make him think his ideology through. What I would do is, tell him I love him no matter what but that Im not into the whole blaming game bullshit. Ultimately what he has is fear. Lead by example, show him you are fearless and full of love.
  10. Not sure what you want the discussion to be about. But yeah marketing is very important. So is finding a unique problem and a unique solution to it. You have to be creative.
  11. It really depends on where you are currently at and what you want to get. Dating can be compared to a market. There are people constantly looking for a partner and they want the best they can get. There is no fixed "value" for every person because everyone has slightly different things they look out for in a partner. If you have a life purpose that you follow and have mastered your emotions my guess would be you dont necesseraly need to know about PUA/RSD. Otherwise it can be helpful. If you want to learn it, try dating some people and find out what your sticking points are. Then read up on material on how to overcome them and test, test, test.
  12. How old are you? Did you already had sex?
  13. I am happy for you!
  14. Humor: Watch Leos video on how to be funny. Basically ask yourself the question "what is funny about this?" all the time. Amuse yourself first. Others will follow. Work with tension. In the grand scheme, see how happy you are in life. If you are truly miserable it will be harder to be funny and it might take you a lot of time. Confidence: Get into a mindset that makes you feel good. Think thoughts like "I will be ok", "All is good", "These girls are cool", "All people are cool", "There are no problems in the now". And so on. Dont have thoughts that drag you down and tell you, you are worthless or sth. You will have enough hurdles to overcome, dont make your mind a hurdle as well. Let it make you feel at ease. Because you are posting in the dating forum I guess you mean confidence in talking to woman. See yourself on the same level as girls. I know its not easy but thats what you get when you want advice on an online forum. I can just give you some hints. You are going to have to get the experience yourself. This happens on a subcounscious/unconscious level. So you have to reprogram the unconscious part of your brain, that will take some time. In the end what will make you confident is having experience.
  15. @Anna1 Just watched it today and wanted to thank you! The trailer really was off putting with all the pseudo science but the movie is beautiful! Any other video/media?
  16. @Roman Edouard I meant space in the universe. As in night sky. You can point to any black point in the night sky and zoom in - boom stars everywhere!
  17. Has it always been like this? Could be that she is just a passive person, or could be that you become needy.
  18. Allright. Its just that you can add as many years as you want to this planet and it would not change the amount of stars we see at all. NSA doesnt watch the stars, it watches you. Space is fucking huge, there is no "suddenly a new star pops up", you underestimate how long star forming takes. Also all stars we can see are relatively close. Yes, the night sky would be white instead of black IF our eyes where any good. You can point to every black space you see and zoom in with a good enough lense and you see stars everywhere!
  19. @all The amount of light/stars we see has nothing at all to do with how long the earth exists.
  20. hehe Thats the thing with consciousness, I cant make you conscious or show you my consciousness, you have to do the work yourself. Otherwise the go to option for becoming enlightened would be to read a book, or take a class at university. But its meditation, train your awareness and understand how your mind works. If you are so sure about your non-infiniteness, you will have no problem telling me where you start and where you end?
  21. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Observable_universe#The_universe_versus_the_observable_universe No human can grasp the concept of infinity with the mind. Infinity and eternity are both not to be experienced with the mind. They belong to the realm of consciousness. You can not just understand infinity, you can actually be aware of it - right here - right now - You are infinity. It is here It is right now The illusion that you see yourself as something seperate from infinity is what keeps you alive.
  22. Well, what is more important to you. Being with her or being honest? No one can tell you what you "should" find more important.
  23. Focus on the inward. Giving other people attention gives them power. Also your problem could stem from a lack of confidence and self esteem. To your particular problem with "gangs" in your "town", either accept it fully or move away. Thats what I would do. But I dont think they will be as much of a problem when you get to a healthy confidence level.
  24. Inception or The Matrix Revolver A beautiful mind or Interstellar