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  1. @Unleash Thanks for the post. The heart rate could be kundalini awakening. It could be a reaction to your enlightenment work. The subconscious may be revolting. It could be a panic attack. It could be the virus or just some random thing anyone could get. But maybe nothing is random Lol! We are the architects of our own life.
  2. @Juan According to the film Inception you can have a dream within a dream within a dream. So you just need to fall asleep in your dream. But I guess we forget about the previous waking state/states at each new dream level. One problem is we have never awoken from this apparent waking state. But one day we might. Ramana Maharshi said the dreaming state is the true self and maybe reality itself and you yourself dissolve when dreaming. The sleeping state is the reality. This waking state is the dream. But I still can't answer your question. Maybe remembering the dream state is part of the convincing evidence of this waking illusion.
  3. @CoolDreamThanks What if god is a genius and this job is exactly what you need? Maybe you need to surrender to it. Maybe you need to reject it. Follow your instincts. Follow your intuition. You are always on your path. The obstacle is the path. You are right where you belong. The universe does not make mistakes. Maybe your external reality is your internal reality. You are projecting. The job is inside you. The external battle is a manifestation of your internal battle with your self. Accept. Surrender. Let go. You might be myopic. You have tunnel vision. You are focusing on this job. Maybe you are self deluded and you are focusing on the job to avoid a larger pain gnawing at you. It is a strategy. Maybe you are addicted to pain or frustration. It's all god. It's all you. The job is god. The frustration is god. You are already enlightened. You are whole. Without the job, the universe and you would not be whole. This job must be. There are infinite jobs so this job must exist. All is illusion. Seeking is an illusion. There is nothing to seek. Seeking for a new job is an illusion. It is all Maya. So dance the Leela. Wish you all the best!
  4. Maybe time is an illusion. Maybe there is no free will and the future is predetermined. There is no past and no future. Only the current moment exists.
  5. God might be more of a force and not a person. God is infinity. God is pure dream. The infinite dream. Infinite imagination.
  6. @Majed In some sense the Buddha suffered to become the Buddha and he said desire is suffering and all we do is desire. Jesus died on the cross and that is thought to be symbolic of suffering. The cross has become an icon. The cosmos push you to the precipice. It can be the long dark night of the soul which can last for decades sometimes.
  7. You can always text or call 988 to discuss your situation. Reach out to friends and family or any of us. Wish you well.
  8. @thierry Glad you got through a rough patch there. Be well.
  9. @James123 There can be chemical addictions and behavioral addictions. Psychedelics might be more of a behavioral addiction. Not really a chemical dependency. I remember Russel Brand saying he had addiction issues but was always tempted by psychedelics even today and sober because they seem harmless. But he realized they offer him escapism and his addiction is escapism and avoidance of reality. You could view our brain and brain chemistry as very delicate. And yet for some reason we just hammer our brains with all these drugs and expect it to cope and return to baseline. Maybe be nice to your brain. Psychedelics could have a long term affect on serotonin or receptors or other issues. We might be more emotionally flat in old age or something akin to this. The dangers are dissociation, depersonalization, derealization, psychosis, depression, mania, isolation, loneliness, delusions of grandeur, self deception, etc. Look for a 12 step program for addiction in your area just to listen and gather information. Google about psychedelic addiction. Go to rehab. Cut back to once a week, then every 2 weeks, then monthly, then every 2 months or twice a year. Just see how it goes. Do what is best for you. Best wishes.
  10. What did you like about Tree of Life? What was profound? Thanks
  11. I am ignorant but I assume it is mostly white powders which are laced. So maybe cocaine, heroine, meth, ketamine, etc can be cut with fentanyl. I suppose crystals or rocks could be laced. Maybe liquid LSD or the blotter paper could be soaked with dissolved fentanyl. I guess a mushroom could be powdered with powder sugar or fentanyl or rat poison. Or a dealer could clumsily get fentanyl powder on his shroom supply. Or mushrooms could be ground into powder and put in capsules and could have fentanyl in them. I have no idea how to test shrooms for psilocybin or fentanyl. I guess you grind the dried mushroom and soak it in water and test the water for psilocybin or fentanyl. How would you test marajuana for fentanyl? Would appreciate any feedback. Thanks
  12. I think it is true in the sense you must abandon everything and surrender your life to god, the monad, the dao, the Brahman, etc. The only way to live is to die before your death. Accepting your ignorance is like a death. At some point you must admit you were wrong about everything. Embrace humility. Let go of the Newtonian, dualistic, materialist, cosmos and accept the mystery and unknown.
  13. Leo was requesting input about safety protocols and harm reduction for psychedelic use. Maybe this is the video.
  14. @James Swartz I think you understand but your subject line is the issue. The quickest implies time. The true student must not be in a hurry or rush or competitive. There is no time. We are already enlightened. I think I’m preaching to the choir.
  15. Which one of us is the real solipsist and why did we dream the forum went down?