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  1. Maybe not subliminal. But can anyone give me feedback on this? I get the feeling we are god and we put ourselves in a maze and the trick is to wake up and remember we are god. But I suspect this might be for the whole population or maybe physical matter itself anywhere in the universe. So it is a cumulative collective effort and we are standing on the shoulders of giants here on Earth. But maybe matter itself is yearning to wake up. Maybe we will create AI and it will wake up and the game will be over. I wonder if I am delusional but I get the feeling movies like The Wizard of Oz, The Matrix, The Truman Show, Groundhogs day, Edge of Tomorrow, Oblivion, Moon, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Inception, Vanilla Sky, etc. are all clues to wake up. But which came first? The chicken or the egg? Maybe all humans have this archetypal feeling this is all a simulation or a dream going back to Vishnu in Hinduism. So artists just keep re-inventing the wheel. Or maybe we are slowly waking up. Am I god and I'm dreaming up all these artists because it is my subconscious trying to waking up? Or do all humans have this feeling and artists just tap into it and express it? Is it solipsism just for me or is it a collective widespread solipsism for physical matter in general and I just represent a tiny speck of conscious matter? Lol! Getting deep. A lot of pop songs do this as well like A Series of Dreams by Bob Dylan, Mercy by Muse, No Such Thing by John Mayer, Party Mindset by Andrew WK, The Rising by Springsteen, In the City by The Eagles, Working Class Hero by Lennon, etc. Maybe I am just cherry picking. And maybe I invented Leo and this forum just to wake myself up.
  2. Howdy. Be patient. Take it slow. Once you get bit by the spirituality bug, there is no going back. It is a Pandora's box during the process. Maybe it is even a Pandora's box at the end and the destination. It is the yin yang symbol. It is good and evil. Find peace by accepting both. There may or may not be a dirty little secret of Buddhism and Hinduism of "no free will." Surrender and just be. It is hard to talk about god. So we use stories and symbolism and imagery like heaven and hell and the devil. So god "dreaming" this universe or being "asleep" or "I am god but I wiped my memory so I could enjoy the emotional rollercoaster" are all just ways to capture and convey what is going on. We are breaking our paradigms and shifting perspectives. So to answer your question, god is not a woman/person or you asleep or with amnesia. God is more like a force or a source and god is pure creation and imagination and a kaleidoscope of chaos. So maybe there are infinite universes. Or maybe god is simply a being with no body and there is no location or space or time. We should not anthropomorphize god and say she is "lonely" because an omnipotent being may not experience loneliness. But maybe god just wants a friend or equal to talk to but has spent eternity looking and is still alone. So god created all these universes to talk to herself and interact with herself. Maybe our search for love and even our search for aliens is a microcosm of god's search for a friend. Maybe there is only one god and one substance which is the monad, dao, brahman, etc. In our dreams we are convinced it is real until we wake up and realize it was all a dream. So it is plausible that our waking life is also a dream and some day we will awaken maybe when we die. Or maybe this is just another fun way to break our paradigm. As a mother you can trust your instinct with your children. Kids are smart and can smell a lie. So be real and be authentic. The truth is always best and your personal truth is best. Maybe your purpose is to be their stepping stone to awakening. It is a balancing act. Buddha left his wife and son so there is a danger of this. But your children may have to walk a difficult road. We are all one. Be well. Safe travels. One love.
  3. A lot of subjects are taboo. Society speaks more openly about menstruation now or intercourse or homosexuality or police violence over the last 10,000 years and last 100 years. I suspect Terrance McKenna and Allan Watts were censoring themselves. The audience just was not ready for solipsism. We are standing on the shoulders of giants.
  4. @Princess Arabia Now that you have had some time and perspective since this post, do you have any new insights? Do you feel this experience was a big event in your life? Was it a gateway to the next level? Do you think you arrived here after years of work or was it random? Should we all see this as a goal for ourselves or a stepping stone to the next level? Or was the experience just a quick detour or momentary setback? Your post feels educational to me. It feels like a major stepping stone or breakthrough. Thanks
  5. Howdy. Is the muscle soreness during the trip or the next day? Is the fatigue during the trip or the next day? If it is during the trip, psychedelic's enhance feeling and perception. So if you had mild sprain or toothache, it might be unnoticeable in sober life. But during a trip it becomes a very strong feeling. You have hypervigilance or hyperacuity. If you are tired, maybe you should rest for 2 weeks prior, sleep well, avoid caffeine, sugar, and salt, etc. Prepare for the trip. But I do get dreamy or hypnotic when I trip. If it is after the trip, you were probably restless or wiggly during the trip. You were flexing and squeezing muscles. So they will be sore the next day. You will be tired the next day.
  6. Very strange. That is possibly stigmata. Jesus was not crucified through the hands as is depicted in mass media. The Romans crucified people a lot and they nailed people through the wrist so the the bones could support the weight of the body. The hands tear over time and the body falls off the cross.
  7. Is the glass half full or half empty. Meaningless life is freeing if you can see it that way. It is our dharma. Our duty. Our burden. All is Maya. All is illusion. So money and our job are part of the fun and the game and the lesson. Keep looking. Surrender. Accept. It’s beautiful.
  8. Thanks for sharing. No such thing as a bad trip. I have had similar trips to yours. You gotta go through the ringer or the crucible. You came out the other side having passed through the fire. You are lucky to know your flaws and your parents’ flaws. Knowing is half the battle. In the movies there is a jumper on the ledge and the cocky cop tells him to go ahead and jump using reverse psychology and the jumper backs off the ledge. We distract ourselves with suicide and a woe is me attitude. But now our real core challenge will arise which we were avoiding by focusing on suicide. So be prepared to do some work on yourself as new internal challenges arise. Always mourn for those who actually jump. The Greeks said the only way to live is to die before your death. So let your old self die and let your new self blossom. At its core you saw life is meaningless or the lasers. You can be sad about this or ambrace it optimistically. We are free. We have nothing to lose. It is a silly absurd surreal world so have fun and enjoy.
  9. The obstacle is not an obstacle. It is a lesson. It is your path or journey. The obstacle is the road forward. The obstacle is a blessing and a gift. Lean into it. It will transform and dissolve when you are ready.
  10. Hola I did not read the whole thread. But imagine when you die you go back in time and are reincarnated as people you met in this life. In fact, you will go back and be everyone on Earth. In fact there is no time and it all happens in the now. You will live each life and see yourself from different perspectives. So they are all you. It is all one. The monad. Brahman. The dao. You are god. Everyone is god. It is all maya. It is all illusion. So even your question and post here is illusion. Be yourself and love yourself and find yourself. The rest will fall into place. Google for funny spirituality memes.
  11. I never had clenching in my jaw except on MDMA. But all drugs give me a weird sensation in my throat, teeth, jaw, etc. I think my LSD is unpure or mixed with an upper or is an analogue.
  12. I never experienced any jaw issues on LSD. All drugs give me a little weirdness in my jaw or throat or teeth. Just a sensation. MDMA obviously causes clenching. I will add my own question. Can LSD cause restlessness, pacing, anxiety, high energy, etc? Most LSD gives me a little restlessness. But the most recent gel tabs I got give me way too much energy and alertness. Any advice or comments? Maybe it is an analogue? Thanks
  13. The math is intense. Trip twice a month. That is 24 times a year. It takes 13 years to get 300 trips and that is an intense 13 years Lol!
  14. It depends on physical phenomena. So we have 5 senses. You can expand the ranges of these 5 and see more of the spectrum or hear more of the spectrum. You can also get new senses like maybe a shark sensing electricity or a snake sensing heat. But these still might be considered "touch" or "feel." I suppose you could feel heat but also maybe see in infrared which would be vision. I have heard our recent detection of gravitational waves is the first time a human has sensed a new phenomena in the environment. Not that we sensed it with our body. We used instrumentation. The strange thing is the first cells on Earth had no knowledge of the world around them. They just floated around and replicated. When they got eyespots or light detectors or eyes they could suddenly access a quality of the universe. Then ears. Then touch. Then taste. All of this input was available in the cosmos but there was no organism detecting it. So you have to wonder what is surrounding us right now at this moment which we are currently unaware of. We just cannot sense it.
  15. Attend AA meetings. Listen to people. Be careful about self destruction. Go to 12 step meetings for codependency or narcotics or children of alcoholics etc.