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  1. He doesn't, my friend went to one of his free seminars for the memes. He's a legit scam artist charlatan, he just wants your money lol.
  2. The man with the highest recorded IQ currently, wrote some Advaita Vedanta type theory of existence. Also some very famous Western physicists in the past were fixated on Vedanta and wrote books about it. It seems more about a certain shift in the brain than any sort of intelligence, because drugs can induce apparent revelations that way in redneck hicks and whatever else. I doubt IQ makes a person more susceptible to that... Might be less, arguably, because a lot of higher IQ people are overthinkers and thus resistant to altered states of perception like hypnosis, meditation, etc. They can't quiet their mental activity.
  3. He's a literal con-artist liar and crook, I'm not sure why you're even watching the videos to begin with.
  4. There has to be at least something comprehended or the drug trips wouldn't have any affect at all, right? How could you smoke a drug and conclude you are God/limitless if there wasn't something which you understood that led to that conclusion?
  5. Extreme PTSD-like flashbacks. I would be trying to go to sleep then be hit by a hardcore flashback, and come back to and look around my bed for the pipe and drugs etc convinced that I had just done drugs, when actually I was sober. Thoughts about existence and death and other weird topics are in my mind 100x more often than sex, it's almost like OCD intrusive thoughts.
  6. I am experiencing the same thing, but I am only on year 3 since last psychedelic use. I thought I was entering those states by thinking really hard or somehow altering my perspective, but I think now that I was simply being re-dosed with the psychedelic drug, and there is no way to experience it via thinking OR by not thinking or whatever else. For the first year I would randomly cry at things, like I would cry at commercials about broccoli, just nonsense. That stopped now. I think in time "reactivations" will also stop. They are already very spaced out and uncommon. My memory is destroyed too. I sound like an idiot when I talk because I can't get spoken words out as easily, and can barely verbalize simple concepts.
  7. Everything is "Brahman", everything else is just name and form. E.g. a bronze statue is Brahman taking the form of "bronze statue", and so on. This of course includes yourself, and whatever other thing that exists.
  8. He is and watch it happen right now, you're reading these words as a voice, yet there's nobody else in the room with you. So whose voice do you suspect it is? Isn't it your own? It sounded fairly accurate of a post to me anyway.
  9. Yes people are just pictures and their words are just your own thoughts in your own mind like the thoughts you have to yourself alone in a room.
  10. Nah you aren't their thoughts you are your own thoughts too, there isn't anyone else to have thoughts. All other people are just images in your mind, including your own human avatar. Someone above said about Leo talking on video, and I think it is a good example. The video of Leo was recorded before you watch it, Leo is probably in bed asleep while you watch him talk on video. The image of him is just that, it's only an image on your computer screen. The sound isn't coming from the character it just looks like it is. Human beings are just images like on a computer screen on YouTube. They aren't actually living beings they're just moving pictures in your mind. You are the only sentient thing there is. Your human body or some other human body, these things are just moving pictures, they aren't real and aren't the source of any thought or feeling or anything else. When you speak to other people you aren't even speaking to yourself which makes it sound like there's a you in them hearing your words. Actually you are simply talking at a picture. Like pulling up an image of Homer Simpson on Google and talking to it. Nobody is listening, it's just a picture. Speaking to a picture of Homer Simpson is the same as speaking to a person. The person is only a picture. The words if they speak back are just your own thoughts in your own head. They're just a picture.
  11. I don't make myself talk, the sense of control is fake. My own thoughts just appear like dream people's words.
  12. Yes I'm sure I don't mean that. I mean forget sense organs and nervous systems etc they're make-believe. None of it is real. Someone speaking to you and your own thoughts in your own mind are just the same thing. There's no difference between you dreaming and a dream character talking to you (the character's words are just your own thoughts, the character isn't real) and a real person talking to you in the waking world. It's just your own thoughts and the image of a person speaking.
  13. No I'm saying the spoken word coming from a human's mouth is just your own thoughts in your own mind, the same as when you sit alone in a room and talk to yourself in your head. The same exact thing is happening. Literally zero difference. The visual of a human face is a distraction, people think the words are sounds coming from the human face. But the human face isn't a sentient person it's just like a cartoon character on your TV. They aren't sentient beings it's just moving pictures. The "sounds" coming from their mouth is just you alone having thoughts in your own mind, and imagining the visual image of a person speaking them while you have these thoughts. The "sound" isn't in actuality connected to the images, there's no relation between them. You can imagine someone you know's voice coming from a brick wall if you wanted. Obviously the brick wall isn't speaking and you would know that the voice you're imagining is your own thoughts in your own head. When the actual person speaks to you for real it's just that. Their voice is still your own thoughts in your own mind and not coming from the person. The person is just a dead picture like the brick wall. Not using riddles or double meanings or being metaphorical or symbolic etc. I'm trying to speak totally plainly. If you're thinking like "oh by no difference it's because nothing has distinctions" etc then you're reading too deep. I mean it as plain as possible.
  14. I'm on the same side of the spectrum. I mean that the thoughts you have in your head in private to yourself, is the exact same identical thing happening when another human being speaks to you out loud. Literally identical, the exact same thing is happening. It's just your own thoughts in your own head.