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  1. A Tofu Scramble Savory Oatmeal Chia pudding Beans on gluten-free toast Gluten-free Vegan Pancakes Not eating breakfast
  2. My question is what even is a good match between two people? What is a bad match? Can a bad match be solved with communication?
  3. I am a little bit obsessive when It comes to such things I need to admit. ? Actually I took a break from heavily pursuing my life purpose, in order to get my lifestyle in check. I've given myself 6 month to establish a baseline that will bring me lots of energy and health. In July I'll see which things from this lifestyle I'll be able to do and which will be too hard to do while being focused on my Life Purpose. This lifestyle here is an ideal version. Something to strive towards rather than a set in stone plan. However I am commited to make it work. @Michael569 I am very thankful for your input. ?
  4. @flowboy After I'd posted I've heard of the work of Valteri Longo, one of the leading scientist when it comes to research on centenarians & longevity. He suggest that 16 hour window isn't the most optimal. It's better to do starvation mimicing diet once every 3 months. IF actually increases your risk of Cardiovascular disease later in life, according to study. Here is a great podcast with him. My main reason for IF is the focus I can get for the first half of the day. It also helps me mentally when I am losing weight. For me it's like putting all your days hunger at the begining of the day, when it's easier to handle. I'll probably drop it after I'm done with a cut. When It comes to how it makes me feel this lifestyle is great. I get little to no bloating or other discomforts. I have great energy levels throughout the day. I only need coffee in the afternoon, when I have really draining days. Food is 6/10, but It could be worse and I treat it more as a fuel. I definately don't have to force feed myself. The best part is that meals are super quick to make and I feel light after eating them. I walk to my work and It takes me the same amount of time It would take me to drive, so steps are a byproduct, so to speak. I'd rate my overall wellness at 8/10. I'll definately work on those curtains and I don't keep any LED in my bedroom.
  5. Could you give examples of such optimizations? I want to have things on my radar, even if it'll be a while before I can implement on them. I definately know that at certain point I'll have to buy all organic produce, as I don't have the means or aviability where I live.
  6. @Devin So You are saying that 20 minute 3 times a week would be enough? I will try to incorporate it then on the days that I don't go to the gym, some time in the future. Thank You
  7. If I were to add Yoga for example, how many times a week I'd have to do this? Would this be a replacement for stretching after workout or something different?
  8. I was thinking of doing boxing HIIT. I will definately stock up on Sauerkraut and work it into my diet.
  9. I purposely left it out of the lifestyle, because I wanted it to be judged mainly on nutrition & fitness merit, hence posting it in Nutrition and not in Self-Development. But I will be including meditation in June, and shadow work in the next few years.
  10. I want to get the most criticism I can. What are my potential pitfalls in this lifestyle? What could I be doing better or what should I change? Nutrition: - I follow a whole food gluten- & soy-free plant-based diet, due to ethical reasons. - Carbs:Protein:Fat = around 5:3:1 - Fiber = 86g a day - The only exception are: - Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Canola Oil (Maximum amount for both: 30g a day) - Rice Protein Powder & Pea Protein Powder (50g of each a day) - I get around 0.9 g of protein per pound of Lean Muscle Mass - Main sources of protein are legumes and lentils. - I hit every default micronutrient requirement on Cronometer - I don't go into red on any micronutrient. - Omega-3 to Omega-6 ratio: 1:3.3 - The only exception is Vitamin D, which I get from sunlight. - I do 16 hour Intermittent Fasting every day - I start eating at 1 p.m. - I finish eating at 9 p.m. - Every month I will do a 36 hour fast during a stressful time. - Around 3 times a week I eat at restaurants - There I chose vegan options when possible - When not possible I go for meat rather than dairy & eggs (meat seems more ethical to me than dairy & eggs) - I drink: - at least 8 glasses of water a day - 1 to 2 servings of black coffee from freshly ground beans - I drink green tea from dried leaves around 2 times a week. - Diet Soda once a month, when I go to Cinema. - At parties (around 2 times a month) I drink Red Wine or Vodka - Maximum Red Wine amount: 6 glasses - Maximum Vodka amount: 7 shots - I never go beyond that and usually stay around 3-4 servings of alcohol - I don't take any supplements Fitness: - I do at least 8,000 steps a day outside - 2,000 - inside the buildings - 6,000 - outside <- this is where I get my sunlight exposure - I often get more than that, my monthly average is somewhere around 10,000 steps - I do full body weight lifitng sessions 3 times a week. - Starting with functional lifts ending with isolated movements. - 1st - Pull Emphasis, 2nd - Push Emphasis & 3rd - Leg Emphasis - Before every session I do 8 minutes of warm-up, which is running - My heart rate there is around 155. - Starting from April I will also stretch after every workout - Starting from April I will do 1 HIIT session, every 7-10 days. Others: - My stress levels are usually low to medium, with ocassional periods of high stress - I sleep for around 7.5 hours daily. - I wake up briefly 2-3 times a night, due to my partner. - There is a lamp close to my window, therefore I don't get complete darkness at night. But it's mostly dark.
  11. @DieFree Yes, it's a great place to start in my opinion. After reading most of the recommended books from the course and doing the course. It's a great place to start, if you don't know where to start. It gives you a direction and makes you start moving, but where it will lead you still depends on you
  12. About 3 months ago I finished Leo's Ultimate Life Purpose Course Here is how my purpose changed after I started to actualize it: Life Purpose: - I create cool visuals, that ignite passion -> I design remarkable products, which ispire deep love Zone of genius: - thinking analytically and creatively -> stayed the same Mastery: - Drawing -> stayed the same Ideal Medium: - Comicbooks -> Product & UX Design As I started to actually do my life purpose I realized that I don't really love to create comic books. My mind started to naturally gravitate more towards design rather than comic books. I've became more fascinated with the proces of contemplating what a well designed and remarkable product should look like. I know that Leo says this in the course that this can happen. I just wanted to post my example, that you will naturally align with your life purpose, but you have to start doing something.
  13. @Jannes What if I want to build muscle, what's the most optimal way then?
  14. Here is my workout regime, I usually add an ab exercise at the end Workout 1: Full Body (pull emphasis) Barbell row 3x6-8 Lat pulldown 3x8-10 Incline dumbbell bench press 3x8-10 Walking dumbbell lunge 3x8-10 Facepulls 3x12-15 Dumbbell bicep curl 3x10-12 Workout 2: Full Body (push emphasis) Bench Press 4x4-6 Overhead press 4x6-8 Chest-supported dumbbell row 3x8-10 Leg press 3x10-12 Lying leg curl 3x10-12 Lateral raise 3x10-12 Rope pushdown 3x10-12 Workout 3: Full Body (leg emphasis) Squat 4x4-6 Romanian deadlift 4x6-8 Bench press 3x8-10 Seated cable row 3x8-10 Seated dumbbell shoulder press 3x8-10 Barbell curl 3x12-15 Skull crushers 3x12-15
  15. My deficit is about 500 kcal. I have about 28% bodyfat. I do weight lifting 3 times a week full body, with 1 day of push emphasis, 1 day of pull emphasis & 1 day leg emphasis. I've been training on-and-off for about 1.5 years, however not very optimally. I sleep everyday for about 7 hours. Stress depends on the time, due to me being a university student. I've been doing this for about 4 weeks and I've lost around 4kg of weight.