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  1. Oh, so can you already transform into an immortal extraterrestrial being without passing through the death barrier?
  2. I'm talking about the forgotten Ancient Egypt techniques to regain powers that would let you experience something beyond our existence. The energy resides in everything around you. We are all going to experience each others lives, our world and the whole subsequent sacrificial system grew up around these two ideas (Heaven and Hell both being tied to false beliefs). The suppression of reality started years ago as a result of evolution which only leads to more decimation so the truth will be forgotten... Political and religious dogma..the new world order is about to come and we are all doomed.
  3. @amanen The supression of reality exhibits redeeming intuition to new sphere dogma. Releasing the energy that is being held by your third eye helps you regain the forgotten ability to remorse fear and mortality. -HeavensGate