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  1. The thing with this is that you start it as a method - you take yourself to be this point and from that perspective you look at all these different things and keep dropping them. When you do this enough, soon this point that you take yourself to be, will have nothing to sustain itself - that point exists only thanks to all these things that it relates itself to (and you just dropped all of them). In that moment, you will have to let go of the point itself you take yourself to be. There is the Realization. There you discover Pure Mind. Of course, this is just one aspect to Realizing yourself. Work on it, if that's what you feel called to do now, but remember, that True Surrender will ultimately require that you drop even that self, which chooses which method to use, which practice, which aspect to discover next. Enjoy
  2. I'd like to speak more about how Consciousness (or rather the Keys of Consciousness) are passed on. Look at it like this, if there is a being that is locked in an egoic structure, and that being meets another, which is free of these structures, something can happen. These two can lean against each other, and the transmission can Take Place. Some kind of a contrast will start being presented - it can happen one of them saying something to each other, it can be purely energetic... but at its very Core, it is a direct Awakening of the Being. The spark is Lit - even if the personality still holds strong - the Seed was Sown and became consious of itself (however deep down).
  3. @UpperMaster hi! Quite a thing you trapped yourself in. The thing is, you actually didn't trap yourself. It's a riddle you're playing on yourself. + You made it an impossible riddle, so you are going in circles. The 'escape' Key is to start Enjoying it. Enjoy the confusion. It's the only Sane way to live. And I can tell you - once, instead of hating on it and trying to get rid of it, you Enjoyed it to its Fullest... it's gone. Enjoy ☺️ V
  4. The interesting thing about these Keys is that the individual that recieves them might not be even accepting them or understanding on the level of personality, but they are still Coming In. Even in the most stubborn and seemingly asleep individuals, when they are exposed to the Keys, the Seed has been Planted (however deep down). And that is because Truth speaks to Truth. Being speaks to Being. Nothing the personality can do about it. Awakening is completely beyond it and its influence.
  5. @ivankiss Relax. It's beautiful that there is such attraction between you, but learn to let go. Obviously, there will be a lot of fear. You will probably be afraid of disapointing her, she will be afraid of disapointing you. There will be the question - 'who are we toghether without sex?'. There might be the thing you are describing - 'oh no, it's so good and it's gonna end soon so I gotta get as much as possible' (aka. percieveing a universe in which there is 'shortage'). The question really is - are you devoted to perpetuating pleasure? - if so, go find a clever trick. But if you are devoted to your BEing's Evolution - start seeing that there must be a natural 'living and dying', 'allowing pleasure in, letting it go'.
  6. @Harman Yeah. The nothing and darkness is a perspective you are experiencing. The new Level of Being is not it. Rather, the darkness and the nothing is how your old identity relates to the fact, that you as Being are already deeper. The Being itself is just Being. Relax, not just the body, but everything. Your mind, your perception... all of it. Just let the whole freaking out about the 'nothing and darkness' go, and then you'll be in a position to let go of the 'nothing and darkness' itself. Come Home
  7. Really, fighting anger is no good. It is energy coming up, and then it is labeled as anger, conceptualized as "bad" and then the old 'I' creates a tension in the system around it. And so the energy gets to loop endlessly. It doesn't have to be this way. Emotions can be liberated. Clear feeling and recognizing our tricks of identification in the emotional system. Good luck, patience, all is well
  8. + the way it works is that a new Level of Being opens up... the old self, separate self, is still there. But now, it is clearly Seen to be empty. You simply have to catch up with your identity to your Realization. Surrender the bits of the separate self that are feeling useless, and really - are already dying. Don't run in circles sustaining that self in some mindless activity. Stop and give the self back to God.
  9. @playdoh hey man. "Life is shit, and I won't stand it anymore!!! " Somewhere down there is an identification. The sense that 'you can't get rid of the anger' is it. The frustration with that DAMN FUCKING ANGER!!!! is it. Loosen up. Get curious. How is it even possible that you believe, and maybe even more importantly feel, that you can't fully be with the emotion without being, as if attached to it? Interesting. Get to the bottom of this riddle.
  10. @Harman actually, depression is not an issue. Don't buy into it. By that I mean, don't buy into that set of feelings, states and thoughts being some sort of solid "thing" and then being "wrong". Simply go with it. Trust Life ❤️✋
  11. The Guru is Realized and allows you to Directly Download the Keys to your own Realization from them.
  12. @integral hey. Fantasies are beautiful. It seems to me that they are something to be played out. Some of our conditioning and tendencies go by expression. If there is Integrity in the relationship, these fantasies will come up perfectly in both partners, so that there is not one enjoying and another just doing it as a chore... Oh God... When they are played out, at some point they come to a natural end. At that moment the thing is to let them go. What is Pure Sex? There is no such 'object'. Pure Sex is that sex, which is done in Integrity. However it looks at a given moment. Much Fun and Pleasure ?
  13. @SQAAD hey. Well, wouldn't there be more honesty in simply saying - "I wanna fuck 'em"? Really, anything in life that is 'something' to us, there is some forsaken part of us behind it. Find it, be honest about it, look at that shadow. Best V
  14. Lol, what's more important than sex?
  15. @integral God, that guy sitting there (in the video) - that's pure abuse and he's letting it. I was once in a similar situation, where a woman started saying how all men are pigs... or something similar. I had to object - "wtf! I'm a man!" Right off, she attacked me with a ... "What! You're not a feminist!?" It took a good while to explain to her that yes, I am a feminist, but I am also a masculinist. I love both men and women. I really don't see how one can be without the other. They imply each other. I am a man, because there are women here. They are women, because I am a man. I owe them my Masculinity. They owe me their Femininity. The moment we start denying the other sex, we've denied ourselves. How much pain in our culture and collective consciousness because of this! Let's stop this non-sences and heal the M*F split. Let's be Whole.
  16. Hey!!! I want to speak about learning from others. In particular, recieving these Pure Transmissions. I know that here, in this community, these Shaktipat and similar transmissions are known. That's not necceserily what I'm speaking about. What I'm speaking about is when an individual allows their Unique Being to shine through their lives and the gifts that arrive are literally and directly that Being touching everything. How does this happen? First, the individual has to gain access to their Being through the particular avenue that they later will share Keys to (say the sexuality). Then, that Opening/Realization has to be linked to the throat/speech and be Given Out. This is obviously not a linear, mind-driven process. It's pure Inspiration and Creativity at work. Hey!... you .... I invite you to allow this to take place for you. Allow your True Gifts to come forth.
  17. @Space Hi man! This is not actually a 'you vs AI' problem. This is, above all, a problem with believing in scarcity. A collapsed mind, not an Inspired mind. And it's fine that your fantasies were destroyed and you feel depressed. This is what actually forces you to drop even deeper into your own Self. Life is not stupid, there is some evolutionary potential to what you are going through. Find it.
  18. @UpperMaster Hi UP. Start tracking what happens energetically(on a sensory level) as you think about the issue, as you masturbate, after masturbation... Be patient and compassionate with yourself. Keep brining consciousness to the energetic patterns that are causing it. Purifying the sexual energy is no small task, but when you do... there you discover yourself as Pure Passion.
  19. @onacloudynight hey, dropping the split of Masculine*Feminine