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  1. Yeah voila like for example i believe looks and money definitely does not matter but height does
  2. Relationship with my parents is okay, but my father is never around, only raised by my mother, why?
  3. Damn, I want to create a video game too. I have so much creativity to unleash. The issue is the process of making the game; game development is too hard, and I don't have the money. It's frustrating. Anyway, I hope Leo's game will not be a 2D game lol
  4. Okay, where should I start? What should I read?
  5. No why do you like this guy? Everything that he teaches is nonsense and doesn’t work visualization, manifestation, or even like the secret it’s all garbage Anyone who’s a 14 year old boy has visualized what they wanted to do with their crush and guess what? For most of us It didn’t happen They where 6 millions jews in holocaust campus they visualize getting free and guess what? didn’t work so well!! Visualization by itself is useless this is why the book Think and Grow Rich is garbage, it should have been called Do and Grow Rich there’s a huge difference You’re not gonna make money by just sitting there in your couch visualizing be there « um i’m gonna make money » that’s not reality Also, I don't like his concepts about sexual transmutation. He talks about it like it's some secret magical thing for men to succeed, and he makes it unnecessarily difficult to understand. I don't get why he does that. He could have simply said, « All you have to do is refrain from masturbating and engage in productive activities instead. That’s what sexual transmutation is » That’s it. He just complicates it, and honestly, even that it's all nonsense I’d rather watch Youtube videos and do mental masturbation rather than reading self help books
  6. Well, right now I can't focus on my life purpose, my mind is completely obsessed with girls. My plan is to first get a girlfriend and experience a romantic relationship and then once I've had that need fulfilled, I'll be able to get back on track with my life purpose Yeah, I've been planing about starting day game soon. The only issue is that I still have some inner resistance when it comes to approaching girls, especially if they're taller than me. But I've come up with a simple solution - I'll focus on approaching girls who are my height or shorter. THAT'S IT. That way, it'll be easier for me. Also, I don't know how people do it to approach girls on streets I personally can't, I'll only do it on malls, parks those environments are more relaxed and socially acceptable and that's where I feel the most comfortable with
  7. I don't read books and I don't like Napoleon Hill so don't worry
  8. Yeah, it's probably this tbh, but I just can't stop man Absolutely, especially when it comes to black pillers and incels. A lot of what they claim, particularly about looks, money, and their overall mindset and way of thinking, is total nonsense It's all just a bunch of BS
  9. Pretty much the title, most of my free time I'm bored I do nothing else than consume Incel, red pill, black pill or just even self-improvement in general etc I'm constantly bored and to be honest I think self-improvement ruined my life, ever since I came into this thing I lost passion in life for everything anime, movies, video games, friends, social media, etc
  10. Damn I wish my amygdala was removed, it would've been a lot easier
  11. But the problem also is I don't go outside that much, there's nothing to do I'm bored and the weather here sucks