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  1. Frameworks are being developed. We are truly at a crossroads with these medicines. I work for M.A.P.S Canada and if you would like to directly support psychedelic science please visit
  2. Ya. I wonder the same thing. I remember Leo saying he was part of the pick-up community for a long time. I think thats maybe why Trip appealed to him at the time. Idk.
  3. Saw this when he released it I find is a little odd how this is the only interview he has done on his channel... Let alone the only co-operative video. I think it would be nice to see Leo engage in conversations with people and give us a glimpse into his actual lifestyle. Maybe thats just not his style but I think its important for a life coach to share his or her life in action! Black back-ground Leo gets a little boring after a while but maybe thats just me
  4. For a while I thought that I had to do my best to identify my beliefs and 'transcend' them; eliminate them in a sense. I feel that a lot of spiritual teachings can make this come across as a primary goal... Ultimately, I think it is fairly ignorant to believe that it is possible not to believe in anything. Belief systems are incredibly illusory and it is very important to recognize one's beliefs and develop a more unfiltered awareness... however, beliefs are important. I agree with with Extreme27 in a way. Every person can reach personal truths. I think this is at the core of Personal Development. Realizing who you truly are (the nature of self) and what aspects of your experience are genuine. But these will all be unique to everyone. What are your thoughts? When it comes to spirituality and enlightenment work I feel like to be a functional member of society and a great friend, among a few of the roles we all play, you can't be a yogi. I feel a lot of spirituality is based off the experience of individuals who dedicated their entire lives or their career to silencing their minds and pursuing "God". So when people say things like beliefs are not necessary, and you can completely silence your mind for the majority of your experience, I just can not accommodate that. Maybe I am currently clouding myself with a certain belief that makes me think this, but idk, I feel like I always come back to this... 1.) People who are moderately to very wealthy 2.) People who have access to information technology 3.) People who are situated higher up on Maslow's hierarchy 4.) Individuals who make a living teaching spirituality to others; spiritual teachers Assuming spirituality does not really have an end, as you can always learn more and give and receive additional context to truths of your experience, arn't these the only types of people who can reach the deepest truths of the spiritual path? Sorry this kind of turned into a rant, but I just wanna get my thoughts out there. I don't know much so please enlighten me thats why I'm here...
  5. I am not at all stating that the two are identical. I am just arguing that there is a relationship between the two. Do you not agree that an incredibly important aspect of the spiritual path is recognizing limiting beliefs that you may have, and then transcending them?
  6. Ya, I would definitely say there is a relationship between psychedelic drugs and enlightenment. From my experience, psychedelics seem to promote the development and continual upkeep of specific mechanisms of thought that, with increasing clarity and organization over time, dismantle superficial aspects of culture and society (especially regarding media and institution), as well as superficial and subconscious belief systems of one’s own mind. Mechanisms of thought that actually criticize mechanisms of thought and inhibit the formation of belief systems. This aspect of psychedelic is use is something I call the P.I.T.S... Psychedelic Induced Truth Syndrome haha I guess thats what it comes down to... Do psychedelics give us a glimpse of the truth? I believe they do. I think they are a tool, just like how in a way, albeit a completely misguided way, religions point to the truth of being, I would argue that psychedelics point to the truth of our being as well. They quite possibly provide the most potent form of experience we as humans have access to. What do you guys think?
  7. I feel that the spiritual path is welcoming for anxious individuals. So much so that the majority of people who find spirituality help them, were at the time of discovering it, going through some sort of anxiety. What do you guys think? If this is so, then couldn't the pool of spiritual knowledge be greatly fed from anxious beliefs systems? I just can't help but feel that spirituality often seems like an escape for the anxious individual. What are your thoughts?
  8. The thing is, for Leo to be able to truthfully explain anything about psychedelics, he would have to have tried it. So if he has not tried them, we're basically asking him to take an illegal substance which is a little iffy.
  9. I just finished reading the book Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking by Susan Cain. Super insightful read with a lot of scientific research and context to back up the High Sensitivity theory... I believe myself to be on that spectrum