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  1. @Leo Gura You have to love yourself 100% to know that. Are you?
  2. @Sarah_Flagg Central Time Zone UTC-06:00 Thank you, again:)
  3. I'm doing lot of self inquiry lately(self love).It helps a lot but I watched one of true scone nature video, in that video he talks about how self love is more important than enlightment. So once we fully love our self we don't need enlightment ?!? Is it true ?
  4. @Sarah_Flagg I'm intested! Thank you:)
  5. @The Son Because in the end he said if you had too many partners your body will get confused of all kind of memory and it would be treally hard to be happy.
  6. I watched this video about break up that I am going through. He saying break ups are bad for you because when you leave your partner you actually killed your part of the body. Body is full of space that once you be with someone for longtime it catches the memories and never leaves. So once you be with so many people then your body gets confused and become very hard to be happy.
  7. So I'm going through break up I watched Sadhguru's video and I'm thinking about going back.please help how true is that?!?!
  8. @gian Thank you! I was getting confused about all this channels. Guess everybody has different kind of approach to happiness or fulfillment or whatever you want to call it. We have to figure out our own way.
  9. @Argue Technically speaking everybody knows that. If you want something you have to work for it. There is no secret on that. 6 year kid could have said that haha..[ Not hating on Tai Lopez though]. It is the trap that we fall into it that we got to watch out. What is right and what is wrong to work hard for it. That's the part which is Hard[some people] to figure out. Thank you:)
  10. Thank you! That's what I was talking about. But who knows what his inner situation could be. He is saying he is fulfilled but nobody could major that.
  11. Nobody claiming anything about Tai Lopez that he is bad or good or he is wasting time or productive. I was asking for help to figure out his point of view. How is he looking at thing saying self help is not helpful, that's all. Is he really saying self help has very little part in life & mostly is training?
  12. @Richard Alpert I meant in the sense of advise about living life and stuff. Whenever I watch him I feel like I want to quite the self help, just work hard.
  13. Sometime I think I waste too much time on self help but not doing anything. Logically thinking Actions would beat self help. I know self help change me for better but i spend alot of time talking about than doing it. So can some one please share their thought if they are in the same situation. Also please someone tell me how legit is Tai Lopez? Is he really saying self help waste of time or what his intentions?