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  1. Currently, I'm 19 and have noticed a number of major changes in my personality traits over the past 2 years. But more recently when discussing controversial topics it appears that I no longer feel as if I can bother to argue points across in such a way that I feel I know what's true so others opinions hold little meaning regardless, or perhaps this is just an evolving ego as I'm not surrendering to others opinions? What are your thoughts on this?
  2. Yea admittedly when I was typing this it seemed that it had more to do with sentience than consciousness. I could be wrong but I think if technology is to become conciouss, it would have to be sentient and therefore achieving sentient AI would be a relatively major milestone on the road to creating AI consciousness if it's possible.
  3. The major is certainly somewhat related to the topic, i major in mechatronics and learn somewhat about this too. Although I personally found learning basic psychology very useful in making and understanding the comparison between humans and computers. But moreover, I don't think AI has quite achieved consciousness yet. Although currently people are trying to create ways in which idk if it's the AI, computer or what it is that could do this but technology that could program itself in ways in which it could adapt to sensory input, as I'm sure you're aware AI at the moment isn't technically conscious, it's just performing preset outputs regardless of the input. But if you have technology that could create its own output and code, then you are closer to true conscious AI. Which is what a friend of mine studying electronics told me after having lectures on AI by researchers on this topic at his uni (Technical University of Eindhoven) Although I personally still see issues with this as being truly conscious as no matter what we create it's still from our own ideas and vision like it's a designed tailored product from a human, and will only react and be aware and conscious of what we allow it to be and give it. It's consciousness that we could ever give it will be what we think and can interpret it as and can get it as close as possible to what we think it is without truly achieving it. Like fake consciousness that's not really consciousness, even if we had the total understanding of consciousness I still believe this would stand true just from my understanding of how current engineering is and will probably always be. You will never get something to run the perfect way in practice, only in theory and I think that will stand true for artificial conciousness. I mean AI's consciousness is kind of screwed from the beginning, both its output and input would just be artificial senses and reactions replicated in what people think suits it best by practical means combined with never being able to achieve true consciousness anyway. Sorry if I don't get this message across very well it's hard for me to explain what I mean on such a complex topic.
  4. This is a bit hypocritical but i do this every weekend somewhat, its best to try and not to, everyone i know that did this heavily regrets it and gets held back somewhat at this stage and age in life for a while. Personally for me i don't drink much anymore as alcohol is neurotoxic (although not to be confused with it actually killing neurons) I rather just consume weed edibles there's very few side effects for me as I have no serious mental illness predispositions and its healthier than smoking and is non-neurotoxic and isn't taxing on the liver and even has a few benefits although I'm sure you are aware of this anyway (im not condoning the use of any drugs btw this is just what i do). Personally the best advice i would give albeit im only 1 year older and you're probably starting college or uni this year is that even though not all drugs are damaging, the way in which you spend your time during these years of education can be and its really not worth being set back because instead of studying and working you've been getting intoxicated you're not being educated which has its own consequences. Also i strongly advise doing your own research on the substances that you take before you take them, not all substances are equal and some are pretty damaging, idc what people think of what i do, i know what im doing and im confident in it, take responsibility in the same way if you don't already. This channel provides well balanced non-biased info on the substances you might come across, but even so do your own research on what you take on top of it, it's best to be confident in what you use and not just go off widows tales and hearsay.
  5. I'm 19 and on a pretty intensive major at my university studying for a B.Sc in Mechatronics so naturally, i don't get as much free time currently as most people and i feel that to me personally despite what people tell me " your young you should be having the time of your life and etc." i currently see this as a higher priority, relationships and everything else second. The thing is everyone finds it a big deal how I'm still a virgin and don't have as large of a desire to go out and get a girlfriend, have sex and etc, i mean i don't have problems in doing it, I've brought girls around mine and theirs numerous times who I've been asked out by more than ever at this point in my life but it just seems like so much work just for a few minutes of pleasure that I have to constantly maintain and 9/10 to someone i can only artificially relate to. I've had people tell me they think I have low testosterone even though doctors seriously doubted it especially due to the fact that i have a pretty muscular build from going to the gym and I don't have libido problems, people tell me they think I'm gay or asexual when i really doubt that and idk what's wrong. I don't think anything is wrong at all i feel content with myself and have my priorities right I just think everyone else that tells me this is insecure on some level. But it has only occurred to me now that perhaps if so many people are telling me such things perhaps i should seek advice. In terms of am i actually missing out on something truly amazing? I mean I've never had a truly serious relationship just lots of petty ones, and i certainly dont come across awkwardly or socially inept, i just think i have little more to grow from it. But tbh i don't think ive found anyone with the right personality to be with me (even though i know only a couple that would be and im pretty sure they dont want the same). The way I feel about relationships at my age just seem like a waste of time, just sucking up time and money, and just giving you drama literally just for sex and a girl that you only end up getting sick and annoyed of any way which just seems to end in a trainwreck. Like the input compared to the return in value just seems like a shit deal in every way. Sorry about such a long winded personal mindfuck of a question, i don't think i fully understand this myself and dont know how to.But the number of remarks about his attitude and behaviour has led me to question myself, i don't know how to find the answers to this but in general, i feel fine. It's like being lost but being completely content about it.
  6. Well, typically maths is used to measure precision so the two go hand in hand.
  7. I'm British but I live 30 mins from Germany in the Netherlands
  8. who said Aliens have to be superhuman telepathic technologically advanced beings? I'm assuming the vast majority of alien life out there will be life forms not incredibly dissimilar to animals on earth in how they behave but might look different.
  9. Thanks for the advice, I think it will be a great learning opportunity for me. I have actually tried some of what has been mentioned, I actually told the student Dean about it because this teacher is actually my mentor for the first year students, and he told me to tell the Exam committee who recently have been getting done for not actually abiding the law in terms of their OER Regulations for their courses. As well as they blamed me for circumstances of my control when I brought it up about 1 exam and are just as bad as him. So I asked about a member of the Student union taking it ahead to the dean anonymously since they may have more authority than me and also because of its affecting everyone else. But unbelievably the student union isn't allowed to take up issues that affect other students so I don't really understand what they are used for. I have already been given firm offers from other universities to transfer to the 1st year (as I'm currently doing year 0 which is foundational and not exactly required by all uni's). So in layman's terms, my grades for the next 4 months don't matter, the other uni's aren't interested but I'm staying on still to learn what I can with my time here. So I think it would be good for me to spend time on learning how to grow from this issue I'm almost forced to face for the next 4 months. I did actually talk to this teacher about the issues I was having with the course and the exam committee and etc, and basically all he did was say that maybe the course isn't for me and that I should do something else and that he asked me if he could leave because he said he wants to go home and have dinner. So in order to grow from this, I just have to try and love him unconditionally? As in being happy for him no matter what and putting myself in his position?
  10. (Sorry if this doesn't class as self-actualisation, I didn't know where else to put this topic). So at my university, one of my teachers is incredibly passive aggressive towards myself and other students, when he's talking to other teachers he's a normal person but when talking to myself and other students he's incredibly passive aggressive and it treats us like we're retarded. Especially against me because i had issues with the course that i raised because no one else would and he in layman's terms tries to mock me indirectly all of the time and I'm getting pretty sick of it and I really don't know what else to do or how to react to these sorts of people, especially towards my own teachers when they come at you with stuff it's a bit difficult because otherwise, I could just ignore it and not have to react to it. In all honesty, it does feel like bullying and the other students do seem to react to it in that way, some avoid going to that class and others that are in the class don't ask questions because if they do they get mocked. Any advice is most appreciated.
  11. I'm a first-year student studying mechatronics in the Netherlands and basically they decided to put me on the foundation year (or year zero) when I applied, i did enough to remain on the course for next year but given a very large number of personal circumstances (I mean I've never had to deal with so much bullshit in my life before since last summer with more to come). I've decided to transfer to a university in my own country in the UK to study the same subject where nearly all universities I applied to said I didn't need to do this foundational year and regardless of my grades here in the Netherlands I'm still going onto the next year. But now I'm at the end of the 3rd quarter of the course and since getting the offers I basically focused on sorting out future loans, grants, accommodation, CV's etc etc the past month, and I hadn't studied much and now since the offers came through I've basically been slacking off, playing games and skipping some classes. (Although I haven't had an actual break since Christmas and even then I was studying through half the holiday). Although I actually intended and still intend to remain here until the end of the course whether I pass here or not just to learn so that next year will be easier for me, opposed to just being at home playing games and watching youtube videos, or shelf stacking for £5 and hour and basically doing nothing for the next 7 months.
  12. Thanks for the advice, I guess the only way to know is to experience it for myself and go through it and hopefully grow from it instead of avoiding it.
  13. Is it possible to maintain a healthy relationship at university? I'm a 1st year undergraduate on an incredibly demanding and relatively challenging full time Mechatronics BSc, and I wanna have a relationship since I've never had a real/serious relationship before and I've just turned 19 and feel as if I'm missing out/have missed out on something. Although I often go out and with girls and do stuff but I don't think its quite the same as an actual relationship. But then again from what everyone seems to tell me relationships seem to be a lot of drama or a trainwreck waiting to happen and I really don't have time for drama as I have enough on my mind, and don't have much time for potential extra responsibilities. And it's kind of putting me off although I want one. I just need some advice on whether or not it's possible to maintain a healthy relationship whilst at university on a demanding course, I've been told the first year is generally the toughest so maybe it's possible after the first year? I don't know what's your thoughts and advice???
  14. Yea you can do it anywhere, I got with a girl yesterday at the park and I turned 19 on Tuesday even. Bars and clubs are the most ideal places there though because you know that most of the girls there are looking for guys anyway, even though it doesn't always seem like it because they huddle together with their girl friends a lot of the time. Tbh im from Europe and here you can get into bars and clubs at 18 but i heard in the US you have to be 21. Watch some RSD videos on youtube, they teach you how to be a man, how to understand women better, how to act, etc etc and implement it, it really does work.
  15. Man just go up and talk to her, just walk up to her and say they look bored or if she's ok, or what's the subject it seems really interesting. It sounds crazy but it works for me, just bring yourself in a convocation with her. And if you get ignored or rejected then simply walk away, it takes balls to do it but you will grow from it and that will make you seem more manly and attractive by building confidence in the eyes of other females and more alpha in front of men that don't have the balls to do it. I don't think it wold be a good idea personally to just talk to her and say I saw you looking at me across the room it might come off as weird. But anyway try to introduce yourself and engage with her. Don't focus on the girl and what to say just enjoy the moment and how you'll grow even more as a man from it. Girls can sense when a mans staging it or not confident. You have nothing to lose only shit to gain