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  1. Cannot help in any way but it reminds me of this
  2. I was raised more or less "Christian". Then I rejected it when I got more into spirituality. But then I reconnected with it and saw the truth in it mainly through listening to Adyashanti's audiobook "Resurrecting Jesus" and others like Leonard Jacobson, Bernadette Roberts or Meister Eckhart. It really helps to appreciate the christian approach and to clear up confusion around it.
  3. First question would be: what's the machine?
  4. Sounds good in theory but often - imo - it is unconscious patterns that somehow draws people towards each other (aka "pain body" in Eckhart Tolle's terms) rather than "love", especially if it is just about sex.
  5. I guess that this is the wrong place to ask a "how to" because it implies that others here know better or are more advanced than you. That is not the case imo. I'd rather find a genuine teacher than asking the forum here.
  6. Did she ask you for advice or is she like three years old or something that you somehow have to guide her?
  7. was exactly what I thought about as well when reading the thread title.
  8. Try a relationship. Much more interesting than casual things with women. I guess, every healthy man would be bored after a while with "relationships" primarily based on sex.
  9. @Girzo so sitting on a butt is not enough results or what?
  10. Since when are there supposed to be results with meditation?
  11. Breaking news: you are not in control what she feels or thinks. So if asking her out feels "off" you're either too shy or she is not interested or ambivalent.
  12. No, but I have been to several retreats with Adyashanti in Europe. Highly recommended.