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  1. Why would Pi be yellow? I mean, yellow would mean also "transrational"?
  2. I guess "Peaceful Warrior" is about a meeting of a yellow dude as the gas station and an orange athlete.
  3. There are certain byproducts to "Enlightenment". For example one cannot be "enlightened" and not be aware also during deep (dreamless) sleep.
  4. Byron Katie has a spiritual practice...
  5. The Enneagram is a really good mirror. Underestimated tool for "Shadow Work".
  6. Where are you from? (Maybe people here know people that can help in situations like that)
  7. He sees "I Am" (aka "consciousness") - at least in my interpretation - more like a spectrum on which "transcendental consciousness", "cosmic consciousness" ("self realization"), "god consciousness" and "unity consciousness" happen. He spoke a lot about what is beyond "consciousness".
  8. Because you are referring to him / his map quite a bit in your posts, so I wondered in what kind of relationship with him you are.
  9. Because you use a different map. For example, if you use Nisargadatta as a map "self realization" and even "unity consciousness" is still "I Am" for him.
  10. don't know anything about him but I saw him making videos with Eli Jaxon-Bear and even narrates the Papaji-audio-book. So, massive props to him, that he brings that kind of teaching to that many people.
  11. Did you get feedback from Jan Esmann directly that you are "self realized"?
  12. I would do something with someone that knows about trauma. Approaches like TRE, NARM, Somatic Experiencing or a Hypnotherapist who knows about trauma. Things can have different origins and can be dealt on different levels. For example if something traumatic comes up during meditation and overwhelmes you to a degree that you cannot just experience it... trauma work could help imo. Except it's really just a "dark night", then it might not help or just a little bit.
  13. But even if you have some "direct" experience. Cannot an "external map" serve as a mirror to see your own blind spots? For example the Enneagram would also be "external", but as a map / mirror to show one's blindspots it is unmatched imo. But it also takes courage, just as getting feedback from teachers does.