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  1. 2 hours ago, Breakingthewall said:

    You could say that reality has a a vitality, a happy, lively, quality. It also has a dark, crushing, terrible, desperate quality. If you mix them, and get to the bottom, to the base of reality, reality smiles, but this smile can take on many faces. I wouldn't call this smile love, I would call it freedom.

    Yes. Love is freedom and its contrasts are freedom as well, if there is acceptance. 

  2. 3 hours ago, Someone here said:

    Tbh I'm  lazy and lame..I dont want to take action because its pain in the ass .I would rather die than suffer through the tremendous amount of work that it takes to achieve my goals

    It's not work, it's play. By the way...it's been nice playing with you here. I get you :). If you had a million dollars MAYBE you wouldn't be here, since you love being here and this whole process, you still cant manifest your "fortune". You love this more than your millions.

  3. 2 hours ago, Someone here said:

    What magical powers ?I don't have the power to materialise a penny ..let alone a million dollars. 

    Please explain what do you mean by "magical powers".

    If you really have a genuine intent, not based on lack, and are willing to raise some probabilities that are shown in your own dream, miracles will happen, trust me. You just have to open your eyes to see and move a little bit, it does take action, even if your on the sofa, it's energy, it's change, it's an alchemical process. Buttons are boring for humans, but processes are interesting because they create stories ad infinitum. Just work on raising your chances and keep in mind you do have magical powers.

  4. 4 hours ago, Someone here said:

    Exactly. My problem as I said previously is that I'm looking for shortcuts and magical woo woo solution. Because I'm a lazy ass who spends his day smoking,fapping  and playing video games instead of working towards my goals .

    I also make a lot of excuses..like my stage Blue sexually suppressed society doesn't give me opportunities to have sex .and also my lack of money ? .

    All these excuses and childish wishes should go if I want to make any progress towards my goals .


    It's not woo woo. You have magical powers to use in the journey of materializing. A button won't do. You are born to be a hero not to press a button. ??

  5. Yes, words create. The interesting thing I observe is that words and sentences can reveal deeper and deeper layers of meaning as you are present to what is being conveyed beyond words and raising in levels of consciousness. It's a profound experience to absorb a meaning that not even the speaker had realized and then convey it back to him or her. Then, you create something else together. 

  6. 4 hours ago, at_anchor said:

    Why are the eastern ideas of reincarnation more true than western ideas of heaven and hell? Where did these ideas even come from?

    Heaven/hell, samsara/nirvana are all produced by the mind, they are also appearances. What I've been learning from the best teachings is to observe dualities from a state of non dual eveness, utter freedom and transparent openess. If you do not cling to concepts and events, death and rebirth will start to seem meaningless. The ground of "reality" is rootless, so do not cling to it, to a judgement of cause and effect.





  7. 1 hour ago, JoeVolcano said:

    That's the journey, the work, the surrender, the drama, and the lie. The whole thing plays out entirely within illusion. Where else, right? Ego is illusory, so ego-death can only be an illusory event. Realization of truth can only be an illusory event. Un-enlightenment itself can only be illusory. In truth, God is never not enlightened. Of course not. It's God.

    Beautiful :)