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  1. ICC prosecutor seeks arrest warrants against Sinwar and Netanyahu for war crimes.
  2. Hasan has been espousing exactly the same views since before anyone even knew who TF he was. Again, nowhere has he ever said he grifted. He openly talks about how if he wanted to grift he would just become a right-winger and latch onto culture war issues and sell fear. The fact is you are just pulling this out of your ass and then labelling someone dangerous because you don't like their positions. The 'cracker = slur' thing is an absolute joke too. The N-word has far reaching racial implications to black history of slavery, subjigation, torture, rape and executions. No insult you can say to a white person even comes close to being in the same category. The whole thing is utterly disengenous.
  3. When did he do such a thing? I find most people barely watch any of Hasan's content enough to know his actual views. They have a caricature of him being wealthy and therefore not a socialist, which is absurd.
  4. Yes, I've never heard of it either. Anyone have a legit source that gender fluidity is being taught in schools?
  5. @Raze Horrifying. This kind of thing is only possible when you see others as animals instead of people.
  6. Nick Cave is an incredible lyricist and songwriter.
  8. Israeli parliament has approved a law giving the government the power to ban broadcasts of TV channels including Al Jazeera.
  9. Relative of Israeli hostage says Israel threatens families to go along with the government line or they will move their family member lower on the list of exchanges in negotiations.
  10. Seems inevitable. I could see myself taking advantage of transhumanist technologies, especially later in life to improve physical health and cognition. Initially it will probably face significant backlash, mainly from conservatives and the religious, but there's no denying the potential benefit for humanity. We could see genetic diseases or predispositions to certain conditions eliminated through gene-editing technologies. Advanced biotic prosthetics for those with physical disabilities or who have lost limbs. Brain-computer interfaces for those with neurological diseases and mobility issues. One of my concerns is accessibility. Would only the wealthy have access to these technologies? If so, that's going to exacerbate existing divides in society.
  11. Israeli minister says 'no such thing' as Palestinian people. Stage 4 of genocide: dehumanization.
  12. Tens of thousands of Israelis call for Netanyahu to resign in largest anti-government protest since Oct 7th:
  13. @Soul Flight@Bazooka Jesus Thank you both.