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  1. I will see if I can get my hand on these things today. It seems like a good idea to me because when I was at the ER the pain seized so I felt a bit uneasy considering blood pressure etc could easily be wack when the pain is present and then they'd missed it. It certainly seems stress is triggering more of the pain. Tonight I had to focus on my breath and listen to meditation music to calm myself down to the point where the pain seemed to become less frequent and then I was able to sleep. If I'm just lying there focusing on the pain with no distraction it seems to make the pain more frequent and the left arm starts stinging too.
  2. Ty! I will check this out and dive a bit deeper.
  3. The girl ones you did are very nice! I just got started so I'm still getting the hang of it but I'll share some of my cooler ones here.
  4. What about poetic stuff and fiction? Books as an art and entertainment rather than a source of insight?
  5. Haven't seen it! I guess I'll have to at some point
  6. Carl Jung.. I love him thank u both for the shares
  7. You can watch through the videos on his YouTube channel from 1 year or so back. There are some deleted ones that are hard to find now like when he talked with his parents and tried to get them to realize they're God. Allegedly he took DMT daily. He admitted himself to a psych ward to try to reenact the resurrection of Christ. He wrote a book about the incidents there. He also started making sexual yoga videos and had an OnlyFans where you could pay for NSFW content. He was posting really weird videos and videos where he was predicting he would win the US Open Golf tournament. He also made videos where he was hinting that he was going to kill himself. A lot of weird stuff. Holy cow! How did this happen and is there anything you can share with us?
  8. Mulholland Drive is a great movie!
  9. I will give this a shot, I'm not really interested in sharing it on social media.
  10. Just got back to the gym, I've had 1 month off the gym because I fell on a steel ladder with my hand when I was at the beach and scraped off all the skin on my pinky. That ladder was like a cheese grater. Anytime I bent my finger it would hurt so I couldn't grab onto anything which made strength training difficult to say the least.. However now I'm back and I'm more motivated than ever. Other members on this forum as well as irl friends of mine have been making good gym progress which has been a good inspiration for me. But I've realized I need to structure my training more and improve my tracking and not just do whatever I feel like to make more consistent progress. Today I used notepad on my phone as I've done a few times before, just writing down what exercise I'm doing by hand, the number of sets & reps. But I realize there's dozens of apps out there that makes this tracking & planning of workouts easier. The questions is which ones are really good? I don't mind if it's a paid app, I just want something that works well. I don't necessarily need meal planning and this sort of stuff. To start I just want an app where you can enter what you did so it keeps track of your progress and where you can create workout plans for yourself to check off, that sort of thing. Maybe scheduling as well but not super important. Does anyone here have experience with workout tracking/programming apps, which is the best one out there for my needs?
  11. Twin Peaks is my favorite series. I haven't seen a lot of TV-Series to be honest, but I've seen more movies. If you enjoyed Twin Peaks you should check out David Lynch's movies at some point if you haven't already. Wild At Heart & Blue Velvet are two favorites :). But as far as series goes: 1. Twin Peaks 2. Breaking Bad 3. SpongeBob SquarePants 4. Game Of Thrones 5. Friends 6. Prison Break but not the last 2 seasons
  12. I have to vouch a bit for duality compatability since one of my best friends is ESTJ and I am an INFP. He's a good musician, not all sensors are robots, actually he's one of the smartest and most deep people I know. It's just what he finds value pursuing in life is quite a bit different. it seems to me we share many interests but our reasons for liking said interests seem to differ. I'm much more curious and explorative in my nature while he's more grind oriented/focused on what's to gain/outcomes. I think our views balance eachother. We work well together and the first 7 or so years we knew eachother we talked very often. It's true there are many things I'm into that he's not into, like spirituality, or Lynch movies for example. But despite the fact that our taste differs in many ways I feel he's a very important friend for me, not only do we have fun together but he's influenced me into working on some of my weaker traits, which happen to be his stronger traits. I think in turn I help him refrain from becoming too stubborn and I encourage him to try his own path in life. He lets me do the same which works well because we both value freedom highly. He also helps ground me more in normal life stuff. I think if I had no friends like him I might have gone haywire into spirituality, but he's helping me keep in touch with 'sane' reality, maybe simply because his perspective on life is more rigid than mine, talking with him is like returning to a familiar way to approach the world. Just the kinds of discussions we have return me to reality sometimes. Anyways, we do understand eachother well. In some ways he seems to understand me deeper than some of my intuitive type friends. I don't know if he's aware of it himself tbh, but he sure does make me feel understood somehow. Eventhough we look at things very differently and our discussions are not at the most meta level, the discussions will be deep for the level they're at and I often find his views on things to be smarter/deeper than they seem at a first glance.
  13. Your BF % is really impressive. Do you do much cardio or is it all down to the meal plan?
  14. I think the risk of this approach is that consuming art ends up being a task you're checking off from a task list. But I would say, I think most great artists are also great consumers of art. Atleast that's certainly the case in music. You'll struggle to find a good jazz musician for example, who hasn't listened to 1000s of jazz songs, and they've likely heard and played most of the classics. I know many good jazz musicians irl and it's hard to find something in the jazz category that they haven't heard, or even played before. In the same way I think you'll struggle to find a pop artist who hasn't listened to their fair share of pop music. In the same sense it's going to be very difficult to succeed in pop music if all you've listened to is jazz music and vice versa. Art is a language and consuming is one of the best ways to learn the language, just make sure not to mindlessly consume or make it into a task. Quality over quantity for sure. But you can't tell what's quality or not if you haven't consumed a lot of art. Because what's quality is based on your taste as a listener and a lot of music and art is referencing other art which you need to have consumed before to really get what the art your consuming is doing. The only way to develop a fine tuned taste seems to me to be to have consumed a lot of art. So I think your approach is not completely misguided. It's just that when you structure it in that way, making a list of all the essential stuff you have to check off to become cultured it seems more like a task. I think it should be more of a spontaneous exploration so you don't fall into mindlessly consuming tons of art for the sake of it. That could be a waste of time. For example, you could start going by the top 250 imdb list for movies. But when you find a movie you especially liked you could depart from the top 250 list and dive deeper into that director. Or dive deeper into that cinematographer/actor/whatever. Then maybe you'll discover some similar movies to that which you also like and suddenly you discover a subgenre of film you weren't aware of that is vastly underrated. There is truth to the fact that the top 250 movies on imdb is not going to be the top 250 best movies. Many of the very best pieces of art will have something that some people hate but others love. For example the first Pusher movie by Nicolas Winding Refn is only rated slightly above 7 on imdb. When you look at the reviews you'll quickly discover people who don't like brutal violence in movies are giving the movie 1/10, which lovers its rating when in my opinion the movie is a 9/10. Many of the movies in the top 250 are just not bold enough to give the audience something they can hate. Just look at David Lynch's movies, most are highly underrated because they're too abstract for the mainstream who will go in and vote 1/10 because they don't get it. In reality David Lynch's movies are fking amazing pieces of art, in my opinion. For music it's even worse, if you only listen to the toplists in music you'll only get to hear the most commercial least deep music there is. And you'll miss out on 99% of genres available. But I do think you're on the right track in the sense that consuming a lot of culture can actually make you more cultured.
  15. I felt the last season as a whole was a bit underwhelming, but that's when comparing it to BB standards. However, I think the finale was great. As you said @The Mystical Man, very poetic ending. Lots of callbacks to characteristic moments of the show. Felt like a satisfying good bye to the Breaking Bad universe. Can't wait to see what Vince G and his crew cooks up next
  16. This is absolutely magical music.
  17. It probably did improve your reading skills a bit, at the very least.
  18. You might be on to something here because my two closest friends are ENTJ and ESTJ.
  19. I'm INFP and I get along really well with ENTJ. Although it's a thinking type I seem to bring out the emotion of him and I think my Ne feeds his Ni and he enjoys it. We can have very interesting discussions and share some interests. I also get along pretty well with other types with Fi in first or second slot, so I agree with Loba there. Feeling types and I understand eachother, even if we don't agree on everything. I also get along pretty well with some Fe types like INFJ, ISFJ, ENFJ. Types which show empathy, I find beautiful. ENTP is also a kind of good match, we see some things very differently but we both like to explore things in a similar Ne way so we look at some things similarly. I think they can be funny in the way they joke with others and more smooth with it than the ST types who seem more likely to be insensitive and hurtful without realising it. Instead ENTP will challenge you in a more clever way so that it feels motivated and fun, and you can see the childlike explorative nature behind their schemes and it makes it feel pure in a sense. They will also be pretty individualistic which is something I like. I prefer when I feel like I'm talking to an original person who is a free soul, not governed by schedules and habits. INTJ can also work but seems a bit more one sided in the sense that I think the INTJ likes talking with me more than vice versa. He is very introverted which forces me to talk a lot and drive the conversation and I prefer when someone talks a bit more so I don't have to do all the talking all of the time. But he finds my ideas interesting and is understanding. I think some of the worst matches for an INFP, from my experience, is ISTJ, ESTP, ISTP. ESTJ seems logical to be a bad match but one of my best friends is an ESTJ and we get along well. It's just we don't often connect emotionally. But he helps me with tips regarding practical things and improving productivity, and gives me gifts. He's one of those friends who helps bring some order to my life but he is probably more healthy than most ESTJs in the sense that he shows respect for my emotions and is open to listen to my ideas, even if he doesn't agree with what I say he doesn't try to change what I'm doing unless I ask him for advice. It's likely I won't get along super with every ESTJ though..
  20. Has anyone else seen this movie? I just watched it with my family and it's a beautiful movie to watch with your family unless your family can't tolerate the mentioning of 'God'. I found the movie to be very beautiful in many ways. Both symbolically, visually and story-wise. It also had beautiful music and a beautiful message. I almost cried a couple of times during, and my mother did cry. Great movie! Highly recommended, especially for watching with your family!
  21. Yeah I also thought it might be better to watch Better Call Saul first, atleast Better Call Saul will likely be a better, more exciting show like this. But it might be the case Breaking Bad is a bit more exciting if you don't know anything about Saul, Mike, etc. before watching Breaking Bad. So personally I would probably prefer watching Breaking Bad first just because I love that show so godamn much that I want the best experience of it, as it was originally intended. Breaking Bad is my second favourite show of all time, only surpassed by Twin Peaks. I love Better Call Saul too. But I do agree it's a bit boring at times, imo it's not quite in the same league as Breaking Bad. But it's still very much a worthwhile watch, it is a great show and it's peak moments are really high. Fun to see more people enjoying these series on here.
  22. A lot of people telling you not to do this lol, I find that a bit funny. I don't know why this would be such a big deal. 50$ investment and trying something new isn't going to hurt your soul from my point of view, it could make you grow as a person. Even if it's a dumb idea more can be learnt by executing a dumb idea than by labeling everything as a scam and not trying anything. Who knows where this will lead you next, that's how I look at it. This can be seen as another life experience, good or bad, who can really tell? Maybe both Many people label Leo as a charlatan but we're all here despite the fact and I think for most people it's for the better. Even those who Leo's teachings and the forum isn't suited for can learn just that about themselves, that it's not for them. Many people here already dislike Tate and HU likely isn't for them because they would go into it with the mindset that it's overvalued trash/a scam/whatever. But who's to tell if it's right for YOU. I think you're doing the right thing by trying stuff out. That's a great way to grow as a person.
  23. I think what he is doing here is giving his more superstitious/open minded followers a routine that they can base on their superstition. The routine of meditating at that specific time every day will bring more stability to these people who are probably more prone to living unorganized lives. Also, his reasoning will resonate with people who would benefit from this habit the most. And, it would force them to go to bed earlier as well, and these kind of people might be more prone to stay up late at night. Just some ideas that came to mind. There could be more reasons for this than he gives in his explanation. But for more superstitious/open minded people, giving a more logical and detailed explanation is not always the best way to make things stick. These kind of people enjoy when things are left out, it makes it seem a bit more exciting and magical to believe in. And if you can keep that magical, mysterious vibe in your life at the same time as having structure and routine in your life you've cheated the system a bit. Many times I feel scientific explanation and routines etc can take the excitement out of life and make it into a mechanical process. This could be Sadghuru bringing his followers structure, routine, stability, without taking away the mystery and magic of life That's just what I think.
  24. Eckhart Tolle is the man when it comes to handling negative thoughts. At least that was the case for me. His book 'The Power of Now' coupled with regular meditation practice for a couple of months changed my relationship to thoughts completely to where they're now mostly a positive asset or something that makes me chuckle at the vast weirdness of life. So firstly that could be something worth looking into if negative/intrusive thoughts are becoming tough to deal with. Secondly, weed is an amazing and misunderstood psychedelic. I would never have gone down my current path without it and I'm now very thankful for that, it gave me a lot of insight into myself and helped me explore and connect better with my feelings But this was not always the case for me, my journey with weed has been like an adventurous relationship, it's had its ups and downs. I had quite a few moments where what weed made me discover made me hate weed and regret doing it in the first place. Ignorance is bliss, or so it seems, the stuff weed shows you can bring up negative stuff first. I think ultimately the most valuable insights from weed aren't always so pleasent. But the same could be said for other psychedelics as well. It's just that people are quicker to justify/recontexualize/integrate 'bad trips' on other psychedelics than the negative stuff brought up from weed use. Ultimately I think this experience could end up helping you develop into a more loving being. Both for yourself and others. It could help you improve your relationships with others. I always like hearing of others insights from weed because imo it's so misunderstood but profound. I hope this experience will turn out for you like it usually did for me, where you first get an uncomfortable insight that is but a seed for the beautiful transformation that is to come, if you're open to it it's possible.
  25. Really enjoyed reading that. Really looking forward to trying this myself now. Sounds like a very valuable experience