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  1. @flowboy Thanks for sharing. Jonathan is an amazing Game Designer. It is a shame that people here don't like this section of the forum. They avoid work at all costs. One thing I see a lot here is spiritual brokies. That's terrible. But they love when someone talk fantastical things that they will never achieve.
  2. @Francis777 We all have a dark side.
  3. @Francis777 Pirate, Thug, Visionary, Pickup Artist, Pioneer... All of them hate rules, social order and common sense. You gotta have some evil, obsession and love for breaking the rules.
  4. @koops Ambition, Love, Obsession, Passion. Whatever is the ingredient, we need something to keep us going.
  5. @The Renaissance Man Ambition is a key factor to make your vision spread into reality.
  6. @LSD-Rumi Thanks for your POV. I really like when people disagree with myself in a healthy/constructive way.
  7. Do you hate them? 😂 I like their books. It's better than nothing.
  8. @Thought Art Your future co-workers probably have seen it.
  9. @Thought Art If you want to enter cybersecurity, just see this hacker tv show. Amazing show that talks about hacking, politics, psychology, technology.
  10. @Thought Art Awesome. Don't forget to see Mr. Robot
  11. Develop your stage red and orange to kick some ass. Forget about 2° Tier Thinking until you're poor with 0 game, weak and unemployed.
  12. @MarkKol Agree 100% You can search for Dave Asprey and David Perlmutter. Health is #1 factor to performance.
  13. Dan Koe is an entrepreneur, writer and youtuber who talks about creativity, skills, 1-person-business, self-development. Here's a vision for people who want to combine different skills to thrive in a business-creative path. Modern Skills + Evergreen Skills + Life Experience + Personal Interests = Profitable Problem Eternal Markets: Health, Wealth, Relationships, Happiness. Evergreen Skills: Marketing, Sales, Writing, Speaking.
  14. There's a book called "Be Your Future Self Now" by Dr. Benjamin Hardy. What if your point of reference is the future and not the past? What if you create a new version of yourself in the future and then let that calibrate yourself in the present moment? Food for thought...
  15. Contemplate these questions to open up new visions for your life
  16. @FourCrossedWands I feel more powerful when my tank is full.
  17. @FourCrossedWands 😂😂 At least you're Gigachad now.
  18. Underrated one. Amazing!