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  1. @Leo Gura In which video did you say the following:- 1) How the fuck is anything possible? 2) what the fuck is anything? 3) How the fuck did you get here?
  2. @M A J I yes and no. I think Himalayas would be good to understand your deep emotional problems and to do catharsis (technique that Osho describes) and to meditate but as @Leo Gura said the real crux is living in the society and contributing in the society in a healthy manner.
  3. I have been thinking to do 3 and half grams penis envy magic mushrooms in silent darkness. Probably in the hot bath tub with lights off. Any comments on that? I remember Terence McKenna saying, "Do 5 grams in silent darkness". I want to know your experience.
  4. @Leo Gura what is your deepest insight from weed?
  5. @UnbornTao I didn't find any video where Leo says. How the fuck is anything possible? What the fuck is anything? I think one of his videos talks about it, where Leo says to contemplate these questions. If anyone knows where this video might be. Please comment. Thanks
  6. @M A J I I am from north India. I was born 8 hours away on bus from Himalayas. I am restarting my life again and I am 27. I am thinking to visit Himalayas and Nepal.
  7. So, I moved to Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada in 2018 September from India, Punjab, Dasuya for my education purposes and I opted Business administration diploma for my education. It was a huge change for me moving from India to Canada Nova Scotia. In this 4 and half years I have tried magic mushrooms, LSD, DMT, 5meo DMT, hash/weed. I worked mostly in the kitchen, I thought about going back to India a lot of times but my last trip of 5meo was very intense and I finally decided to move back to India. I didn't find any meaning in the kitchen job and didn't know what I was doing. I felt like I am just wasting my time and energy and just making rich people more rich and just surviving bare minimum. I want to pursue spirituality full time and just bask in my own being for a while. Any comments on pursuing spirituality in a 3rd world country like India?
  8. Who is your favorite comedian? I struggle with laughter. I barely laugh in my whole day. I want to know some comedians for laughing.
  9. To all my folks who understand Hindi.
  10. Has anyone ever tried laughing gas? Can you share your experience?
  11. In which video leo asked up to contemplate these questions? Q1- How the fuck is anything possible? Q2- what the fuck is anything? I have been looking for this video?
  12. very good very good. Sober in 2023