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  1. By the same logic we should all stop watching Yet you who has realized God, devote the rest of your life to creating nuggets of gold in YT form. But we can’t read nuggets in other scriptures? Stop acting like you are the most awake person who knows all the answers. Stop spreading dogma and misinformation, or this website will cease to exist.
  2. If you dont believe in vaccines to boost your health because they are made by people, with the same logic you should not believe a chemical like LSD can raise consciousness. LSD was created in a lab so it literally the least natural thing you can take. Yet hippies take a lot of LSD
  3. @BadHippie Basically the chance of you getting infected with the coronavirus in your life are really high. So you can put the chance that you will get (bad) covid against the chances of you getting side effects from the vaccine. The chances with covid are way higher. So from an ego perspective the vaccine is always the best option. From the perspective of the collective it shouldnt really matter if you take the vaccine since the vaccine does not protect against infecting other people. So the only people who suffer from people not vaccinating are the unvaccinated themselves. The only reason they want to vaccinate everyone is the hospitals do not get overflooded. if you get sick of covid and are not vaccinated and you go to the hospital, you probably would not fill that spot if you had taken the vaccine. That is just a fact. I have had 2 shots of pfizer and literally felt nothing both times and in the periods after them.
  4. You as God are both the creator and consumer of your life.
  5. This is a very imporant point to understand to fundamentally destroy the notion of objective reality. in fact, I think it is important to make this point from the material perspective, because in this way the material perspective shows that it collapses in on itself: According to the material perspective, our mental states are purely dependent on the material makeup of our brain. This means that according to the material perspective, there is actually no way to tell a “default state” from an “altered” state. The neurotransmitters in an altered state are different, but in your default state, they are just different neurotransmitters! There is no way to see which states are “real” or “objective” when using the material perspective. However the material perspective itself is based on an “objective” reality which can be “correctly observed” using the “default state”.
  6. @Leo Gura for real? What dosage would you recommend, and plugged or no? Have you had sex with girls on 5-meo malt? Are you “both conscious” during sex that you are eachother?
  7. A creator is only the natural evolution of a consumer. Someone who enjoys art very much, starts to incline towards creating that art naturally. Not only for the joy of creation, but also for the joy of understanding that creation offers, also when going back to enjoying art of other people.
  8. Of course according to leo's logic being fat is a valid reason to not feel man enough, so you should lose weight, but guys who are too lanky should just be gaslighted into believing getting bulkier should not be done. Rule of thumb: Whatever Leo is doing or has done is the right way and everything else is just based on cultural anxiety. Leo is the perfect human. Leo lost weight but did not build muscle so that is the way the human body "is supposed to be".
  9. Connor because he would be able to take the girls far in all his delusions and give them an emotional rollercoaster this way. Zen devilry is probably a good mating strategy.
  10. I almost completely agree, however women will be able to evolve in the coming 1000 years to be more attracted to higher consciousness, just like they have evolved to be attracted to ego in the past. In the coming 1000 years global society will move towards stage green which will increase the survival value of high consciousness guys. So i think saying hell will sooner freeze over is not in place here. But of course in our lifetimes almost nothing will change about what women are attracted to.
  11. @Leo Gura My country does not have malls like that, that’s an American thing
  12. @Leo Gura Of course 10 percent would be enough when playing the numbers game, I just assumed that the variety of men that women are attracted in was not so high. I assumed that all women judged every individual man in more of less the same way and that the individual preference of women was more of side calculation for her. I just realized that was a very dumb assumption to make.
  13. @Leo Gura According to your video, even if you are a high value man, women only get attracted to you 10% of the time? Can you please elaborate on this mechanic, I thought the better your game and status got, the more women will be attracted to you, 10% seems really low. So let's say I would become the ultimate man, only 10% of women would be attracted to me? makes no sense.
  14. I am not 15 btw. Just bought it and skimmed through, seems very solid. (The way of the superior man) Is there some way I could take the principles from that book and make it in a more compact form, so it would be more accesible in the same way that blackpill BS is very accessible... and start a new movement for youngsters with this kind of stuff, on social media. We can cry all we want about blackpill being fucked up but if we do not provide an alternative then wtf are we whining about. The PUA movement was also toxic but at least focused on optimism and getting results. PUA is dead now for zoomers at least so we need some new form of culture which is made for zoomers.