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  1. Just release the video and quit it wpuld honestly be worth it for this one video. its better to go out with a bang then to slowly sizzle out because of the haters.
  2. Who has the solipsism video downloaded I wi pay to have it sent. I have gone through some spiritual madness where it was obvious the world was not real. So i am not the unmature viewer who does not believe solipsism cam be true. Please, I need this video for the spiritual guidance. I can pay for the nuisance.
  3. @Tim R bro can you please rip the video off your browser cache, I am a real actualized viewer who does not complain and comment about this shit, I have been waiting for this video for so long, gine through a dark night of the mind because of leos videos, i deserve this video man, sorry if i sound obnoxious
  4. I have been waiting for this video for years and I just woke up to see that 1 minute ago you took it down? You can't do me like this Leo. From the moment you released radical implications i have been waiting for this. You owe it to all of us who have sticked with you for so long. This is worse than the video not being released or made at all. You cant do us like this Leo.
  5. @Preety_India Yes. SJW are communists and Neo liberals are not.
  6. No, liberals pretend that not being consciously racist is the same as not being racist or as being anti racist. All people of the world still unconsciously live within the same hierarchy of the European colonisers where white people were put on top. "Color-blindness" is a very Neo-liberal concept for example. Liberals deceive themselves into thinking that racism is basically over and that there is no racist capitalistic structure operating globally, which unfairly diminishes the economic, social and political power of non white people. This is the real truth and it is not like white people are scheming to do this, it is simply a reality if you look very holistically to history and society. It is being held in place unconsciously by all people in the world, but white people are the most unconscious about it. Neo-liberals also work tightly with big companies in the west, who outsource to the east, again this way the west tries to keep its dominant power structure over the east. These big companies are substantially responsible for the growing wealth gap and less resources at the bottom. Of course it all sounds very Marxisty in how I'm speaking and it is, but Marxism is a much more holistic theory than liberalism or libertarianism. When talking about class struggle and racism we should always take a big picture view of things. Try to do that with observing society very intricately and maybe you will find out the shocking truth of society yourself.
  7. @Opo "triggered snowflake" is a far-right racist trope and you know it. This forum is an online global forum where very personal issues but also big picture society things are discussed, so it's a sensitive topic when the n-word comes up. When we talk about these heavy cultural issues we should take on a larger identity than our regular individualist egos. Consider all your ancestors since the beginning of mankind and consider the ancestors of white and black people since the invention of the current race hierarchy system in the world which was around 1500/1600BC. I as a white man think it would be a shame to my ancestors if I didn't take responsibility for what they stood for and did. There is no shame in it because shame only exists on the individual level. Once you take on not only your ego but the egos of your ancestors there is no shame anymore. We as white people have to admit that we are still tied to our ancestors just like every other people. When talking about these issues we should take this higher perspective and thus be sensitive about all the hurt in the world that is for example tied to the n-word. There is a conscious narrow path between SJWism, Liberalism and conservatism. ----------------------------- FYI I am not in favour of globalism and liberalism in this societal stage to the extent that many liberals want to have it. It would benefit all ethnic groups of society to favour creating strong families within their own communities. I'm not in favour of how the EU is going now. so I'm not as left as you would think by my post above. But white people should just realize the big picture societal crime we have committed and face the reality of it. Right now white people are in denial of it and that denial is called neoliberalism ideology. But you with your far right bs are just literally a retarded child if you are still talking about "triggered snowflakes". of course I also dislike radicalSJW self hating white guilt bullshit. It's all a distraction to realising and fixing the real issues in society, and giving a wrong view of the real standings of the world. We are supposed to be Avatars of God, that is the teaching on this forum. And you can't even connect to your ancestors (assuming you are white because of the bs), good or bad things we have done we should just face it, that is the conscious way. Honestly we shouldn't have your individualist bullshit on this forum.
  8. The video is offensive and it should be removed, but in Leo's defence he was being honest about his own judgements which requires some balls to do, and in a less direct way it is good to admit that you are racist. I'm not saying Leo is racist in the way that he is consciously against black people but still unconsciously so in ways like all white people including me. White Egos still see the world's racist power structure as beneficial and have an unconscious bias in favour of it. I will admit that I have also judged black people in my mind while thinking the n-word. It's not good and I strive and work to not do it, but it is better to be conscious of it and admit it than to lie to other people and to yourself like many neo-liberals do, that they are not racist because they donate a lot of money to war child or something and post some woke infographics on social media.
  9. By the same logic we should all stop watching Yet you who has realized God, devote the rest of your life to creating nuggets of gold in YT form. But we can’t read nuggets in other scriptures? Stop acting like you are the most awake person who knows all the answers. Stop spreading dogma and misinformation, or this website will cease to exist.
  10. If you dont believe in vaccines to boost your health because they are made by people, with the same logic you should not believe a chemical like LSD can raise consciousness. LSD was created in a lab so it literally the least natural thing you can take. Yet hippies take a lot of LSD
  11. @BadHippie Basically the chance of you getting infected with the coronavirus in your life are really high. So you can put the chance that you will get (bad) covid against the chances of you getting side effects from the vaccine. The chances with covid are way higher. So from an ego perspective the vaccine is always the best option. From the perspective of the collective it shouldnt really matter if you take the vaccine since the vaccine does not protect against infecting other people. So the only people who suffer from people not vaccinating are the unvaccinated themselves. The only reason they want to vaccinate everyone is the hospitals do not get overflooded. if you get sick of covid and are not vaccinated and you go to the hospital, you probably would not fill that spot if you had taken the vaccine. That is just a fact. I have had 2 shots of pfizer and literally felt nothing both times and in the periods after them.
  12. You as God are both the creator and consumer of your life.
  13. This is a very imporant point to understand to fundamentally destroy the notion of objective reality. in fact, I think it is important to make this point from the material perspective, because in this way the material perspective shows that it collapses in on itself: According to the material perspective, our mental states are purely dependent on the material makeup of our brain. This means that according to the material perspective, there is actually no way to tell a “default state” from an “altered” state. The neurotransmitters in an altered state are different, but in your default state, they are just different neurotransmitters! There is no way to see which states are “real” or “objective” when using the material perspective. However the material perspective itself is based on an “objective” reality which can be “correctly observed” using the “default state”.
  14. @Leo Gura for real? What dosage would you recommend, and plugged or no? Have you had sex with girls on 5-meo malt? Are you “both conscious” during sex that you are eachother?
  15. A creator is only the natural evolution of a consumer. Someone who enjoys art very much, starts to incline towards creating that art naturally. Not only for the joy of creation, but also for the joy of understanding that creation offers, also when going back to enjoying art of other people.