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  1. But I seem to remember Leo saying somewhere that all entities are you.
  2. @Philipp Truth with a capitol 'T' is infinitely present. There is nothing complex about it.
  3. @Roy Great advise. Best to have a designated trip sitter just to be safe and if not needed they were there for the piece of mind.
  4. That's the Default Mode Network freaking out b-c your mind is at total rest. Wanting to reassure itself by doing a 'safety check'.
  5. Here's something somewhat funny (maybe it's just me) but I watched a Y-T a few hours ago titled- 'How I Bleed out working at Subway Sandwiches' Could this the makings of a true Samurai?
  6. @Forestluv haha -You were always quite the 'cut up'...
  7. The knowledge of the Samurai. Shall the blade not strike bone as to blunt it's edge.
  8. Tenth of the Ox herding pictures. "Returning to the market place" We are not encumbered by appearances. We adapt freely to high and low places. We find spirituality everywhere.
  9. There will always be plenty of "I Am's" willing to do the grunt work.
  10. The disappearance of the "I Am" is the greatest fear to the appearance of the "I Am". Quite the conundrum.
  11. Rather then searching the entire universe dissolve the entire universe. Only then can you see how it was created.
  12. Can a caterpillar visualize what it is to be a butterfly?
  13. Self inquiry would certainly be a beneficial addition to your meditation practice.
  14. Truth needs no one to argue in it's behalf. When there is Truth there is Truth. When there is not there is not.
  15. You've kicked your game up a notch but your still in the game.
  16. In 25,000 words or less -How many angels fit on the head of a pin?
  17. How can something that never had a beginning have an end?
  18. If I'm doing the driving best to finish your smoothie before you get in.
  19. You do it just for the sport of it, as folly -incarnations that is. You've been here before and you'll do it some more.
  20. I can attest to this. I ate a taco yesterday and it became totally self realized.
  21. The possibilities' are infinite. Nothing is random. Everything is connected whether you see it or not.