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  1. Thanks. This is helping @Razard86 Ok I am probably going to start with some months maybe more with Al-lad. Also reading an quite practical book about self inquiry: @machii Good to know breaking through in one go is maybe what I will do after Al-lad sessions. I hope the ontological schock will be less brutal this way. Probable with someone who pulls me through it the first time. @Brivido Probably I will choose malt first because of the less sudden character of it. @Leo Gura Ok got it. Not sure if I gonna succeed. But I will try this path too.
  2. I am quite a pussy. I dont dare to break through with 5-meo. I carefully dose up and up, but it became scary to me. Is 5-meo-malt maybe an option. Can I just step for step dose up. Or will it be scary again? Maybe the only option is to see someone who will hold space for me so I can feel safe to pull me through this.
  3. This seems to be the only book that is focused on putting into practice Empericus's philosophy. Is it a recommended book?? Does someone have an opinion on this? Pyrrho's Way: The Ancient Greek Version of Buddhism :
  4. @Leo Gura So energy practices wont get me awakened. But I got a lot of stiffness and stress in my body. So for this it would be usefull to keep my body happy in the dream. Isnt it so?
  5. @itachi uchiha He's just here for his own ego. Dont pay him 70 ! Are you out of your mind?
  6. A normal book cost 20 dollar. Already overpriced but ok. I will be willing to pay that. 35 dollars would be way overpriced. 1000 what???? LOL!!!!!
  7. Kriya yoga is just bringing energy to the head, essentially isnt it? With a lot of stuff around it. Does it also use heaven and earth energy like enlightenment chi kung does? Its this one. And there are probably videos explaining it a bit more.
  8. This one: But I really like the taoistic way more. By cycling energy it becomes very beautiful energy , beautiful stillness.
  9. Sounds like a crap method. Yes been there , done that.
  10. @Leo Gura 2 hours! Doenst sound like a quick method. 15mins of enlightenment chi kung a week is more than enough for me
  11. Don't do kriya. Kriya only pulls some energy up. Not so good for really head orientated people. With good chi kung you use the whole body. Dont forget to tap the bones and energetically clean them. You also get more grounded. Refine the energy through the whole body. When your energy is to the max it will flow over the head and open the crown palace. By using the whole body you will get that maximum of power to launch the spiritual body. Just do 10.000 times enlightenment chi kung/primordial chi kung. (very simple form) . Look out its powerfull , don't do it to much. Its so simple it baffles the mind.
  12. @Terell Kirby What can I read watch to really let this sink in?
  13. Also I think I should take the punch. The harsh truth . And stand up after it. Thats what makes me strong. Give me the punch Leo!
  14. I need to be a bit of a dick, I live in the west. I need to survive. Don't get this sorry. Nothing wrong with wanting to evolve myself. And yes being smarter does give me a boost.
  15. @Thought Art Why? I want to be smarter than the rest and understand difficult stuff. Now Leo is ruining it.