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  1. All of these fall under Te's umbrella of organizational capacity, Te is responsible for one's ability to organize. Yes, ESTJ's tend to be more efficient than their subconscious counterpart, however they may sacrifice something by cutting corners. The INFP sacrifices efficiency for safety and other things the INFP values. I'll make a post about CSJ's concept of cognitive axis in the near future. Well said.
  2. Te users tend to use groupthink in their decision-making under the definitions provided.
  3. @Ash55 With respect to the question in the title. Yes and no. There are infinite degrees to occult competency, if you become powerful enough, you would find science to be a primitive concept, and wouldn't denigrate yourself with such mortal nonsense. Nonetheless, there are many mortals doing occult science all around the Globe for all of time. The most impressive of which I have found are in India.
  4. This is substantially correct. Of course, the Ti user is thinking independently so they don't require the patience needed to wait for the approval of others to think, therefore they just do it, and as such, it tends to be a much swifter process. But swifter isn't always better. This is due to the fact that Te has an axial relationship with Fi, the individual will feel better about an expert opinion than if the same were coming from a non-expert. "I believe(Te) this person knows what they're talking about(Te) more than you(Te+Fi) so I value their voice above yours(Te+Fi)" is how it works. Many on the forum say Leo is an INTP, what say you?
  5. While Current English is under Great Germanic influence. There is nonetheless, abundant use of Latin in English. For instance, all Legal Maxims are in Latin, all Medical and Scientific terms are in Latin, not to mention all Latin we use in everyday speech such as Et Cetera. Furthermore, something like 60% plus of the English language is Latin based. There are many scientific sources extolling the health benefits of language learning. So even if Latin had absolutely no relevance to English, it would be still worthwhile to learn it.
  6. The Youtube channel called Dhieyo is in all likelihood a valuable source of information with respect to Yogic Practices. It's owner recently released a video that I feel in essence sums up a good general understanding of my spiritual practice currently. Bear in mind, that with respect to the aforementioned, the more general and vague you are in applying his words in your attempt to understand what I do the better, as with greater specificity you'll probably fall into misconception. Here's the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vh7aTeafObM
  7. @Jon_Bundesen There is nothing inherently wrong with recreational use of substances. And some, perhaps many humans have found this practice to be quite beneficial. For instance, there's Terrence Mckenna who has sworn by this very practice you describe.
  8. Considering how far you've come spiritually since then, this investment seems to have paid off.
  9. Mathematical knowledge may prove helpful. But strictly speaking, no.
  10. Because the Infinite Creator loves them big time.
  11. Makes sense, not to me, but it makes sense.
  12. Could you define unsalvageable please?
  13. That was in reference to whatever you did to become conscious That Planet Earth Is Awake.
  14. To whoever corrected the title: Much appreciated.
  15. A potentially useful hedonistic practice is as follows: Watch the below video on loop after doing some quantity of Nitrous. I have a hard time believing anyone could come to be as uniquely amusing as President Bush without having done copious amounts of Nitrous Oxide in college.
  16. Thank you. Do you have any plans to reveal relevant information in the future? It is my belief that there may be a great many here who are interested in exactly that.
  17. I wish to upload a gif in response but I do not know how, please advise @Everyone.
  18. @Leo Gura and/or forum moderators. Could you please modify the title to say A roughly accurate approximation of my own Spiritual Military Doctrine and not An roughly accurate approximation of my own Spiritual Military Doctrine Thank you in advance for correcting the error or responding.
  19. There is a trip report where a man claimed to experience something similar after doing the combination of LSD+ Nitrous oxide. With respect to methodology, is this in any way similar to what you are practicing?
  20. Impossible. Okay, if that works for you. However, it may not work for any of your other selves.
  21. I have never engaged in sexual conduct with any third party over the course of my 23 years as you measure time of human life.