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  1. Need serious advice and feedback on this. A few nights ago i went to walk the beach, i saw a girl reading a spritual book and sat down next to her, we had an amazing conversation for like an hour and a great connection. That night we went out for a drink and starting hooking up. I noticed her hands were kinda big but didn't think too much of it. She also told me she was traveling (she was Argentinian) with friends and she had 3 ex boyfriend (one of 6 years, one of 4 years and one of 6 years), she had a dog and was close with her family. This indicated she was likely not trans bc trans people are usually quite traumatized and unstable (imo if you decide to change your gender you have to have at least some serious trauma or mental issues, no one with normal mental health does that, sorry) Anyway, we're hooking up and it's really hot, i ask her if she wants to come over and she is down, we hook up even more and get undressed and everything looks fine, in fact, she has an incredible body and wide hips (a sign of feminine) but the hands were still kinda tripping me out. It was until i started fingering her that i felt a bit wierd, her vagina was very much not wet and felt different to other vaginas, it was really small and just like a hole, so she was either really tight or something was up, but i can objectively say it was different, but i also could be in my head too much. I ended up stopping because i was freaked out, and asked her if everything was normal down there/did she have issues getting wet (i know, kinda dick move but i was curious) she was upset, cried a little and wanted to go home. I still don't know what happened and if she was trans, i stalked her insta and found no evidence of it, and in fact she has a pretty feminine body and is really hot. The thing is the surgeries have gotten even better these days and it is genuinely hard to tell. IMO this is fucked up and should always be discolsed as it can traumatize the guy involved. I don't care what you say, a dude is a dude no matter what he does to his body, gross. Anyway, any help or insight? Now i'm kinda tripping and it is really bugging me. I almost want to just directly ask her but that's such a dick move. Thanks
  2. Let's make a list -Wild Wild Country - about OSHO
  3. what a bullshit excuse, your mind games and little tricks will come back to bite you and Israel in the ass, it's only a matter of time. The downfall has already begun and you cannot undo what you've done.
  4. I'd love a video on spiritual genetics and how some are naturally more conscious and how far less conscious / gifted can go through other practices
  5. and thus a toxic pick up artist is born. Genuinely curious if lying and manipulating makes any difference, keep us posted.
  6. FXAIX or which one? The S & P indexes are dope and easy way to invest without having to do a ton of research
  7. Yeah i am in Rio now and it's amazing to me to see women all dressed up and walking around the street like that alone late at night. Crazy, more courageous than I am
  8. What are you talking about?? Seems like traumatized women telling her raw story in a vulnerable and courageous way. I didn't get any vibe like she is lying, why would she?
  9. It's not a war, your disgusting country is abusive and acting like terrorist. Israel will get what they deserve, don't worry, you can't just comitt war crimes like this and get away with it. Justice will be served and Israel will pay.
  10. I'm glad you gave us your answer on that one though. Anyway, loved the video, glad you're back! Feels great.
  11. trying to quit porn while using tiktok and insta is like trying to quit alcohol while hanging out only at bars
  12. Lol , none of you phase me with your PC bullshit. It's absolutely not cool to not disclose if you had a sex change. That's fucked up and very inconsiderate of the other person who maybe doesn't want to be with a transgender person. I'm def not posting her instagram @NoSelfSelf it was a nice spiritual connection. Anyway, at this point im like 95% she's female and i was just tripping. Thanks for the help tho, in the future i am just going to ask straight up from the get-go because it could've been a nice connection.
  13. Lezzz fucking go!
  14. @Inliytened1 You're back! Missed your posts dude!
  15. Is the store working too? I can't log in
  16. Porn is definitely a massive issue in young men developing a healthy relationship to their sexuality, confidence and happiness. It's not even a debate anymore, it's much worse than stupid IG models
  17. Yewww, let's go! That was scary, def saving the book list now i thought those resources were gone
  18. Right now im in Italy with some friends and Saturday there was a boat party cruise for 2 of the girls bday. We had a dinner the night before and 2 of the girls from Miami were the hottest. One of them I knew from a Mexico trip. I was interested in her friend though. At dinner I saw her friend glancing at me here and there then she came over later and introduced herself to our little group. I pretty much immediately roped her into a convo and next thing she was sitting with me and we talked for like an hour. Next day we’re on the boat and I’m hanging with both Miami girls. It’s going well and we’ve got a fun little group vibe going. Later in the day I’m dancing with the one I was into and were getting handsy. These girls are probably in the upper 9s and 10s in terms of hotness imo. Anyway we split up for a second and her friend comes up to me and is like “my ex was jealous of you in Mexico because all the girls voted that you were the cutest” “I am into you” so like a dumbass I told her I thought she was super hot, but she’s like no go enjoy yourself with my friend. then the energy shifted and she was like super pist and closed off all the sudden. anyway I get back with her friend and we’re making out and stuff and she wants to come home with me the bus arrives and right as we’re getting in the taxi she has to leave with her friend who was pist and I get massively Cock blocked. now neither of them respond to my messages so like fuck it, but also fuck. and it also sucks because there’s not many other options here. Italian women aren’t very open to pick up or talking to gringos. idk guess I’m just venting. It was bullshit. But also I’m kinda proud of myself if my game skills have gotten this good to have 2 dimes both want me.
  19. 1) Yeah I def fucked up the response there. I shouldn’t have told her I thought she was hot as it’s clearly what her ego wanted to hear, could’ve played that cool. Learning point. 2) I just texted the girl I liked and asked what she was up to tonight and got no response. The other I just said hey how r u? Both of them haven’t responded to me. 3) Nah man. Trust me. I went out last night to like an all Italian party and none of these girls were open or receptive. Okay maybe 1 but she wasn’t that hot. It’s weird. But the italian locals just don’t seem to want any white boy action
  20. It’s depressing you’re this deep into the fear narrative. With this mentality you might as well be one of those guys who has a robot girlfriend and never leaves his apartment
  21. Yesterday evening i saw 2 gorgeous women going to the beach where i live. I started making comments about one of the girls hats and how it looked like a Tulum hat (i live in another part of mexico) and they were kinda engaging but it was wierd because i was like talking to them from being behind them on the sidewalk, so i asked if they'd mind if i walked down to the beach with them and they were like "we're actually having sister time right now and just want to catch up" i respected their request and just kept going. For me a no is always a no and i never push it after that, it's just so desperate to do so. Later i ran into my friends on the beach, all women , and watched sunset with them. So there i am, with 6 topless chicks on the beach and one of them says her friend is close by, so we go to meet them and lo and behold it's the chicks from earlier. So i rock up with 6 topless chicks right to the girls who had previously rejected me, it was fucking dope.
  22. Dude knows nothing about emotion The best way to do this is stop being so logical and be more emotional with YOURSELF, then you will naturally be able to relate to women more. When speaking with her, use emotional terms "i feel sad about...." "____ gets me so excited" etc
  23. @spinderellaI'm in a similar position, been doing ayahusca shrooms etc for a while now and am called to 5 MEO DMT I plan to do it this month I don't think you have anything to worry about, if anything it will give you clarity and you might realize that you do get that head over heels feeling for him and have appreciation for what you guys can build, and excitement. Just don't make any decisions post-trip, give yourself some time to integrate and sit on it after. There's no rush. Also, it's a lot juicier to build a deep stable love versus just getting that initial high, it's usually a let down and there is a crashing point. But seriously question your level of attraction for him and don't settle, what is your body saying? Tune into your intuition.
  24. Brother, if you are reading this you are going to make it through, there will come a day when you are sitting in the sun naked with a beautiful partner the waves crashing and only a stillness in your mind and your heart wide open. Your eyes will swell with tears when you think back to all the things you went through and how you ALMOST ended it all, and are so glad that you didn't. You look forward to the barbeque dinner you will be having with close friends that evening and the laughter you will share. Your partner cuddles up to you even closer and her touch melts your soul. She wouldn't have fit like this with anyone else, it needed to be you. You have infinite gratitude for being an absolute warrior of life and realize that even that pain you had to go through was necessary to get you to where you are today. Even your parents have changed their ways and live in more love after seeing how much their son has transformed and the impeccable quality of his heart. Stay strong, the world needs you.