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  1. Appreciate the insight everyone, as many mentioned I can admit this was massively bad communication on my end, I didn't really make it clear that i was just exhausted and needed to recharge for a bit. And we had spent a while opening up emotionally and doing certain fragile practices. @Leo Gura As far as the intention of keeping her around goes, i honestly didn't know in that moment, i was kinda just going with the flow. Had she responded to my text i would've def been up to hang out again. I wasn't just pumping and dumping like a club ONS, or we could at least be friends, she was good company. But she wants nothing to do with me now, which I've just accepted. I do have to look at myself and ask if i used spiritual and emotional practices to take advantage. I hope she doesn't see it that way bc we actually had a really nice night together. I see many guys doing this, and don't want to be like that. From my POV it was just like "hey, let's explore this, go deep, and see what comes up with each others' energy, and if we have some fun too, great, no harm and everyone is complaint." I wasn't intending to just do this once and ghost her, but i also wasn't really feeling like she would be a girlfriend later on. I have to be honest about that. Regarding the cuddling, I don't sleep well with other people in the bed, and it was only like 10PM so it wasn't that late. I even offered to walk her home and she said it was cool. You guys have given me a lot to introspect on. I think the biggest fuck-up was my communication, as many have mentioned. In the future i'll be more honest about it and give her more insight into what's going on in my world.
  2. I live in Peru, in a spiritual place. Many people here are doing plant medicine and psychedelics. I met a woman at a restaurant and she was alone so i just sat with her and we went deep into a conversation about meditation and different spiritual practices. Minutes turned to hours and i invited her to my place to listen to music, do breathwork, and snuff (an amazonian tobacoo you blow up your nose) She came over and we did some yoga, breathwork, tantra eye gazing and self inquiry and just chatted about emotions and life. It was beautiful, and this is not that untypical where i live, everyone is into tantra and consciousness and psychedelics. I asked her if she wanted to cuddle and she said yes and that turned into making out and sex. After the sex (not right after but maybe like 15 min after) i realized we had been hanging out for like 6-7 hours and i just wanted to be alone to recharge (im an introvert). so i said i was just going to go to sleep and she was cool with it and left. I checked in to see how she was doing a few days later and she was ghosting me then said she felt used. I apologized that she felt that way, and that it wasn't my intention. Was i an asshole? I seriously want to know. I feel like i kinda was, but also was fucking tired and wanted to sleep
  3. i live in a place where people are obsessed with dark spirits, spiritual attachment, entities, and frankly i'm fucking sick of it. I see it make people so much more paranoid than they need to be. Like we already have enough shit to manage and worry about in the 3D world, now you want to cake on top of that auro-holes, chakra-blocks, and spirits clinging onto your spine? GTFO and give me some mushrooms
  4. @indigomonarchThat's wild man, i'm literally going to be in Iquitos in 3 days for a 2 week Ayahuasca retreat and after Im coming back to Pisac to go balls deep into San Pedro , Mushrooms, and Bufo. I don't fuck with Ayahuasca anywhere another than iquitos and with my specific shamans, but i think the other medicines out here will help me integrate. I already pretty much live like a hermit, so it's like a constant retreat anyway
  5. yeah, Leo is right on this one....unfortunately
  6. true, it does feel way better out here though
  7. i just feel like people are so tense and deluded that even going out isn't enjoyable. Everyone is just like staring at each other and i feel like there are legit insane people out there ready to snap at any moment. I feel bad for service workers who have to face these wolves, people are just looking for anyone to flip out on. Hostesses getting assaulted over requiring masks, people are like high on drugs and totally deluded and pist. I left the US, I live in Peru now, in the mountains, working on my laptop, away from all this psychosis and not spending insane amounts of money just to exist. I don't know how people are dealing with this shit;
  8. the nawwing feeling of life just dragging on, even with the meditation, breathwork and psychedelics i fall into these old patterns of bullshit and meaninglesness and it just feels like a cycle, so much fear, none of these videos or talks help like they used to, everyone just seems full of shit
  9. how could you possibly know that?
  10. I'm also interested in this topic. Personally, my mind is very distracted but i meditate more than anyone i know. Probably 4 hours a day. Focus meditation just don't work with me, i'm too distracted/add. But what i can do better than anyone i know is sit in silence and "be". This may be helpful for you as well. Drop enlightenment, breath focus, even contemplation and just sit with yourself. This will bring about deep peace and mystical insights
  11. @Leo Gura Valid point. I guess it'd just be interesting to hear and i'm sure there would be some nuances/discrepencies you guys could dive into. But ya, likely a lot of agreement on everything. Could be fun tho
  12. @Leo Gura I agree with @Matthew85 on the Aubrey Marcus comment though, Aubrey is in line with a staggering amount of ideas and insights you have shared, he is also doing a lot to bring the world to a higher state of consciousness, with his Fit For Service and Podcast. Dude is conscious as fuck and i find little ego/hypcoricy in his work
  13. Also, Dan Pena might be most rotted soul on earth
  14. I guess, i just think it's dangerous for people to be taking psychedelics and being told that no one else is actually real. Especially if they are unstable. But, can't stop Leo from sharing his personal insights and his truths which have benefited so many. Personally i believe there is a consciousness behind every being having it's own experience, and what i do affects that experience. I am in their bubble and they are in mine