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  1. Dude knows nothing about emotion The best way to do this is stop being so logical and be more emotional with YOURSELF, then you will naturally be able to relate to women more. When speaking with her, use emotional terms "i feel sad about...." "____ gets me so excited" etc
  2. @spinderellaI'm in a similar position, been doing ayahusca shrooms etc for a while now and am called to 5 MEO DMT I plan to do it this month I don't think you have anything to worry about, if anything it will give you clarity and you might realize that you do get that head over heels feeling for him and have appreciation for what you guys can build, and excitement. Just don't make any decisions post-trip, give yourself some time to integrate and sit on it after. There's no rush. Also, it's a lot juicier to build a deep stable love versus just getting that initial high, it's usually a let down and there is a crashing point. But seriously question your level of attraction for him and don't settle, what is your body saying? Tune into your intuition.
  3. Brother, if you are reading this you are going to make it through, there will come a day when you are sitting in the sun naked with a beautiful partner the waves crashing and only a stillness in your mind and your heart wide open. Your eyes will swell with tears when you think back to all the things you went through and how you ALMOST ended it all, and are so glad that you didn't. You look forward to the barbeque dinner you will be having with close friends that evening and the laughter you will share. Your partner cuddles up to you even closer and her touch melts your soul. She wouldn't have fit like this with anyone else, it needed to be you. You have infinite gratitude for being an absolute warrior of life and realize that even that pain you had to go through was necessary to get you to where you are today. Even your parents have changed their ways and live in more love after seeing how much their son has transformed and the impeccable quality of his heart. Stay strong, the world needs you.
  4. Teal Swan and Leo have an incredible amount of similar videos and almost the same amount of subscribers and started around the same time....i smell a conspiracy!
  5. i actually ran into this issue, i realized that i was putting up a front and had to act in line with that front, which in a way was lying. but i found it easy to show myself slowly, and the acting dumb just kinda loosened up the intro and helped break the ice
  6. i think so many guys already act smarter and more entitled than women , that if you do this dumb thing it calms them down a bit and they don't feel lowered in any way. wisdom that's true, the buddha basically had a tantric brothel so he needed to spit no game
  7. sick... Yes! I think this has a lot to do with it. It's like by being dumb and simple, it's assumed your not malicious insecure and judging her, it makes her feel safer bingo
  8. i wish i could better explain what i was doing, but i can't put into language yet, it wasn't dumb like that, blurting thing out etc but def less calculating and not trying
  9. this place is heaven brotha! Avoid the touristy spots though, there are some serious gems here filled with conscious yoga babes who love tantra and psychedelics
  10. @Leo GuraWhy do you think that is? My theory is it makes them feel safe and unjudged
  11. Yesterday evening i saw 2 gorgeous women going to the beach where i live. I started making comments about one of the girls hats and how it looked like a Tulum hat (i live in another part of mexico) and they were kinda engaging but it was wierd because i was like talking to them from being behind them on the sidewalk, so i asked if they'd mind if i walked down to the beach with them and they were like "we're actually having sister time right now and just want to catch up" i respected their request and just kept going. For me a no is always a no and i never push it after that, it's just so desperate to do so. Later i ran into my friends on the beach, all women , and watched sunset with them. So there i am, with 6 topless chicks on the beach and one of them says her friend is close by, so we go to meet them and lo and behold it's the chicks from earlier. So i rock up with 6 topless chicks right to the girls who had previously rejected me, it was fucking dope.
  12. So i went out last night to a party, and was all anxious about doing pick-up and even though i rolled into the party with 5 women and was dancing in a circle with them (massive social validation) i didn't want to hookup with them bc they are my friends. So i looked around and was trying to find a hottie, and there were a few. I noticed that in talking with the girls i was not getting the results i wanted and was being a bit needy or try hard. Then i randomly remembered a quote i saw in a video from Leo that was like "the dumber you act the better you are at game" or something like that. And it just clicked. I started just being super spacey and acting like i was literally dumb but also still holding down pillars like presence, honesty, expressing intent, but just being so dumb. not dumb like "duhhh 2 + 2 =5" or saying dumb shit like that, but dumb on like a social level, like just kinda out of it and not in my head at all. not really responding to questions and occasionally staring off in the distance. Ended up hooking up with the hottest girl there for about 2 hours, making out and stuff and then going home with another hot girl who was there. It's so simple! And i dont really even like the word "dumb" it's more unconcerned, but it really can't be an act "i'm so chill, i'm so unneedy, i'm not bothered by anything" people see right through that, so dumb kinda is the best word to describe whatever the fuck i was doing, but hey it worked. Couple that with making her felt safe, bingo Safe and Stupid , my new pillars for pick-up. Hah
  13. I guess he was trying to prove a point, but he's just like being an asshole and ruining peoples' day. Those poor women probably felt unsafe
  14. After 5 years of personal development i have come to the conclusion that it is a balancing act. I'm all about habits and getting better, but if there isn't time for integration and slow growth, you will just backslide. Many want to 10X their personal development and have rapid transformation, but i've learned this work has it's own natural maturation phase that you cannot rush or plow through. It's actually quite beautifully designed and nice when you can just relax into your own progress without needing to push it or read so many books. Just do like 1-2 hours a day of meditation , reading , courses, whatever and you're set, it's almost impossible to not grow and develop. The key is consistency, vision and becoming keenly aware of what goes into your mind, other people, media , etc. Be like the fucking white house with what enters your mind, maximum security , only the highest quality of books, teachings, friends, even music! It all comes down to lifestlye and mindset I found myself watching these psychology videos and i realized how so many people who study this stuff like triggers, psychology, childhood trauma, many of them really get nowhere in their progress because there isn't love. All these things, pick-up, healing, psychology, improvement, they just point to a lack of authenticity and love, simplified that's all it is.