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  1. That's just such an overwhelming unobtainable combination. That whole list is like exhausting, I can only imagine silver spoon rich kids or high end celebrities coming close to reaching that list, to even have the time and energy to make that list. Most people are stuck in poverty or just couldn't squeeze that list in their lifetime. Do you expect guys to tick all these points ... and is not meeting any of these points a deal braker? If so which ones? What is your minimum height requirement? (Be honest with all your answers, I am just collecting data here,) And it sucks because "social status" is so fake and shallow, but it obviously matters so I have to spend time playing that shitty game. I couldn't care less about girls social status and to be honest I love it when a girl doesnt have friends or isn't mss instagram, is a bit shy or something. @Vzdoh
  2. I couldn't care less about compassion. I just need to know the truth, and I need my desires fulfilled. I need the sweet hot love whether I HAVE TO move to Singapore or I can get it in Europe (latter is preferred) I need the truth. Not knowing the truth or finding out that there is in fact no hope is enough for suicide = ultimate peace too. Or finding a solution is ultimate peace also, getting the hot love and sex I want. Fuck compassion.
  3. I like European girls. I like Asians too but do I have to live in Asia purely for this reason, that kinda sucks ass. I would feel better if you just told me it's possible for shorter guys to get the nice European girls through personality, because they are the finest, and really want them. My limiting belief isn't that all the girls are too tall because there's plenty of shorter girls too, It's just would they instantly screen me out due to the taller competition, even if I empthasize & compensate with other attributes. (Don't want the Dutch or German giants though)
  4. I have no issues approaching shorter girls. But I think they all still won't want me. Im still too short.
  5. Ahh man this advice is so annoying though. It's just seems club is the highest odds of finding a girl, no matter how slim for me. Presumably they do go there to get laid themselves. Also I can't really do 1 relationship because I change places often. Although that would be really nice, but I'd need to be attracted to her. If I could take a girl with me everywhere that be cool too. Are you saying don't bother because of m height, or because you think clubs are just bad medium generallh anyway?
  6. That fucking sucks. I don't wanna play a game where I'm "bound to lose". Why not just end it now or drink alcohol on my own, I'm always going to "win" that game.
  7. I hate London. No thanks. Also london is very tall city. I don't have time to change country or city right now.
  8. Hmm, who am I to listen 2? All anecdotal evidence points to the latter, but of course I want the former to be true, I need it to be true. And how am I meant to go club when I am in sad mood. In fact women can be cold af too, girls even on this forum moan about "sad creepy looking guys in the club", so Im dammed if I do dammed if I don't, I feel like girls won't just be polite no but will look at me in disgust for being this desperate loser. If I don't approach I am not trying, If I do I am one of those guys
  9. @asifarahim Your comments are so contradictory and confusing. It's also comments like yours that make me doubt the authenticity of the positive ones. By the way, I can't "lower my standards". I said I have no specific tight preferences, but I have to "feel attraction", I only approach girls when there is attraction regardless what society ranks them. I don't want that sorry, I just want a nice girl. That is spirituality to me anyway. You say the game is rigged and my height is unacceptable but also study red pill and also lower my standards but also give up on women & just go spirituality. Very promising advice lol, but that all sounds like total garbage to me & I'm not interested in spirituality. But why should I have to be so valuable in every other area & put in so much work just to lower my standards, say to a girl I find unattractive, purely because of one physical defect, who I'll stil have to work for, that's not a life worth living no thanks.
  10. And I would comment that women are far, far worse with their enforcing of standards. (Not complaining & I don't hate women honestly I love you all but ..) They are so tight & specific, because they do social comparison & really care about friends approval. They also have infinite options, they just pick the best option always. I find that guys are far more flexible (and far more desperate anyway) and for me personally I like curvy girls, skinny girls, short girls or tall girls ect.. she just has to be attractive (and not ugly) (to me) which doesn't mean a tightly defined list, it's just do I feel atrraction yes or no.
  11. @soos_mite_ah Thank you. I hope there's plenty of women like this. But I feel like you're an anomaly, I feel like there's no hope for short guys. Would you date a short & muscular guy too or does that look weird to you? (Not bodybuilder extreme but lean / ripped) I feel like getting ripped only made me a manlet.
  12. Firstly, this going to get a lot of stick & some guys might call me pathetic especially anyone shorter & I'm sorry, I am just being honest about how I personally feel. This isn't intended to whine or be all woes me, I just have such a strong ambition to be a ladies man & I am about 5 foot 8 - 5 foot 9, (somewhere between 173 - 175 CM) & I refuse to measure myself because I'm scared it's even 172-173. I am from European countries where young people are very tall, I'd say male average is normally about 5 foot 11, but I continuously see men 6 foot plus & see plenty women my height I spent most of my life thinking I was average height, but now I realize I am short & I am too short for women's standards. I'm not here to moan or hate women but I will admit that I want to date & have casual sex // relationships too with women I find attractive. But I just don't measure up & my chances in pick up are extremely slim. I've been ripped in perfect shape & I still can't compete with skinny or fat guys if they are 5 foot 11 plus, they are tall enough I am not end of story. I didn't care about height but that didn't change the fact that women really do. I don't mind if a girl is 5 foot tall or 5 foot 9. Now I come to the dark truth of how challow & specific society is. Society loves their specific preferences & measurements ... It's ashame beacause I'm not that picky, girl doesn't have to have a huge ass or tits, or be a certain height, as long as I feel attractive then thats enough for me, but the girls always so picky I can get the number sometimes but they always end up ignoring me. I have all the other qualities apart from height, don't say "it's your attitude" because I have litterally been extremely confident before,acted happy, funny in the moment, ripped physique & social and still couldn't get the girls. I have lost all motivation to live & I am considering suicide. I really value relationships & for years & years I have wanted at least 1 decent looking women (with good personality), but who actually wants me & find me attractive & wouldnt cheat or look down on me for being short I feel insecure walking on the street & in my city there are tons of beautiful women, always walking around with tall handsome men. No I don't want to move to indonesia or somewhere & that isn't practical for me right now. I can't focus on my work & business goals right now and all my thoughts get constantly devoted to this I get obssessed with it & have obsessive mind I go to clubs but it's hard to hide my insecurity, even when i'm feeling confident I can't stand out at clubs because height is everything & the only obvious thing I am going to drink alcohol becasue I can't take the pain & probably commit suicide. I don't want sympathy or your polite bullshit or white lies or "go see a psychologist", they won't make me taller & give me a big dick. So no. Why am I posting this? Because I might as well post this first before I give in in defeat, but I don't think anything will change. Realizing that society is so chimp like is depressing. If only I could get girls with my charm & my skills or my sense of style or my phsyique, all things I have & develop but they just want the bigger chimp with the bigger cock.