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  1. I'm falling into black pill ideology (need help to reverse it)
    I'm falling into black pill ideology (need help to reverse it)
    The bottomline is that you will never know what you are capable of until you give it your best shot, and you make use of all the expertise, methods, and tools that worldclass experts offer.
    You guys want some kind of guarantees and promises of success, but success doesn't work like that. You know who succeeds? People who take risks. The risk is work for no reward. That's what investment is. And no investor wins on all his bets.
    You have to get comfortable with lots of effort and failure.
    It's like you guys want to say to me: "Leo, I will only do effort if you promise me success." And my response is, then you have already failed at life and there's no helping you.

  2. Is beauty really a matter of perception?
    Is beauty really a matter of perception?
    Of course it's your job to make them intimate/sexual.
    It's not just about "making a move". You must set the entire frame of your interaction with her to be intimate/sexual from the very beginning of meeting her. And then you build on it at every chance you get.
    You should be looking at her like you're in love with her. Build a bubble of love between you and her. It's you and her against the world.
    Yes, you're failing to lead, which in itself is unattractive in a man.
    Don't wait for anything or any indicators.
    If a girl shows up to a date with you, she's willing to sleep with you, as long as you lead it properly.
    Yes, you need a lot of escalation experience. Force yourself to escalate quickly and stop doubting yourself. You need to get in touch with your desire for her, and then just act on that desire and take her. Stop hesitating. If her ass turns you on, start squeezing it. If you feel like kissing her, kiss her. Etc. Treat her like your doll. And watch her face and reactions as you escalate to see if it is turning her off. If it's not turning her off, keep escalating. If you over-escalate just back off a bit and start escalating again in a few minutes.
    A girl is not going to let you escalate like that unless she likes you.
    Fundamentally your mistake is that you are not being true to your desire for her. If you were, you would manhandle her appropriately and this in turn would turn her on. She wants you to claim her as your own. But you are too scared because you're still too weak as a man. So you gotta become a stronger man -- which means you act and lead without a bunch of self-doubt. You've become pussified the way you were raised, so you doubt yourself way too much with women.
    For you, you should escalate and even risk getting slapped. Get slapped a few times for over-escalating. This will be good for you. It's better to over-escalate than under-escalate on a date. On a date you should be pulling her panties down. See how much you can get away with.
    If you are not occasionally over-escalating, you're being too meek.

  3. Why does Leo advise to fornicate with 20 females?
    Why does Leo advise to fornicate with 20 females?
    What I said is not polygamy.
    As with anything in life, experience is king.
    A typical attractive girl will have way more sexual experience than you anyways because sex is so easy for them.
    You have no idea what you even want in a girl.
    You would be a fool to buy the first house you see. Apply this logic to girls.

  4. Critique of The Rational Male and Red Pill Ideology
    Critique of The Rational Male and Red Pill Ideology
    For men, the objectivity comes in in terms of sussing out the objective attractiveness of a woman in terms of her appearance and other traits. In the attraction phase, women are just a collection of desirable or undesirable attributes to men. But along with this objectivity (which often leads to objectification), men are also non-selective. So even for the pickiest of men it still doesn't filter out the majority of women. But there is an objectivity to his filtering process. It isn't about how he feels. It's about the pros and cons and the objective facts of the woman's ability to meet a standard. 
    For women, there is a subjectivity to the experience of attraction because it's all rooted in feeling. And this means that she's capable of feeling significantly more attracted to a man who is objectively average than to a guy who is objectively more attractive across all or most categories. And even her girlfriends might look at the guy and say, "Really?!?!"
    But she can really see the man as more than a collection of his attributes, and thus subjectively can see him as more than the sum of his parts. Feminine sexuality is truly non-objective... unless she is choosing from her masculine energy. But along with this subjectivity and subjectification of men and seeing men as particular individuals that are as unique as snowflakes, the woman is selective in that she will filter out most of the male population from her consideration. Like, it has to be just that guy. There's only one special snowflake that will do. And she won't want anyone else. 
    So, for men, they tend toward objectivity and even objectification in the attraction phase... but they aren't very picky. And for women, they tend towards subjectifying a given man to where she feels that it's only really that guy that can give her what she's looking for... but this makes women a lot more picky though not primarily on the basis of a man's objective attractiveness. 
    So, men tend to recognize the selectivity of women... but fail to recognize the subjectivity of her attractions.
    And so, in their minds, they turn women into more selective men... especially men who are very objectifying towards women.
    So, there is a projection of hyper-objectification onto women, where they fear women are sussing out men the same way that men suss out women... only with higher standards and more selectivity.
    So a man whose objectivity has unhealthily fallen out of alignment and into objectification who sees women as merely an amalgamation of pornographic traits will be extra terrified that women are looking at him with the same level of objectification. And he projects objectification onto all women who he sees as constantly scrutinizing him for his masculinity and looking to poke holes in his manhood... and maybe they might even be comparing him to other men who are objectively more attractive. Like, "Oh no. This guy is classically handsome. Why would she like me?" or "That guy's dick is two inches longer than me. Surely she'll prefer him?"
    But this insecurity comes from projecting male objectivity (and even objectification) onto women, when our sexuality doesn't really work that way. And then hypergamy becomes this horror story that makes men harden themselves and always have to take women down a peg to feel less secure. And to have to tell themselves that they have female sexuality learned and under control for fear of being scrutinized and objectified. And again... it's much worse if that person has a tendency to objectify women. 

  5. how is possible that i am still single?
    how is possible that i am still single?
    Not true at all.
    When I started, my standards were so high it was impossible to get laid. A big part of game for me was learning to lower my standards beyond what I was comfortable with.
    If your standards are too high you will basically never get laid.
    I would rather not have sex at all then have sex with most girls.
    1) Stop comparing yourself to others. You are unique and no one has your unique combinations of strengths and weaknesses.
    2) Take extreme ownership of your situation. It makes no difference how easy others have it. You are not them. You are you.
    3) Stop asking for life to be easy. Embrace whatever challenge is thrown your way.
    4) Fall in love with who you are. Stop wanting to be anyone else but you.
    That guy who gets laid easily... he might get cancer or herpes tomorrow. So stop envying him.