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  1. Day 5: Today is day 5. Stressing out from work this morning so taking a 10 min break to update my journal. Day 4 was pretty good. My anger cooled off and got a bunch of housework done, lifted weights, and then went to a patio with some buddies. Had a nice steak at the restaurant along with a 3 drinks (2 beers, plus 1 sangria). Not bad overall. Yesterday was a +2 = feeling generally positive. Had a bit of disrupted sleep last night, probably because of the drinks, and woke up this morning at a +1 = feeling okay, but could have been feeling better. Had bacon and eggs for breakfast. Probably gonna have some more bacon strips for lunch as a snack. That's all for now. Cheers to Health, Wealth, Peace & Love. TreyMoney
  2. It's currently 1:45 am on Day 4. Can't sleep. Went to gym yesterday from 11-1 and it was great. Got into an argument w public transit employees over something stupid and that threw the rest of my day off. By 1 pm yesterday I was fasted for over 16 hours having last eaten at 8 pm Friday night and had just worked out so I was running on near empty and this altercation with a power tripping transit worker just set me off. I was so mad. I came home and binged on pork chops, I ate 7 chops. But I was still mad, so I went to see the woman I see (not a gf, just a slag). But afterwards I was still mad. Then I binged on chicken wings, ate 40 wings. Now it's 2:00 am Sunday morning and I'm still mad that I can't sleep. I'm trying real hard to be the shepherd but I just keep re playing the image over and over and over again and thinking about how mad it made me. I got anger problems in addition to food problems and woman problems. I can explain the ins and outs of spiritual enlightenment, metaphysics and epistemology but I can't yet control my own emotional state. Enlightenment does not equal Adulthood.
  3. Day 3: Today is day 3. Had a really good sleep last night. Was not that hungry in the evening after the big steak lunch, so I finished off the last leftovers of the slow-cooked beef roast I cooked on Day 1. This morning my mood is a +2 = feeling generally positive. Just want to take a moment to clarify my diet parameters for the 21 day experiment. For the 21 days I am eating meat+.....which is meat + select condiments of my choosing. I am avoiding high sugar sauces like bbq sauces, and instead am substituting the following: - Sweet Heat Mustard which is 650 cals and 130 g of carbs per 325 ml bottle - Salsa which is 217 cals and 43 g of carbs per 650 ml bottle - Chipotle which is 176 cals and 62 g of carbs per 530 ml bottle Not yet at a point where I can eat just meat but hopefully soon. Will re-evaluate after the first 21 days. Hitting the gym this morning for 60 min of elliptical. That's all for now. Cheers to Health, Wealth, Peace & Love. TreyMoney
  4. @Terell Kirby ignore what Leo said. Leo is not god, despite what he says, he is just a perception, like all things you perceive in your universe of consciousness. Your question is a legitimate question that is asked on the path and in life: what is the point? why am I doing this? why do anything? etc. all these questions are legit questions. I started a thread a back in May called enlightenment is pointlessness. In it I recommended that people not chase enlightenment unless they had a burning desire to find the bedrock / foundation of existence, because what you find at the end of the journey because what you discover is that "nothing" is the foundation of existence. And a point, whether a geometric point or a philosophical point/intention/purpose, is something. Spiritual enlightenment is a very specific thing: it is the realization of the true nature of self and being/existence. And the true nature of self and being/existence is Nothing. Then you realization that the true nature of all existence is Nothing. And if the true nature of everything is nothing, then true nature of everything is the same as the true nature of everything else. This realization alone, may or may not reduce suffering, may or may not make you a more compassionate person, may or may not make you a more mystical, spiritual person. It depends on what you decide to do after realization. In words attributed to the Buddha: "Truly, I have gained nothing from enlightenment."
  5. There are actually two types of solipsism: Metaphysical Solipsism and Epistemological Solipsism. Epistemological Solipsism is a knowledge claim: only the mind can be known to exist with absolute certainty, but this position leaves open the possibly that physical reality exists, but the existence of physical reality cannot be known to exist for certain. Metaphysical Solipsism is a reality claim: the mind is in fact the only thing that actually exists, and physical reality does not, in fact, exist. Epistemological Solipsism can be proven with introspection, autolysis, axiom regression. It is not a scientific claim. It is not falsifiable. Metaphysical Solipsism, like any scientific claim, can not be proven, but it can be disproven. It is falsifiable.
  6. Leo's video Brains Do Not Exist is great for this.
  7. Your question "who's sense perception" assumes that sense-perception is a subset of who. The question assumes there has to be a who that is a perceiver. But its actually the opposite. The self that is the who is itself a sense-perception. All things, including the self / the who, are sense perceptions. I am a perception, you are perception. All who's are perceptions. I am not conscious. Consciousness is conscious of me.
  8. Day 2: Today is day 2. Last night I had slow-cooked a beef roast in gravy for dinner. Slept somewhat restless and woke up feeling unrested. As a result my mood this morning was around +1 = feeling okay, but could have been feeling better. For lunch today had a delicious steak. But then got real tired. Kind of dozing right now. Struggling to make it through afternoon work. My Spidey-sense tells me that my body may now exhausted its supply of glucose, so my brain is having to switch to glycogen and maybe even a little fat! Going to take it easy for rest of the day, drink lots of water, and rest up for gym tomorrow morning. That's all for now. Cheers to Health, Wealth, Peace & Love. TreyMoney
  9. All of existence is a sense perception within consciousness
  10. Have you seen the matrix? There is no cup. What we call a cup is a sound that represents a concept that represents a group of sense-perceptions.
  11. If youre looking for a great book on chakras, check out Eastern Body, Western Mind.
  12. Day 1: Today is day 1. Last night I had steak for dinner and slow-cooked a beef roast in gravy for lunch today. Had the shredded beef for lunch and it was mighty delicious. Dinner plan for tonight is once again steak pan-seared in butter. Each day, in addition to describing my food, I will be evaluating my emotions on a scale of -3 to +3: -3 = feeling extremely, severely depressed -2 = feeling generally negative -1 = feeling slightly out of sorts 0 = feeling completely neutral +1 = feeling okay, but could be feeling better +2 = feeling generally positive +3 = feeling great, joyful; full of joy, enthusiasm and zest for life Today I am feeling like a 3! Went to the office instead of working from home for 1st time in a year, ate a delicious lunch, hitting the gym after work. Everything is coming up milhouse. Listened to Ethan Suplee on Joe Rogan Experience this morning for motivation. That's all for now. Cheers to Health, Wealth, Peace & Love. TreyMoney
  13. Wagwan, This thread is a personal journal to document a meat only diet experiment upon which I am embarking. The Why: I have spent my entire life overconsuming sugar, junk food, and fast food. Experienced childhood abuse, abandonment and neglect and used food to cope in my youth. I weighed 292 at age 14. I remember the exact number because it was the first time I was ever weighed by a doctor! Weight was something that was ignored and never talked about in my family. Didn't start thinking about my weight seriously until I was 20's at which point I weighed 340. Got down to 260 around age 25 but then yoyo'd back up and I'm now 395 at 35 years old. Gained around 25-30 pounds since COVID. I've always had a real overconsumption issue when it comes to food, especially anything with sugar. Once I start, I don't stop until its gone. When I did have success, I was doing Atkins, but was not able to commit to it as a lifestyle, and eventually went back to drinking beers, eating wings, pizza, burgers, fries, chips, chocolate, candy, etc. I am at a point now in my life where I feel like I have the psychological and emotional foundation to re-organize my eating habits in a healthy way for the long term. And to start, I am going to do a 21 day meat only experiment to shift my body away from sugar. I love meat, and have heard people have had good success with zero carb, especially people that are hyper sugar addicts like myself. Today is day 0. Ate blueberries and yogurt for breakfast this morning. Pork chops for lunch. Going to grocery store tonight to stock up on beef and pork. Tomorrow will be day 1. Each day I will check in to detail what I ate and how I feel. Cheers to Health, Wealth, Peace & Love. TreyMoney
  14. Yes! I found it....YouTube recommended it as a similar video to the link for money as debt.. Thanks!!!!!!