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  1. Yeah. Thank you, Leo. Your answers have been very helpful.
  2. Yes, makes sense - as someone who is devoted to understanding life, I don't think it would matter much to me, as well - and it's great in a way - that if helps one focus on Being rather than 'being involved', and makes one more solution-oriented than being ego-oriented; that is, Love for the sake of Love for Oneself and all the forms. The point of this thread was to go about it the right way, with the right understanding - not believing everything that is said on the internet, with half-baked knowledge of things - one needs to be a skeptic until the complete realization of Truth, reached wholly by oneself, and the Truth can't be ever put into words - this, I have come to the very slight but significant realization of. Correct. I agree. On the context of this, from a psychological point of view - does embodying the realization of God's essence have anything to do with different personality types? Say, we take a healthy minded, extroverted individual - and they reach this point of understanding - why would it be any different? Doesn't the Pure essence of Truth have a certain homogeneity to it at its very core- the Oneness of it all? If anything, shouldn't it make an extroverted person more introverted - for they are now more in touch with their 'inner' self? With an emphasis on the point above - were you always a person who basks in solitude, or did God-realization bring that change about? Did it strengthen your need for solitude, or did it make it less daunting than what it was in the earlier stages of life, making the synthesis into the outside world much easier? People prefer solitude for various reasons - but how much has your reason changed post awakening? I ask this because I know many un-realized Gods that are the same, yet without any deep understanding. So, does this have to do with individual giftedness - performing miracles, etc., and an extension of the infinite possibilities of Oneness, and not culmination of the understanding of Oneness, itself?
  3. I am not going to argue over something that I have had no direct experience of - I have your word for it right now, and I'll take it - but I still have to do a lot of homework. However, in my opinion, such a realization also comes to the influx of infinite Love and the exodus of egoic emotions - and the mind eventually settles within the Mind - but then again, this is just me theorizing. I'd like to know one thing, though - and this may be the most important question, after all - and it is specific to you - after such a realization dawns upon you, what gives you the eagerness and the capacity to Love 'another' in the relative sense? I mean, how is your outlook towards everything post realizations that keep getting deeper, Leo? To 'exist' in everyday life needs a strong foundation on the tasks of a dual nature, too - is it that you have removed the egoic desires that come with it? I'd like to know how you, specifically, look at the world after such a groundbreaking realization, yet in a manner that that takes into account all the subtle distinctions with regards to people, groups, institutions, politics, identities etc.? How to do you incorporate the Oneness and the infinite distinctions? I'd like to know the answer from a practical, everyday life point of view. Yes, because you have understood that form = formlessness, but how does it manifest in your everyday life - given the limits of consciousness that have been placed upon you as a human? When you meet 'another' - what goes around in your head? How do you perceive them? How has this realization of Oneness impacted the way you co-habit the world with other beings - in the relative sense, of course? If it might not be too much of a stretch - could magic / miracles / occult be an example of this? The merging and play of forms with formlessness?
  4. Yes - this definition is a lot more encompassing towards Being and Experiencing the Infinity - and this does not seem like solipsism that is defined in the traditional way. I am trying to understand the concepts - and if this is what solipsism is, it aligns perfectly with the intellectual understanding I have of non-duality - as I did mention in the thread in the very beginning - non-duality is solipsism + infinity (is this definition more suitable, @Leo Gura?) I have nothing against solipsism - what I seem to have a problem with is the loose manner in which it is generally used - and because of the profound nature of this, it needs to be addressed properly. Do you have plans on making a video on this topic? I'd love to see one, and it can help many gain clear insights into this topic that seems to be really misunderstood. I, for one, am eager about this.
  5. I do not disagree. I am still navigating my way through this - but I'd like to begin somewhere. I am a newbie, and I do understand where I lie on the spectrum. Also, I am quite young, so I am focusing on integrating a lot of things right now. However, this concept is proving to be a hindrance. As I mentioned above - the perspective on cosmology - how would you explain that? I am a student of that particular field, and just would like to know what you think about this. If you could answer this, perhaps - it'll help me a lot - how different is solipsism from God-realization? And does solipsism even exist if one is not God-realized? (Funny framing - but I hope you understand)
  6. @Mason Riggle Could you elaborate the stance from this perspective?
  7. Dearest Leo, I really do appreciate the effort that you have put into the making of a space that is so positive - it is a selfless activity, and I thank you for that. I wish to gain clarity about a particular question, and therefore seek your support. I am new to this - so please try to make it as easy as possible. This is regarding the question of solipsism. I have read a few threads here, and the way that sentences have been framed has confused me further. I read a couple of your answers and you seem to deny it, terming it a narrow system of belief, and yet frame your answers in a very perplexing manner, that makes it ambiguous; however, I understand that the paradoxical nature of reality cannot be expressed through the limits of language. I have watched your videos and have begun grasping the essence of non-duality, and whilst I am in the nascent stages of embodying it in a wholesome manner, the concept of non-duality has made sense to me intellectually - and hence, the concept of solipsism that people here constantly argue about does not hold water. I also do understand that I would be an utter fool to pay heed to every word written on the internet - hence, I ask you, with all the love and humility in my heart to answer this question in an easy terminology, thinking of me as a kid in the process of deep exploration - that, in search of living through the beauty of life is encountering certain obstacles that have donned the attire of belief systems, and therefore seeks to overcome them through the act of complete sense making. I love the study of cosmology, and that is something that gives me a lot of joy - but from the narrow view of a solipsist, stars are nothing but just twinkling objects, and what they cannot see does not constitute existence - and that outlook seems very egotistical - almost like a stringent doctrine, that does not grasp the immensity of the infinite singularity. So coming back to where I commenced, looking at the stars as having no existence of their own, just because I cannot make sense of it due to the bodily limits that God has imposed upon me does not make any sense to me. As someone who devotes a lot of time to the study of cosmology, appreciating the beauty that God is, through its many facets, solipsism seems very reductionist. If one were to look from the solipsist's point of view - what is the use of studying cosmology, altogether, then? My awareness is limited by my bodily constructs - yes, I agree - but that my the awareness through the bodily construct is all there is, is unsettling, and insulting to the beauty of God. When non-duality talks about the Mind of God, Imagining (with a capital I) it all, why do people fall into the delusional trap of solipsism? I am God, and I am Imagining it all - but that's from an infinite perspective, and that infinite constitutes it all. The current, limited nature of consciousness is not the limits of consciousness itself. As you do mention, that an infinite radius is no radius - so, my awareness of things Now, is all there is in the limited sense, yet it is also not all there is. This is the extent to which I understand it. Could you explain this further? You would be helping me a great deal. @Leo Gura