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  1. "To Your Eternity" A Immortal Being Who was sent to earth to gain experienced was Dropped into a stage Red Island Prison. After he gained values from a Loving Family for 5 years & he want to try & understand why these people live the horrible way they do Pretty much first world Green & orange Telling 3rd world stage red that killing is wrong & to just be good People when drinking cows Blood is a meal
  2. December 5th 2019 my Birthday sitting on a beach in the Caribbean "Trinidad & Tobago" High on 600ug of LSD After Losing My Business & end up Broke with no Life Lines, Came up with a plan to Play the Social Matrix Game by joining Islam Went home read Machiavelli The Prince & a few of Robert Greene books 48 laws of power & those types, a week after Went to the biggest Mosque Said i was lost & suicidal & needed god. Took shahada Became a Muslim Played the Islamic Social Matrix Game, Start Working in the Mosque Became the right hand & personal assistant to the Manager of the Mosque. Islam in my country is more of a Political Tool to rally a community & use those numbers to get contracts from the government for votes when election time comes . i saw that & how to use islam to climb the Political larder BUT i was still a nihilist atheist Every time i bowed to pray 5 times a DAY because i was working in the Mosque, i felt my soul burning. in islam you have to constantly praise Muhammad & go on about the beauty & wonders of Allah & saying those words felt disgusting. but i was building social power & getting closer & closer to the inner circles Ill keep this short that went on for a while my soul was slowly grinded down. Started smoking to get rid of the endless though had to get blazed out my mind to pray among others & play the good Muslim roll. after a while my boss the manager offered me his daughter to marry I saw the political & community power i could have had if i accepted But i also saw the hell i was trapping myself in Left December 2020 & decided to pick up a skill graphic design so i wont have to sell my soul just to eat. to this day the demons voices comes to me & tells me about all the power i could i had only if i sold my soul to Allha & when i say Allah im not talking about GOD the Source im talking about that collected ego Abrahamic entity But i went from a just Atoms in the Void Atheist to Seeing a Whole New world so it wasn't all bad
  3. I too myself thought that all marketing & sales was taken over by the Cancer in the Industry but witness how these guys skilled artist at the top of their field do business vs the skill less charlatans we all come to hate in the industry who have nothing real to offer These "Futur" guys teach Conscious Marketing and Advertising from the POV of skilled artist at the top of their fields While the Dan Loks Try to get the least Killed to follow them
  4. Red Gang Member Using loyalties of Purple & the teachings & principals of Blue to rule over his underlings
  5. Pure Red Speech From a Italian Don /Who Understand the spiral & his place in it. From ZEROZEROZERO book https://dai.ly/k2L2tTdJ64qjaWwSHLV Respect Those who are useful to you Despise the ones who aren't COPYRIGHTED ON YOTUBE