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  1. I assume you are talking about the total omniscience awakening you had that you have mentioned vaguely, where you literally became infinitely conscious. I have had 9 God/Love Awakenings now, 5 with 5-MeO and 4 with N-N. Completely life changing but they are more like you described your earlier awakenings, even though my last awakening was a utter and complete contextualization of the earlier 8 awakenings. So what I am assuming that I still have no idea what it is like to be infinitely conscious even though I have had real awakenings. My question to you is, is 100+ awakenings mandatory to even begin talking about total omniscience like you had? Is a person who has had 9 awakenings still deluded from the perspective of your highest trip? Please give me a practical answer and not some cryptic poetic shit please.
  2. Ok, so to get laid I have to do the opposite of the things on that list. Got it. JK
  3. I have had God Awakenings on NNDMT and you are right, they are way more radical than other dimension trips. But still other dimension trips have shown me unimaginable things and insights that would only be possible from trips like that. Of course it is relative, but to call it BS, then you have not seen these extremely beautiful corners of your own mind.
  4. @Leo Gura Can you please answer this question, i am really confused about this.
  5. @Leo Gura so what would happen to this dream if put a bullet in my skull?
  6. @Leo GuraI thought the ultimate state of consciousness was Mahasamadhi, as you described in the radical experiments with consciousness video. Meaning the ultimate stage would end your body and the universe forever. How is it possible that you have had total omniscience without crossing the line into Infinite Love?
  7. What does it mean to be existentially alone?
  8. And my love for phat ass? Is that an illusion? ;P
  9. I know someone IRL who has done 8 grams. Prepare for the total morphing of your entire existence.
  10. It practices spreading Love and Unity of people and religion and prioritizes the dismantling of racism and homophobia, etc, unlike Christianity, which says it is against racism but does nothing against it. Its basically a Stage Green Abrahamitic religion. They don't really have many spiritual practices that are that advanced, but that is not why I am interested in Bahai. I want to take Bahai as "lesser jihad", by spreading Consciousness and Love in the world through Bahai, But of course the "greater jihad" will still be Consciousness work and Psychedelics. Their Architecture is amazing and reminds me of divinity even more than Mosques and Mormon temples which are seen by many as the most beautiful religious buildigs. @Leo Gura You yourself have said you prefer the loving sainthood of Christianity over the coldness of many eastern spirituality teachers, who don't prioritize spreading love in the world after Consciousness. This religion is even better because it forgoes almost all unhealthy stage blue aspects of Christianity.
  11. @Leo Gura so if I treat it as a flair to real spirituality and dont adhere to the dogma Ill be alright.
  12. Made my acc just to share this gem: We live in societies that thrive on fear and the illusion of separation, but the Baha’i Faith emphasizes the oneness of humanity as a remedy to the social ills impeding humanity’s progress. By remembering our interconnectedness, we can more readily connect with that Universal Mind. Ultimately, we either operate from a place of fear or love. Love is and has always been the answer. Surrendering to love creates miracles and reminds us that we are not alone. Whether you wish to tap into the power of the Universal Mind or are seeking God, remember that you represent an all-loving energy from which you were created: "Love is the most great law that ruleth this mighty and heavenly cycle, the unique power that bindeth together the divers elements of this material world, the supreme magnetic force that directeth the movements of the spheres in the celestial realms. Love revealeth with unfailing and limitless power the mysteries latent in the universe. Love is the spirit of life unto the adorned body of mankind, the establisher of true civilization in this mortal world, and the shedder of imperishable glory upon every high-aiming race and nation." – Abdu’l-Baha, Selections From the Writings of Abdu’l-Baha, p. 27. Source: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A question for @Leo Gura and others serious about awakening: I am highly inspired by this religion (Baha'i), because it reminds me of the beauty and might of the Spiritual life and what it can actualize in society and the material plane. This really makes me want to start practicing the religion, out of love for God and Spirituality. Even though I know that I am God and that this human form is literally made out of God, We still live as humans in this life/dream for most of the time. So I want to take up the religion while still adhering to Consciousness and Love as the true heart of Spirituality, and to understanding the existential truths about reality which of course is not the Adam/Eve Genesis story that Bahai and all other Abrahamitic religions adhere to. Am I falling into a trap here or do you guys see no problem.