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  1. I think currently is teaching the highest humanity wisdom. However, in future since the world is more evolved they may refer to for enlightenment support.
  2. I think coffee is unhealthy and should not be consumed.
  3. @Leo Gura So are u saying junk food exist or is junk food an illusion?
  4. @Ero Thank you. Your advice because it expands my imagination, gives me an idea and make me feels like its possible.
  5. @Anastas Sia Good luck.
  6. Thank you, this makes me to understand this a lot better.
  7. @Ero What's the different work you have done. Would you mind sharing because I am facing the similar problem as you.
  8. Mods just to make you aware: The second profile picture of @parks394 was:
  9. @GreenLight Oh I was not able to take the full screenshot
  10. @Preety_India Mods. Just to confirm this. I agree with Preety_India.
  11. @parks394 just changed his/her profile picture. That person original profile picture was:
  12. I just want to say this. Its interesting to see how these two accounts have the same profile picture. Edit1: I want to clarify. The accounts I refer to are @rockypark @parks394.