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  1. I think currently is teaching the highest humanity wisdom. However, in future since the world is more evolved they may refer to for enlightenment support.
  2. I think coffee is unhealthy and should not be consumed.
  3. @Leo Gura So are u saying junk food exist or is junk food an illusion?
  4. @Ero Thank you. Your advice because it expands my imagination, gives me an idea and make me feels like its possible.
  5. @Almond You will have to find the right balance between them both Maybe, before you were more like on the side of self-improvement. Then, later you became more on the side of Truth. It really depends on where you are in life and the right balance for it. This balance is affected by many things such as consciousness, level of development and where you are at life.
  6. @Anastas Sia Good luck.
  7. Thank you, this makes me to understand this a lot better.
  8. @Ero What's the different work you have done. Would you mind sharing because I am facing the similar problem as you.
  9. I don't understand this post
  10. Mods just to make you aware: The second profile picture of @parks394 was:
  11. @GreenLight Oh I was not able to take the full screenshot
  12. @Preety_India Mods. Just to confirm this. I agree with Preety_India.
  13. @parks394 just changed his/her profile picture. That person original profile picture was:
  14. I just want to say this. Its interesting to see how these two accounts have the same profile picture. Edit1: I want to clarify. The accounts I refer to are @rockypark @parks394.