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  1. Can you please recommend books that address loneliness?
  2. Good point. I´m slightly fearful avoidant.
  3. Hello, I´ve realized I have been acting like a victim when it comes to dating. The repeating issue is being (almost) always single, struggling with finding a man I would like to be in a relationship with. It seems like I don´t even attract anybody I would be interested in, it´s like a scarcity thing. It takes me about three years to find somebody I really like. My justifications for this situation are that not many human beings can match with me, that I´m too specific, I sometimes tend to put myself on a pedestal thinking I am very unique, have high standards etc... Also that guys in my country don´t understand me as I used to live abroad. I am not completely sure what I am avoiding, maybe being judged? Making decisions? The more I think about this, the more confused I am. Do I need take massive action to meet more men to increase my chances (external aspect) or do I change my way of thinking and stop being needy (internal)? I have been focusing on this area of my life so much that my energy probably can´t be right. Thanks for your thoughts.