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  1. Go all the way? I'm not so sure : )
  2. David Hawkins says, "many meditators few enlightened" The spiritual "path" is non-linear. One might be seeking for a long time then suddenly get revelations all at once. Not like learning math linearly. It seems the controlling factor is probably intention. I've had glimpses into some aspects of enlightenment without meditation or psychedelics. I've been wrong so many times in my spiritual path that I now always question my beliefs. It's been a long road! : )
  3. You can't really be aware of awareness. If one becomes aware of awareness then enlightenment will happen. It's a good practice trying and one may realize enlightenment though it. Aware of Awareness Sit with eyes open and notice your peripheral vision. While noticing your peripheral vision now also notice the pressure of the chair your sitting on, now bring in all of your other sense modalities i.e. taste, sound, smell. This helps one get into the present moment because ones body is always in the present moment. Don't worry about thinking, let thinking continue. Notice how you feel different. You will feel a little different. Now just try turning your awareness to what is being aware. You'll notice once you're more use to it you can do it anytime.
  4. Nope not fair enough! You have to abide by my answer! Am I not the All Knowing Void from which you came? : )
  5. Are you saying there is no such thing as a mental problem?
  6. I think I understand what your getting at. That just because I said so, just because it's a position I have doesn't make it a mental problem, correct? What about goats and sheep? Will those holes be okay too?
  7. You gonna beat around the bush? : ) Okay, so what is a pinus designed for? To stick into any orifice?
  8. Consciousness manifested into this illusionary body (vehicle)?
  9. If one changes the male/female chromosome will that change ones etheric energy blueprint? I don't buy the "I was born in the wrong body" ------- A great nation is like a great man: When he makes a mistake, he realizes it. Having realized it, he admits it. Having admitted it, he corrects it. He considers those who point out his faults as his most benevolent teachers. He thinks of his enemy as the shadow that he himself casts. - Tao te ching
  10. I watch Leo's video "Is Gender A Social Construct" I agree with what he says. Things are changing, soon we are going to be altering our DNA so if one wants to see in the dark one might be able to splice into our DNA the DNA of the of an owl. One might be able to change there male/female chromosomes. Leo was talking about how our definitions of what a man and woman is will change. But I'm sure we'll make new categories for the new types of humans and male/females are. It's going to get interesting! I agree with equal rights but not equal abilities. I know it's controversial but I don't agree it's normal to be homosexual. Homosexuals have a mental problem, the same as a person with some other mental problem. I'm not judging, I believe they "shouldn't" be discriminated against at all. In our world of 3D there is male/female. I look at it from the point of view as to how to raise ones children. One couldn't raise children by allowing them to do anything because in the absolute reality there is no right or wrong. It wouldn't be healthy for the child. One has to develop a strong healthy ego then transend it. In my view I like to relate spiritual concepts to children. Is it healthy for children to be total weirdos in school? Probably not. Leo seem to be pointing to enlightenment in his video. In heaven there is nether male or female.
  11. It seems so. It seems to this ego that it should get everything ready, get the land and flower garden, the beautiful cliff overlooking the valley, the walk in fridge with all the organic food, the little hanger with your airplane and private runway. Beautiful house with all the saintly girls ready to have your babies. Then go for non-dual Enlightenment. But if enlightenment is heaven why bother with those things? What is the difference? Yeah maybe, you know if your a Saint you can't say it as that wouldn't be saintly : ) Some Enlightened Ones are very wealthy, just look at Jim Carrey. Since we never die and we never were born but we have this body (vehicle) and I've never seen an Enlightened One who wanted to his vehicle to stop working, that would be like having your car break down on side of the road. It appears God (the infinite intelligent void) is trying to make our vehicle immortal. I'm not sure if one can really set being a Saint as a goal. A Saint would be invisible.