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  1. When I’m around a black friend, he tends to have this uptight professional vibe with me, but only when he’s around other black people does he loosen up and be his genuine self, I’ve noticed this with all my other male/female friends too. Is there like a code of conduct among black people? Do they talk one way with one person, but another way with their own race? @Leo Gura don’t block me or lock this post, I am genuinely curious.
  2. So how are they selling them in gas stations?
  3. That makes more sense. Thanks for the input.
  4. But even locally, say I want to go to the local cafe, would I need to learn French? Or is English good there too?
  5. GTA online before it was taken over by trolls
  6. No labor shortage, in fact it’s a labor surplus. It’s just that since the economy very recently spiked, it’s essentially stabilizing at the moment. Market forces are acting the way they are supposed to.
  7. How should I thaw smoked salmon? Do I throw the whole pack from the freezer into the refrigerator, or do I throw the pack in some iced water? Just bought a pack for the first so I have no idea what to do, some suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
  8. Yea I understand that, but say for me, for example, I talk to the same to everyone no matter what their race. My friend just code switches on us when he’s around us vs other African Americans. He’ll use words like “y’all” or “my n word” or use a special handshake with them vs when he’s around our friend group. It feels like my man doesn’t really mess with us at times, even when he says we are his close friends.
  9. What do I do with the pack afterwards? Can I put it back in the freezer?
  10. Looks like every culture in the world saw that psychedelics shows one the path to god.
  11. Just curious, for those who have done both psychedelics and smoke/have smoked weed, is doing a psychedelic like LSD or mushrooms similar to the experience of being really really really high? Or are they completely different?
  12. After reading about how red meat affects those with IBS and the heart, I’m officially announcing that I’m done with red meat forever. I will see what happens in a few months, how changes my health and IBS condition, and report on that then. For now I’m in need of a cleanse
  13. I feel like someone with an agenda. Many types of hates groups out there.
  14. No hate towards @Leo Gura, just wondering what people's thoughts are on this video. I kind of find his views frustratingly surface level, and a perfect example of stage orange "its just a delusion" thinking.
  15. Sadhguru tends to justify certain bullshit superstitions, and masks the idiocy of these superstitions with spiritual jargon. Also remember that he’s been pretty much bought by idiot nationalists in india, so ever since then he’s been spewing more jargon like this to give a hard on to his idiotic stage blue followers. I’m honestly starting to hate listening to sadhguru, you can see right through the man. No wonders he’s become a SADguru 😂
  16. So do you get the feeling on psychedelics where, similar to being super high, you just can’t get off the couch or you can’t even open your eyes wide, or is that just limited to weed?
  17. I think most people would deny this, but I think that most people in their life times at some point definitely flirt with the idea. At the end of the day, our existence is essentially dependent on death. From career, to social groups, to dating, to almost anything you do on a day to day basis, our daily activities have the thought of death in their depths. Why do we want a good career, so we can feel fulfilled and have money to live stably and die with that peace. Why do want to have a solid social group and stress about the lack of dating, so that we don't die alone. At the end of the day, we want to do and experience things, good things especially, because we don't want to miss out on the beauty life has to offer. So yes, I do think about death so that it drives me, burns a fire in me, to do the things that will help me achieve the best, most optimal version of myself. I think its good. But when you don't find love in anything, when you don't fall in love with the present moment, the now, being, then yes, that lack of love experienced by so many lonely fellas in this day and age can lead to a need to find an escape. In a way, it's to give up and just end the game. Now I am not discounting mental health, but my point is that we all want love, we go on the path to love, but one when finds themself experiencing a lack of Love in life, then it feels like there is nothing else to look forward to in this life.
  18. You guys need to check this show out. It’s essentially taking people out of stage orange environments and putting them in the middle of the wilderness to live a life of stage purple survival. Very interesting and eye opening, and very humbling. Really puts into perspective how hard our ancestors worked on a day to day basis, and how important determination was to them. It was quite literally a matter of life or death, and we are all the lucky great^1000000 grandchildren of those who survived.
  19. i will give an update in about a month, for me it’s about my IBS condition as red meat is typically considered high risk and can lead to higher risk of ulcers
  20. I think what you are missing is that historically, Buddha came from a family of royalty. He has been exposed to all karmic temptations (at least for those times) by the time he became the Buddha. After growing tired with that, he had decided to go on the course of detachment of all worldly things. I wouldn't use renounce, but detachment is a noble thing only if you burn through your karma. Otherwise, your temptations will take a hold of you. In other words, he wanted to detach and realize nothing because he had everything (for those times). So if you don't have everything your full potential of life has to offer, stop thinking of detaching and renouncing human life, but fall in love with it. If you are at a stage where you are still working for a means to an end i.e. being a wage slave, it is more important to have a stage orange outlook than it is to have yellow/turquoise one. Fall in love with your life how it exactly is, and work towards your full potential, to get "everything". Doing consciously will make you realize that truth is found not in everything, but in ultimate nothingness. But you need to have something to have nothing
  21. Yea but think humans during the invention of fire, they were living off the land. The average human today is no where near as fit as the average human a few hundreds of thousands of years ago. With the sedentary lifestyle most of us live these days, red meat just adds unnecessary pressure on the arteries. Unless you are a body builder, or amazingly athletic, I don't see a reason for how what you said still sticks today. But then again I'm not telling anyone to stop eating red meat, I'm just stopping red meat for my own health reasons.