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  1. Yea, and as you said there are some mystical traditions in stage purple that are powerful
  2. Has purple existed in other ancient empires, such as Rome, Greece, and Egypt?
  3. Okay, but I don’t think temple of doom or Hollywood is a great source for understanding the culture ?
  4. Yea that makes sense, but do you think stage purple can arise in a culture as recent as the past few centuries? What I mean is that can we theorize that some cultures go backwards as a result of external factors such as war, famine, and extreme poverty?
  5. I disagree with Leo’s classification do Hinduism and Buddhism being stage blue. While I see where Leo is coming from in terms of any dogma being a dogma at the end of the day, I also believe we have to look at the specific context in which we analyze and categorize these traditions. I could be right or wrong, but I do think Hinduism at its core, along with Buddhism, is stage turquoise, not exactly blue. While the way it’s been practiced in the past few centuries has been stage blue, along with the society itself, Buddhism and Hinduism were really just about attaining enlightenment in a diverse range of forms. There’s no hell, that’s heaven, at least in the Abrahamic sense, in these spiritual practices. It’s just attaining the ultimate nature through many dimensions. Buddhism is one dimension, Hinduism (which calling a religion is an oversimplification) has many dimensions in which one can attain the ultimate. I’m also not throwing out the baby with the bath water, as there are practices and customs throughout the world which help to attain this ultimate, but I do Buddhism and Hinduism were more so organized systems of spiritual process that helped individuals attain the ultimate nature of reality. This contrasts with the abrahamic religions which historically have been used less as spiritual processes and more as political and social tools of control. Is the root of all of these religions(Christianity Islam and Judaism) all about the seeking of the ultimate? Of course! They are all nothing but forms/dimensions of devotion, or Bhakti yoga in the dharmic world. But we also can not deny that the abrahmic religions in the last 2000 years until the late 19th century were essentially tools for political and social power. What are your thoughts?
  6. Yea i understand that perspective, especially in a more modern, scientifically driven society we see religion more as relics of the past with some value in morality.
  7. Sully from the netflix series top boy is a PERFECT example. Man don't feel empathy at all, just ready to kill.
  8. I’m not a conservative, and 9/10 I would disagree with this Victor Davis Hansen, but with the extreme progressive and stage green policies in many of our cities, Victor makes a good point about how American society is on the down fall. Now obviously he is biased, always in favor of the conservative point of view, but I think as people who want to live in a safe society, the breakdown of order and of basic rule of law affects all of us. If you support these hyper liberal policies in some of our cities, ask yourself this: are you really okay with walking over homeless people with your children? Are you okay with being a possible victim of robbery? And not getting justice? We need to stop worrying about this culture war shit, and see that things are going bad right under our noses!
  9. I wouldn't say democrats specifically, but an uber stage green society is not the way, as seen by whats happening in our big cities.
  10. Even in 2023, we have this issue of moral stage blue warriors trying get in everyone’s business about what we do. Honestly since most people in the ESRB board are above the age of 40, they should just leave or retire. It just shows how disconnected moral justice warriors are from society. Some people in stage blue can be just so annoying, adding to the ills and downturn of our society.
  11. There’s also kailash and manosarovar in India
  12. Uh well I wouldn’t say limited in the human sense….I mean the fact that they can travel light years like it’s anything with just a tiny spaceship, that shows just how ahead they are in technology, and honestly according to the Fermi paradox if there is an alien civilization far more advanced than ours, then the chances of the human species surviving and getting to that level is pretty low.
  13. Yea that last vid is definitely not a UFO. The fact that it leaves a combustion trail is definitely proof that is it man made is that runs on some combustible fuel source, again not alien or advanced at all.
  14. Aren’t they connected I far right neo nazi groups?
  15. Update: I think this is the worst gut burning I’ve had in a long time. To all you climate deniers, I really hope you guys die. You are all useless pieces of shit and you can not even think once for yourselves, and instead prefer to be brainwashed by some capitalist, coal/oil industry pigs. And I don’t care if I get banned saying this.
  16. Yea I live in the NYC suburbs, it’s so bad out here that it smells like a bonfire every where I go. I get a slight burning sensation in my nostrils from just breathing the air, and I’ve noticed that because of how toxic the air is, it flared up certain health conditions (IBS to be specific)
  17. Not that I am completely trying to debunk anyone’s UFO fantasy, but how come these UFOs only seem to be interested in the US, and not anywhere else in the world. How come all these reports of UFOs are coming out of the US, but no other part of the world? This thought is really the reason that I’m skeptical.
  18. Nothing much to say here, but this is straight tragic. This train derailment involved three separate trains (two crowded express passenger trains and one freight train) on a major rail line between Delhi, Chennai and Bangalore. This is a big deal as this rail line is one of the busiest in the nation, making it even more tragic. Something like this is equivalent to a derailment happening between two major cities in the US (NYC to Philly) or Europe (London to Paris). The only silver lining pjt of this is that hopefully there will be a new push for a complete transformation of infrastructure in the India.
  19. This is crazy. The suspect even had a nazi swastika in the back of his truck. An Indian-American right wing nut? A Mexican American neo nazi shooting up a mall in Texas? Is the right wing trying to diversify or something?
  20. Squarespace is going to be your friend
  21. Yeah I know but generally in America, the far right are against people with brown or black skin, they spend huge portion of their time shitting on them. It just baffles me that minorities take on these ideas that are used against them. I guess since I’m at stage orange/green, it’s harder for me to understand the appeal of the far right.