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  1. I want to let go more in life, to have more peace of mind, more space between this ego identity and it's ambitions, fears, and running to the future or away from the past. I'm doing the so-called "manual" work, like meditation, contemplation, physical exercise, etc. However, there's a lot of fears around many things that are a bottleneck to my feeling. 3 years of work like this, I feel I've transformed in many ways, and I am happy with the transformation, however I want more radical changes. How do psychedelics help you to deepen surrender and let go? Can you share any before and after stories personal to you, of how they helped?
  2. I also ran in to this obstacle, since I trust Leo but also like Buddhist teachings. I think the way to go about it is not to close off into fearful state, and keep exploring different teachers, and be open that certain parts of Buddhism are limited, but that at your current development you can really benefit from the Buddhist teachings. But think for yourself, don't trust Leo or the books bluntly without critically thinking about it all. Your issue is lack of clarity, because you because fearful when hearing that Buddhism may not be "safe". Be open. Don't close up. It's only fear. Be okay with walking into a wall. You'll know once you hit it. But don't get closed up and fearful. Hope this makes sense.
  3. @Blackhawk don't mean to be rude, but it sounds like you're making excuses to justify your porn use. How did you arrive at the belief that it's not possible for you to stop masturbating to porn?
  4. @Recursoinominado but I assume you do work outside of psychedelics too? But the trips "fuel the fire" for that desire to know more, correct?
  5. @Leo Gura that is simple, and makes sense. Talked to a friend who is amazing with girls, but pretty average looking. Literally girls love him. He said his secret is not giving a fuck. The other day a super hot girl who won miss- whatever in a beauty contest asked for HIS number - that is not typical nowadays. And you can see, he's super comfortable, confident and relaxed around any girl. I asked how he trained this quality, and he said he'd go out with the intention to get rejected. "I'll meet up with a friend, and we'll decide 'ok, get rejected 10 times, meet up in half an hour'" And that's so practical, I love it. Because really, the fear in approaching women or other people is in the rejection. That they won't accept me. So this is a very good technique to work through the fear, going directly into it, and seeing that there's nothing to be scared of. Now, no matter how hot a girl is, even if she's a 10, my friend doesn't care about her opinion or if she wants him or not. He said "there's no girl in the whole world that I'm not worthy of. No matter how hot the girl is, she's not better or worse than me" So he keeps very grounded. And it's cool that what worked for him, was going through this "rejection therapy" and with hard work he got a very good, liberating result. So yeah, this approach makes sense - I simply need to expose myself to more experience.
  6. I do spiritual practices regularly and in schedule for last few years. 3x per day meditation, and throughout the day I try to listen to different teachings on YouTube including Leo's and a couple other teachers that resonate. I've had moderate motivation to find the happiness within, but I know people, for example like Leo or my (real) yoga teacher, who are moving forward very powerfully with unbending intention to grow. I'm curious if tripping helps increase motivation or decision to grow. I feel the answer is yes, since any introspection work usually helps you dial the vector back inside, but would love to hear real stories from others.
  7. I want to stop caring about what others think. How effective are psychedelics for approaching this problem. Would be curious to hear any success stories of how psychedelics helped with that.
  8. *accidentally hit post, writing out the rest of the story
  9. Hey y'all Would be especially curious to hear Leo's feedback, since he struggled with this. Currently on a trip to Vegas for a friend's wedding. We're going out to clubs almost every night, which I normally don't do, and I've been feeling quite uncomfortable approaching girls, which reminded me of my problem, that is caring too much what people think. And this problem isn't only with women, but I've struggled feeling free to be myself around people I'm not close to. I've worked on in the past with some progress, but no significant changes. Mostly by going into the discomfort and fear and trying to surrender to it, but would also get ego backlash from this at times. I want to liberate myself from the fear and dependency of others opinions. How would you approach solving this issue? My goal is to not care what people think about me, at all, regardless of who's standing in front of me. I understand this may require a deep transformation, but what are some practical things I integrate on the day to day, that will lead to a social liberation? And, could psychedelics help with this? Curious to hear suggestions from the community and Leo and any success stories ?
  10. Yeah been doing this daily, multiple times a day for a few months. Quick. Efficient. Preps the mind for meditation.
  11. @flowboy @integral@Flowerfaeiry1 to 2 weeks in between, most often 1.
  12. @Flowerfaeiry golden teachers
  13. Thank you. I actually grew them myself, in a monotub Got around 200 grams dried from 7 or 8 flushes over a 3 month period. It was fun But, now it's tricky to figure out the dosage. Maybe I'll grow a different strain.
  14. Hey guys, Was curious what you think. I've been slowly ramping up my shrooms dose. I started at 1.5 grams. Worked up to 3.3 grams. And while there's some psychedelic effect (visuals - patters appearing if you look at something long enough), a minor change to mental processes.. It feels that at 3.3 grams it's still not too far away from your everyday reality. My friend took 3.6 grams - and same; some psychedelic effects, but no major shifts in perspective or thinking. I've taken acid a few years ago and that shit was on a different level. Like weed times 100. And with shrooms, at this dose (which is considered moderate by most standards) it feels like a 6/10 weed high at most. -- Is this normal intensity for this dose? Or are the shroomies just weak and I have to take a lot more if I wanna go deeper?
  15. I made a post last week about being scared of doing shrooms. I mentioned that I booked an Airbnb with my buddy and had committed to a trip, and we would take 2 grams each. Yesterday, that is what we did. Going into it I was pretty uncomfortable because of the fear, and as the effects started taking place, my mood started to improve, and I started to see just how silly all this fear around tripping was. Shrooms kicked in gradually and gently, and although we didn't break through to a trip, I feel so much lighter about psychedelics after that experience. I see now - there's nothing really to be scared of, especially if you build your way up. The advice I received about "take a low dose and work your way up" really helped, so thank you to all who made suggestions, it was a really positive experience. Now - I want to turn the tables around and ask you -- what's your sex, weight and breakthrough dose? I thought that 2 grams of golden teachers would've been enough for a mild psychedelic trip. However, the even at the peak of the experience, it was something like a 5/10 on weed, both for my friend and I (25yrs/150-160lbs). The plan now is to keep upping the dose until the breakthrough - next dose 2.5 grams, and then by increments of .25. I'd like to know -- what's your breakthrough dose into the psychedelic realm? I'm curious if 2 grams is just a low dose, if the shrooms I have are low potency, or if both my friend and I just need more to induce a trip.